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Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Foolishness Foolishness despises wisdom, is self-righteous, treats sin lightly, slanders, is pleased with mischief,

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1 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Foolishness Foolishness despises wisdom, is self-righteous, treats sin lightly, slanders, is pleased with mischief, perverts words, trusts in its own understanding, is uncontrolled, in darkness, gives God no pleasure, is destroyed by its words, ignores God and is slow to believe.  Presumption Truth without assurance. Liberty of lawlessness. Insolent and disrespectful boldness. Lack of appreciation.  Faith Abel’s, Enoch’s, Noah’s, Abraham’s and Sarah’s faith.

2 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Such Great Faith These are the words of commendation that Jesus Christ gave to one man who was not even an ISRAELITE – in other words, he was a foreigner and an alien from the COVENANTS and PROMISES of God. Yet Jesus was AMAZED at this man’s understanding of HOW FAITH WORKS.  Grasp the Idea Luke 11:49 “Therefore the WISDOM OF GOD ALSO SAID...”. Luke 11:49 “Therefore the WISDOM OF GOD ALSO SAID...”.

3 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  The Wisdom of God Speaks The Word of God is the Wisdom of God.  Forget not His Words If we are to ACQUIRE WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING, then we have to GET WHAT GOD SAYS AND UNDERSTAND IT – even if it costs us ALL OUR POSSESSIONS.

4 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith Cares of this world Cares of this world Deceitfulness of riches Deceitfulness of riches Desires for other things Desires for other things These are the things that we should RELINQUISH and FOREGO for the sake of GAINING WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING. Forget about these things for the sake of NOT FORGETTING THE WORD OF GOD.

5 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Swerve Not from His Words SOME FORGET and OTHER SWERVE. Swerving means to AVOID HITTING SOMETHING; TO TURN ASIDE FROM SOMETHING. In this case, IT IS TO AVOID THE WORD and TO TURN ASIDE FROM IT. To gain an understanding of SUCH GREAT FAITH we will start by looking at the difference between FAITH, FOOLISHNESS and PRESUMPTION.

6 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Foolishness Many uninformed people confuse FAITH with FOOLISHNESS. They jump into the arms of nobody and wonder why they get hurt.  What Foolishness is The Scriptures speak about the FOOL and FOOLISH acts. Before we look at these, let us first see what foolishness is.

7 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Lacking Good Sense or Judgement We must understand that we are not talking about HUMAN LOGIC or REASON, but about God’s sense and judgement which the foolish lack.  Actions that Lack Wisdom These are actions that we do before we are fully informed of all the Scriptural facts – before we have full understanding and comprehension of what God wants us to know.

8 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Not Worth Serious Consideration These actions cause people to lack respect and confidence. Rather than inspiring faith – they inspire ridicule.  Deserving to be Scorned and Laughed at When Jesus raised the dead, stilled the storm and cast out demons NOBODY LAUGHED... but when the seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, tried to cast out demons “in the name of Jesus whom Paul preached” they were attacked by the evil spirits, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded and they became the objects of ridicule because of their foolishness.

9 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Foolishness Despises Wisdom There are many today who, IN THE NAME OF FAITH, are fools because they make bold declarations of what they are going to do and achieve, and how healthy and prosperous they are going to be – YET THEY DESPISE WISDOM and INSTRUCTION. People throw away medicines, write out faith cheques and give till they are poor – YET DESPISE WISDOM and INSTRUCTION.

10 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Foolishness is Self-righteous This is the most dangerous situation to be in. It is most deceptive and people like this walk in an area of darkness where they are fully persuaded that they are right, and BLOCK OUT ANY OTHER INFORMATION.  Foolishness Treats Sin Lightly Some Christians think that it is OK to drink, smoke, watch pornography. They think there is nothing wrong, saying, “It won’t hurt, it’s only a little.” They laugh at cheating and lying and messing around with girls.

11 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Foolishness Slanders Slander is defined as making false statements to damage someone else’s reputation. How totally opposite this is from FAITH that believes all things!  Foolishness is Pleased with Mischief Mischief is ANNOYING, IRRITATING AND DAMAGING CONDUCT. Which causes discord or ill-feeling. Mischievousness is being frivolous about life, not taking anything seriously, and is a form of scepticism and cynicism.

