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The Open Window by Saki Reading Notes Theme Plot Characters Irony

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1 The Open Window by Saki Reading Notes Theme Plot Characters Irony
Foreshadowing Setting

2 Saki Pen Name (What’s another word for a pen name?) Pseudonym
Author’s real name is H.H. Munro

3 Theme What is the theme: the message of the story/main point the author is making? More than one answer. People make assumptions based on first impressions Vera and Frampton Nuttel (What are their impressions?) Vera seems trustworthy/innocent Nuttel seems anxious/nervous/weak

4 Theme Continued Vera seems concerned and informative in a helpful way, but she is only setting up Nuttel to be a fool.

5 Verbal Irony in the Names
Vera Veri means truth but she doesn’t tell the truth Verbal: fools everyone through stories Frampton Nuttel Nuts Framed by Vera (Frame is the window frame) Open window is his escape

6 What’s in a Name? Mrs. Sappleton Sap Wholesome like an apple

7 Exposition background, time, place (setting), characters
Background: Sister is a minor character helps set up the story’s setting Setting: October; one day; 1900s; English countryside; wealthy estate of the Sappletons; moors surround property Characters: We meet Nuttel and Vera; Vera questions Nuttel’s knowledge of the area and family

8 Conflict External: Vera tells Nuttel about the tragedy that happened three years ago Nuttel believes Vera’s lies because she appears innocent The men come home from hunting just as Vera had planned in order to trick Nuttel Internal: Nuttel’s anxiety at the arrival of the hunters makes him believe fiction as truth

9 Complication Vera admits that Mrs. Sappleton is in denial of the family’s loss Vera gives details of the tragedy on the basis of the day: (knew her uncle was wearing a white McIntosh) which could like a ghost Mrs. Sappleton says the men will be home proving to Nuttel that she is in denial

10 The hunters come home and Nuttel runs away
Climax The hunters come home and Nuttel runs away

11 Resolution The reader knows that Vera lies to Mr. and Mrs. Sappleton and her brothers about Nuttel’s fear of dogs

12 Vera Malicious (intends to hurt another) 15 years old
Romance was her specialty (in this case these stories are LIES) Not honest (LIAR) Self possessed (composed and in control) Good actress

13 Frampton Nuttel Nervous Anxious Gullible
Imagination leads him to believe fiction over the truth Impulsive

14 Ironic Moments…don’t you think?
Verbal “You must try to put up with me.” “Frampton doubted more than ever these formal visits on a succession of total strangers would do much toward helping the nerve cure.” “I hope Vera has been amusing you.” Situational Mrs. Sappleton was preparing for her husband to come home from hunting while Frampton thought she was in denial Dramatic We know that Vera tells the Mr. and Mrs. Sappleton and Mrs. Sappleton’s brothers a lie about Frampton’s fear of dogs

15 Mrs. Sappleton Kind Welcoming Family oriented

16 Foreshadowing The room seemed to suggest masculine habitation
He made the last statement in a tone of distinct regret. When asked if he knows anyone, he replies, “Hardly a soul.”

17 Foreshadowing Little brown spaniel lost/ Spaniel comes home later with the hunters; Vera uses this “fear” of dogs for her next lie White Mackintosh described/ Mr. Sappelton had it draped over his arm easily noticed as a ghostly color

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