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A New Image for Aged Care Greg Mundy, CEO Pat Sparrow, Policy Manager Aged and Community Services Australia Session 129-E.

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1 A New Image for Aged Care Greg Mundy, CEO Pat Sparrow, Policy Manager Aged and Community Services Australia Session 129-E

2 Aged and Community Services Australia Australia’s AAHSA 1,100 not-for-profit providers - Residential care (Nursing homes and hostels) - Community care (Home based care) - Housing (Retirement villages, apartments) - 2/3 of Australian aged and community care Six State Associations Founder member of IAHSA

3 Why is image important? “If people define situations as real they are real in their consequences.” W.I.Thomas 1929 (Updated)

4 Why is image important? Attractiveness to current and future workforce Attractiveness to funding bodies Feeling good about ourselves Confidence in dealing with regulators Confidence in dealing with financiers Broken, needs to be fixed? Marketing services - not the issue right now

5 Step 1: Questions What do people think about aged care? What is wrong with our image? In whose eyes? Where are our strengths? Where are our weaknesses? What can we do about it?

6 What do you see in aged care? “O would some Power the gift to give us To see ourselves as others see us! It would from many a blunder free us, And foolish notion: What airs in dress and gait would leave us, And even devotion!” Robert Burns To a Louse

7 Federal Election Research Three Top Messages – Message 1 - Staff People who are looking after the elderly are seen as being compassionate and caring. Most did not think that these people were under- qualified and neglectful. Focus group research conducted for ACSA by Australian Research Group.

8 Federal Election Research Top Message 2 - Intergenerational Inclusivity We need to make sure we maintain the quality of our aged care, for today’s elderly, and for the rest of us when we get old. 40 is the new 30. 50 is the new 40. And for those who live long enough, 74 is the new 64. Around about that time, many of us need a lot more care.

9 Federal Election Research Top Message 3 - Home Care In home care seen as the preferred option by many

10 ACSA’s Image Project 2008 Qualitative and quantitative research (McGregor Tan Research) To determine current perceptions and expectations of key stakeholders about: - Aged Care providers - Aged Care industry - By State/Ownership type/care mode

11 ACSA’s image project To inform: - Marketing and communication - Desired branding - Future positioning in eyes of community

12 Methodology Executive depth interviews (20) Surveys of: - General Public (CATI)(1,200, ± 2.83%) - Employees (1,000, ± 2.97%) - Consumers (925, ± 3.22%) - Providers (650, ± 3.59%)

13 Key Findings - Qualitative Industry does not enjoy a good image but is valued by recipients Industry is always complaining about funding - conveys negativity Aged care needs to promote a more positive image – a campaign

14 Key Findings Quantitative - Influences Q 12: Who or what do you think influences the community’s perceptions of the aged care industry? Q13: Thinking about all the influences on the community’s perceptions of the aged care industry, which of these do you consider to be the most important?

15 Possible Influences News/Current Affairs programs on television Experiences of friends and family members Personal experiences Newspapers Catastrophic events Television in general Talkback radio Radio in general Other/Don’t know/not sure

16 Key Findings Influences General Public rely more on personal experience and that of family/friends informing their views. (Total 87%). Current Affairs 17%, Newspapers 15%, TV 11% Radio 4%. Employees and Providers much more aware of media coverage than public or consumers. (V. strong in qualitative data).

17 Key Findings: Influences Politicians live in the media

18 Key Findings Quantitative: Self Image We are more critical of ourselves than the public or consumers are. Eg: Q5 - In general, would you say the community’s perceptions of the aged care industry are Positive, Mixed or Negative?

19 Key Findings: Q5 ‘Negative’: - Public 14% - Consumers 14%, - Employees 24% (+71%) - Providers 20% (+43%) A ‘siege mentality’

20 Key Findings ‘The aged care industry needs more Government support’ (‘Yes’ - average score 4.6/5) Only weak support for a change of name (from ‘aged care’) (and no consensus as to what to)

21 Key Findings Top three Brand Associations - An industry I admire - Community focussed - Caring

22 Brand Essence Where would we be without them?

23 Positive Image Campaign Session 129-E

24 Positive Image Campaign Positive Images Campaign Needed Variety of stakeholders Internal audience – all staff External audience

25 Target stakeholders Media: Fewer negative stories Government: Maintain, enhance support Staff: Feel good, stick around, join us Consumers & families: Continued confidence

26 Campaign Development Ursa Communications engaged A campaign that works for internal and external stakeholders Focus on staff and relationship with clients and residents

27 Thanks For Caring Its not the just the big things, the things you are supposed to do, its also the little things that make the difference. Knowing what I like or what makes me happy. It’s for all these reasons that I say...thank you

28 Thanks For Caring


30 Made for it Those who work in aged care are not just skilled, but they have special attributes that make them great. For those reasons, every aged care worker deserves to feel immensely proud of the services they provide

31 Made for it

32 Can’t do it without you Aged care workers do an important job in ensuring that aging doesn’t lead to helplessness, loneliness and isolation. For many ageing Australians this would not be possible without the aged care support to help them

33 Can’t do it without you


35 Real Somebody For many, aged care is more than a professional service. It’s an understanding of the little things. The personalisation of service that makes them really special

36 Real Somebody


38 Second Family For those receiving aged care services, the support they get is more than just professional. For some it’s friendship. For some its a soothing voice. For some is someone to listen But for many, its the closest relationship they have

39 Second Family

40 Testing Staff CEOs Consumers/Residents

41 Target Audience Primary target Audience - All people 40+ years Focus on women – clients, staff, family carers/decision makers Secondary target audience – all people 20 - 29 years Potential employees

42 Campaign All Media – TV, print, radio 12 months – 1 month each quarter TV first quarter Media Spend Awards & Initiatives General & HR advertising templates for providers

43 Campaign Resourcing – corporate and member support Wish Us Luck

44 Sample

45 Conclusion Thank you for your attention

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