12 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Foolishness Perverts Words These are words which OBSTINATELY GO AGAINST THE WORD OF GOD. Some think that because they know about a promise of God, they have faith, yet with their MOUTH THEY OBSTINATELY DENY THE REALITY OF GOD’S PROMISE. People hear about health or prosperity in the Word, throw away all medication or give away their possessions and then weep in anguish wondering, “Why has God forsaken us?” THIS IS FOOLISHNESS. There are also those who confess the promises of God, yet break their own promises. When this happens CONFUSION sets in deep inside and there is always the question, “WILL THE PROMISE COME TO PASS?”

13 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Foolish Jesting These are those who say things seriously and then afterwards say that they are ONLY JOKING.  Foolishness Trusts in its own Understanding Fools use their own logic and reason in their walk of faith with God.

14 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Foolishness is Uncontrolled Faith requires plenty of self-control and patience. Foolishness has NO CONTROL OVER FEELINGS and feels dominated.  Foolishness Walks in Darkness A fool hates and walks in darkness. Foolishness will try to operate in faith while there is Unforgiveniss and strife. But while FAITH IS DEAD and the Word is disobeyed that person will be hurt and make himself look ridiculous.

15 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Foolishness gives God no Pleasure Prayer is defined as the setting of the will to the point of making a vow. This is the reason why it is so important to find the will of God before we pray. It is foolishness to ask God for something you are not sure He will give.  Foolishness is Destroyed by its Words The Israelites who died in the wilderness were consumed by their own words.

16 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Foolishness Ignores God Although some say they believe in God they certainly act as though there is no God when under pressure and adversity. In adverse circumstances they are filled with panic, alarm and terror as if God HAD FORSAKEN THEM.  Foolishness is Slow to Believe Foolish people are always arguing with the promises of God although they say that they believe.

17 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Presumption Some people think they have faith when all they really have is PRESUMPTION. Be sure that you have REAL FAITH based on YOUR LOVE FOR GOD and HIS WORD. These Israelites were foolish in that they were slow to believe that God could GIVE THEM CANAAN. But God now commanded them to stay in the desert for 40 years.

18 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Truth Without Assurance If we act on the Word of God without being fully persuaded in our heart that it will come to pass because it is the will of God for that situation, we are being presumptuous.  Liberty of Lawlessness Presumption is acting without instructions. Although these people did the right things and carried out the New Testament word: Jesus did not know them Jesus did not know them They were without instructions They were without instructions

19 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Insolent and Disrespectful Boldness We must beware of this attitude in our faith walk. Faith that is ARROGANT and has NO REGARD FOR PEOPLE is presumptuous. Without love, faith is worthless.  Lack of Appreciation Presumption never allows faith to have its full and complete work.

20 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Faith To have a clearer understanding of what faith is we shall ASK SOME OF THEM WHAT FAITH IS.  Abel’s Faith The difference between Cain and Abel WAS FAITH. Abel brought the first and best with the fat while Cain brought second or third best: the oldest the oldest the bruised the bruised the crippled the crippled Abel brought the household pet!

21 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  The Widow’s Offering Luke 21:1-4 “All the livelihood she had”. Luke 21:1-4 “All the livelihood she had”.  Abraham’s Offering Hebrews 11:17 “His only son”. Hebrews 11:17 “His only son”.

22 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Enoch’s Faith Hebrews 11:5 Faith is enjoying the fellowship and presence of God – talking and listening to each other. Faith of the highest kind comes from a father-son relationship.  Noah’s Faith Hebrews 11:7 The ark is taken in the New Testament (1 Peter 3:20, 21) as a type of salvation and baptism in water. Noah built an ark of salvation. Faith is preaching the gospel, winning the lost and drawing all to the ark of salvation.

23 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Abraham’s Faith Hebrews 11:8-10 Faith is HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD and doing what He says WILLINGLY and OBEDIENTLY. GOING. DOING Faith is walking boldly into unknown places at the instruction of God. Two thirds of God’s name is GO.

24 Foolishness, Presumption or Faith  Sarah’s Faith Hebrews 11:11, 12 Faith is being strengthened with all God’s might in the inner man. (STRENGTH THAT BIRTHS GOD’S PROMISE IN US!)

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