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Entrepreneurship in IT Angsuman Chakraborty “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

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1 Entrepreneurship in IT Angsuman Chakraborty “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

2 Copyright Taragana2 An Entrepreneur’s Tale You’ve got to find what you love If today were the last day of my life… –Live your life Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

3 Copyright Taragana3Overview Business Process Outsourcing –Call Center –HR Outsourcing Software Outsourcing Software Product Development

4 Copyright Taragana4 Business Process Outsourcing Overview Delegating –Ownership –Administration –Operation of Process Solving business problems

5 Copyright Taragana5 BPO Market 146 Billion by 2008 – Gartner 67% Doing / Investigating BPO Simple Bulk Transactions – 58 Billion by 2008

6 Copyright Taragana6 Types of Processes Core –Strategic advantage Critical Non-core –Not business differentiators Non-critical & non-core

7 Copyright Taragana7 Process to Outsource Non-core & non-critical Critical but non-core –Specialized Providers

8 Copyright Taragana8 Process to Outsource – Examples Supply chain management Sales & Marketing Customer Care & Support R&D Contract Manufacturing Finance & Accounting Human Resource

9 Copyright Taragana9 BPO Providers Transaction ex. Payroll –Easy to manage, Fragmentation Niche ex. Hiring –Outcome based payment Comprehensive ex. HR –Global, process improvement, paid on outcome

10 Copyright Taragana10 Software Outsourcing Maintenance Custom Development

11 Copyright Taragana11 Software Outsourcing Market 58% Outsource Software Services Maintenance – 42% +7% Custom Development – 39% + 8%

12 Copyright Taragana12 Software Project Market Custom Application Development - 42% Security Assessment – 32% New functionality – 82%

13 Copyright Taragana13 Software Product Development Innovation Low recurring expenses Cumulative / Subscription revenue model

14 Copyright Taragana14 Idea Model One big idea Several small ideas

15 Copyright Taragana15 One Big Idea Ebay Amazon Google Microsoft

16 Copyright Taragana16 Several Small Ideas Microsoft Google Apple Yahoo

17 Copyright Taragana17 Venture Capital Business Plan Pre-IPO funding

18 Copyright Taragana18 Software Product Development Successes Microsoft Oracle Apple

19 Copyright Taragana19 Product Development Vistas Web 2.0 –Google,, Flickr, Million Dollar Homepage

20 Copyright Taragana20Summary IT = Entrepreneurial Opportunity Innovation Infrastructure

21 Copyright Taragana21 Contact Information Phone – 033-2405-1943 Email – Web – Blog – AIM / YIM ID - angsuman

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