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Psychology of Infancy (430 W ) Daniel Messinger, Ph.D.

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1 Psychology of Infancy (430 W ) Daniel Messinger, Ph.D.

2 Today n Introducing infancy n Introducing the course n Introducing ourselves

3 Human infancy n From 0 to 2 or 3 years of age n Most rapid, profound change in the lifecycle n In multiple areas of functioning n Produce a new individual

4 Multiple areas of infant development n Motor – jerky hand movements to coordinated walking n Communication – crying to talking n Social – no sense of self/other to complex relationships n Emotional – crying to laughing and the beginnings of pride n Cognitive – ‘Where’s that breast’ to make-believe

5 United by a process n Infant subjectivity – Stern’s ‘emergent self’ n Rapidly forming action/sensation patterns n Create new competencies and new challenges

6 Infancy in its own terms n Nature wants children to be children before they are men. If we deliberately depart from this order, we shall get premature fruits which are neither ripe nor well flavored and which soon decay. We shall have youthful sages and grown up children. Childhood has ways of seeing, thinking, and feeling, peculiar to itself; nothing can be more foolish than to substitute our ways for them. n Jean Jacques Rousseau (quoted in Bjorklund)

7 Development—Please describe n Natalie Time Lapse: Birth to 10 years old in 1 minute 25 sec. Natalie Time Lapse: Birth to 10 years old in 1 minute 25 sec. n Child growth face morph time-lapse (from birth to almost 4). n e=related Lex is Three. Removed from youtube e=related – Write down 1-36

8 n Y Time lapse of a baby playing with his toys. 9 months Y n ing-timelapse-anthony-cerniello/ a face from infancy to adulthood from family stills ing-timelapse-anthony-cerniello/ – From cross-sectional photos with digital animation

9 Class description n Critical questions class-by-class – Focus of class sessions – Weekly papers n Critical questions, final project – Select for in-depth study – Final paper n Empirical project n Honors credit available n Research opportunities – Psych 367-368

10 Practical n Requirements for next class – Choose a preliminary idea for a final paper n Bring this to class n Send this idea to the class using Blackboard – Register your email with the University to have access to Blackboard n In general – This is a research-oriented class – You will be reading and writing about original research articles – You will be expected to complete a mini-research project as part of this class

11 Introductions n Your name n Your guess for a final project topic – Or what you are narrowing it down to – Or what you definitely don’t want to do

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