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February 2013 IMFO Women in Local Government MBD Credit Solutions Women's Forum.

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1 February 2013 IMFO Women in Local Government MBD Credit Solutions Women's Forum

2 Discussion Points

3 About MBD Credit Solutions MBD Credit Solutions is the leading independent provider of credit management solutions in Southern Africa, specifically focusing on the collection of accounts receivables encompassing the entire credit cycle using call centre based and legal collections.

4 MBD Credit Solutions Clients Telecommunications Retail Commercial Subscription Services Financial Services Public Sector

5 Value Chain Hosting & Administration of Accounts Call Centre Setup Pre Legal Collections Legal Collections Debt Acquisition / Restructuring ARM – Account Receivables Management Pre Billing Services

6 Provincial Debt Breakdown Approximately R77 billion Based on AG Report 01 Aug 2012 / Latest Annual Reports Name of RegionTotal Municipalities Total Debt ‘000 Eastern Cape455 441 619 Free State246 433 483 Gauteng1235 443 516 KwaZulu Natal619 926 151 Limpopo303 338 085 Mpumalanga213 689 466 Northern Cape321 531 457 North West235 491 770 Western Cape307 873 202

7 Municipality Challenges Meter Services Management Data Cleansing & Stand Verification, Tracing, Debtor Book Analysis & ID Verification BillingCredit Control Collection Software Systems Debt Collection Customer Care & Query Resolution Call Centre Management & Infrastructure Business ProcessRevenue Strategies

8 I’m not denyin’ the women are foolish: God Almighty made ‘em to match the MEN! GEORGE ELLIOT

9 For I cannot think that God Almighty ever made them (women) so delicate, so glorious creatures; And furnished them with such charms, so agreeable and so delightful to mankind; with souls capable of the same accomplishments as men: and all, to be only stewards of our houses, cooks and slaves. DANIEL DEFOE on the Education of Women

10 General Challenges Many barriers still prevent the progress of women: Insufficient education and skills Lack of financial support for education and development purposes Cultural complexities High unemployment High levels of violence against women Sexual harassment

11 Business Challenges Men are more confident: 70% of men have high levels of self- confidence, only 50% of women 50% of women managers admit to feelings of self doubt re. performance and career, 31% of men 20% of men will apply for a job even if they only meet requirements partially, women 14% Women are overly modest, less effort to get recognised Women don’t ask, don’t apply, don’t make their intentions known Women prefer to blend in, avoid attention, in meetings or in the boardroom Women stay silent, don’t express an opinion Ways women stunt their careers

12 What Women Want “What women want in the workplace” by Sylvia Ann Hewlett Association with people they respect82% Be themselves at work79% Flexible work arrangements64% Collaborate with others, as part of team61% Give back to society56% Recognition51% Financial rewards42%

13 The Possibilities Based on McKinsey research: – Meaning: put your strengths to work for an inspiring purpose – Managing Energy: protect it, replace it, don’t waste it – Positive Outlook: resilience, constructive view, broad horizons – Connecting: build strong relationships, develop your sense of belonging – Engaging: express yourself, show confidence, be proud of being self reliant, collaborate.

14 Networking Matters People with strong networks enjoy more promotions, higher pay Men build broader, shallower networks: wider range of resources Women build narrower, deeper networks Are the colleagues you are close to influential enough? Women seldom reciprocate; Men understand that you must “give before you get” Awkward relationships between female and male colleagues

15 Options Having a sponsor or mentor improves your sense of belonging - A sponsor can open doors to opportunities Women who promote their own interests: ”aggressive or uncooperative” Provide and ask for help on a regular basis Forge connections through interests outside of work “Make it personal” – others will accept you more easily if they see your human side Take ownership of personal development

16 Why a Women’s Forum Develop a broad network, but retain authenticity Sound board with other talented and high-achieving women Share experiences and support each other to step out of the comfort zone Create an environment within which women can develop a leadership identity Assist the development of larger leadership purposes Provide female role models for younger women Power of the many

17 Close “Make time to care as it manifests your humanity. Treat everyone with equal dignity as we share a common destiny. Strive for independence as it sets you free. Live your life to the full, as you only live once.” Dr Susan Vosloo, Mother, Businesswomen


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