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How to Manage Customer Flow Peter Dods President Easy Music Center.

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1 How to Manage Customer Flow Peter Dods President Easy Music Center

2 Table of Contents How to Manage Customer Flow 1.Executive Summary 2.Fun 3.Party Prep 4.Starting 5.Building 6.Raging 7.Resetting

3 Executive Summary

4 Grow! Seven years of growth 1 store to 3 stores Tripled Gross Profit Tripled Employees Tripled Inventory Growing pains Different level of inventory management Reinvestment into warehouse and fixtures Different types of customer flow Growth and Growing Pains


6 It is the one thing you can’t order online How you treat your employees: How they treat the customers How they behave on the sales floor The ripple in the pond that effects everything Bad apples Treat them like volunteers: Raise morale Give compliments – taller, thinner, and better looking Negativity begets negativity – reign it in Group activities outside of store Jam! Setting the Vibe

7 Party Prep

8 Easy for Customers and Employees Fixtures Grab and Go? Ease of demo Price hooks? Penny-Wise or Pound-Foolish? Fixtures – The right tool for the right job

9 Party Prep Easy for Customers and Employees Fixture proximity Easy to hard count? Is your floor plan well thought out? Least amount of footsteps for employees Layout – Manage your flow and workload better

10 Party Prep Easy for Customers and Employees Warehouse Is it organized and clean? Can a newbie find something in it? Easy setup for doing inventory? Labels out Everything unboxed Warehouse – It doesn’t matter if you have it “in stock” if you can’t find it immediately

11 Party Prep Knowing more than just the gear Rob’s Basics Make a Friend – “Hey I’m Rob” Qualify (Randall’s Basics – next slide) Demonstrate – Setup the demo. Get the product in their hands and keep it there. Get a commitment – “If I _____________ are you interested in getting this” Close it – Gentle vs. Forceful 5 steps of selling

12 Party Prep Knowing more than just the gear Randall’s Basics Who is this for? What are you trying to accomplish? What type of music are you into? How long have you been playing? What gear do you have now? Qualify or regret it SAVE TIME! Decrease Buyer’s Remorse!

13 Party Prep Read Between the lines What Every Body is Saying – Joe Navarro More than just words… Hands behind the back Arms Crossed Rubbing Neck Body Language

14 Party Prep Piss Poor Preparation Promotes Piss Poor Performance A little time up front saves a ton of time later… Stocked sections Properly priced and merchandised Digital elements are on Quick and easy demos ready to go Warehouse in order Half hour later start time? CHECKLIST! Sign it!

15 Starting

16 The doors just opened Staff outnumbers Chatting Tag teaming for the ultimate demo In depth interaction Making the connection Building rapport

17 Building

18 And the crowd starts to grow Staff is slightly outnumbered Tag teaming is rarely possible Generally meaningful interactions and conversations Host family works the party as individuals and don’t hang on each other or any one customer Get out from behind the register unless ringing up!

19 Raging

20 Full Swing Party Got a Quarterback? Mingle briskly and be sure immediate needs are being met Don’t get stuck with a “Soul Sucker” (strategies on next slide) Tailor expectations of more involved sales: “It’s a little busy right now. Do you mind waiting a bit for things to calm down before we set up this P.A. demo for you? I’d like to make sure you talk to our head audio salesman since he’s our most knowledgeable person for P.A. systems.” Staff is way outnumbered

21 Raging Moving on when necessary… Respect I see there is a customer who needs help. I’m going to go check in on them. Please let us know if you have any questions Look for a lull and say: “feel free to try it out and let us know if you have any questions” Manager/Quarterback: Jeff there is a phone call for you on line 1 Jeff’s “Soul Sucker” Basics Rookie Sales Person

22 Resetting

23 Getting ready for another party Clean up! Do you have enough time at closing? Are shelves being restocked? Will it be easy to open tomorrow? CHECKLIST! Sign it! Respect the next crew

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