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Fasching! Frederike Wittmann Religion and Celebrations Quarter 2.

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1 Fasching! Frederike Wittmann Religion and Celebrations Quarter 2

2 Traditions Officially begins November 11 th every year at 11:11 am. Fasching means “The Foolish Season” There are two parts of Fasching, the November part and the Spring part. The spring part begins in late February or early March The November part has speeches and a toast to the Fasching Prince and Princess and the Spring part is a week long party!


4 Weiberfastnacht (Ladies Fasching) Takes place on February 11 th, the Thursday before Ash Wednesday (Fat Thursday) On this day women walk around their offices and cut the ties that men are wearing. Another tradition is to try to steal the key to the city from the Mayor The people who steal the key are called “Möhen” The “Möhen” often dress in old-fashioned clothing and masks to add to the fun!


6 Fasching Parades Parades are on the 13 th and 14 th of February One of the most famous parades is the “Rose Parade” on February 15 th in cities along the Rhine River. Many people stand in the streets and sing along and cheer! There are also many who choose to watch the parade on TV. The theme of the parade is different each year. There are always very elaborate and beautiful costumes and floats.


8 Quiz! What does “Fasching” mean? a)Traditional Fashion b)Religious fasting c)The fifth and foolish season d)Fascinating What is Weiberfastnacht? a)When the witches come out b)When women cut mens ties in half durign office hours c)“Fast night” d)It is the last name of last years Fasching Prince

9 Correct Answers! 1.C) Fashing is called the “Fifth and foolish season” 2.B) Women are allowed, and expected due to tradition, to cut the ties of their fellow, male colleagues in half at work

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