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SIGN OF BEAVER TITLE 1 - READING SIGN OF THE BEAVER Fifth Grade- Title 1 Rhonda Holmes Reviewing for Test.

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3 SIGN OF THE BEAVER Fifth Grade- Title 1 Rhonda Holmes Reviewing for Test

4 Chapter 1 and 2 Matt and his father built a ___________. His father had bought land in _________. How many weeks did his father tell him he would be gone? What did his father leave him? What animal annoyed Matt all the time? What crop did Matt have to weed and protect? Cabin Maine Six and seven weeks Gun Mosquitoes corn

5 Review Chapters 3 and 4 What was the name of the man that came to the cabin? What did the man steal? What was the only meat that Matt could get now? What got into his cabin while he was fishing? Name one thing that Matt lost in the cabin. Ben Gun Fish Bear Flour and salt

6 Chapter 5 and 6 What did Matt decide to get for something sweet? What attacked Matt? Who saved Matt? What did Saknis ask Matt to do? What was Saknis grandson’s name? What was the name of the book that Matt used? honey Bees Indians Teach his grandson to read Attean Robinson Crusoe

7 Chapters 7, 8, and 9 What did Matt use for a symbol for the letter A? Why did Attean feel that Robinson Crusoe was a foolish white man? In chapter 9 what did Attean teach Matt to trap? Arm The white man could not make a boat or hatchet or a bed etc. A rabbit

8 Chapters 10 and 11 Why did Attean not like the part of the book about Friday? When Matt lost his fishing line, what did Attean show him how to make? Attean thought that tending the garden was ___________work. What did Attean’s dog have in his nose? What sign did Matt see on the tree to show hunting territory He was a slave Fishing hook Squaw Porcupine quills beaver

9 Chapter 12-13 What did Attean help Matt make to kill duck and squirrels? What had happened to the fox? The trap was a ______man’s because Indians do not hunt with them. Bow and arrows He was caught in a trap white

10 Chapters 14 and 15 Matt told a Bible story about _______ and Attean told a similar story about an Indian. What animal did Matt kill? What animal burst through the brush to attack Matt and Attean? What did Matt throw at the bear? Who killed the bear? Noah Rabbit Bear Rabbit Attean

11 Chapter 16 and 17 Why did Attean look strange to Matt? Who invited Matt to the feast? The Indians lived in a _______________. Matt ate ______stew. Why did Attean not eat? After eating the Indians ___________. Who did not want Matt at the feast? He had paint on his face. Saknis Stockade or fort Bear He had killed the bear. Danced Attean’s grandmother

12 Chapter 18 What did Matt find trapped in the woods? Where did he go for help? Who did he ask for help? Who went with him to help save the trapped animal? Where was Attean? What happen to Matt’s hand? Who cared for his hand? Attean’s dog Indian village Attean’s grandmother Attean’s sister Marie Hunting He cut it on the trap Attean’s grandmother

13 Chapters 19 and 20 Why did the grandmother invite Matt to the village? Matt played games with the _________ boys. Matt touched ____and it did not growl. Matt lost his _____in an Indian game. Attean must go into the woods alone to find his_________. Attean could not ______during this time. He have saved Attean’s dog Indian Attean’s dog Shirt Manitou eat

14 Chapters 21-22 What was Attean carrying that show he was a brave now? What had changed in Attean’s appearance? What did Saknis want Matt to do? What gifts did Saknis and Attean’s grandmother sent him? What gift did Attean give Matt and what did Matt give Attean? Gun His hair was cut and shaved with a strip of hair in the middle. Snowshoes and maple sugar His dog and a watch

15 Chapter 23 and 24 After Attean left Matt spent most of his time doing what? What did he use to make new breeches? Matt used ______skins to make mittens. What did Matt use to walk on the snow? Gathering firewood and looking for food Blanket Rabbits Snow shoes

16 Chapter 25 Matt went out to gather _________because it had been snowing. Matt saw a figure and it was his_______. Why had his family been so late coming? What happen to the baby? How did mother feel about the cabin? Matt would never tell his mother _____________. Firewood Pa or family Typhus It died It was beautiful and full of food About almost going with the Indians.

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