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Unit Eleven College Life. Part One Preparation 1. Talking about Your High School Classmates 1)how many of your high-school classmates are enrolled in.

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1 Unit Eleven College Life

2 Part One Preparation 1. Talking about Your High School Classmates 1)how many of your high-school classmates are enrolled in universities, colleges and institutes; 2)the location of the institutions; 3)what their majors are

3 2)Talking about your college life 1)your idea of college life before you came to college (including the campus, classroom buildings, dormitories, students’ cafeterias, library, classmates, teachers, etc.) 2)the similarities and differences between your expectations and reality

4 Part Two Listening-Centered Activities Listening I Words to watch: Economics: n. 经济学 Marketing: n. 行销,买卖 Takeaway: n. 取走 Project: n. 计划,方案,事业

5 Exercise 1 Justin is a college/university students. It’s Sunday evening and he is ringing/calling his mother. It’s the end of the term and Justin’s started preparing for exams. He’s been staying up late. He had his first exam last Thursday. But he thinks he did it terribly.

6 Lucinda is Justin’s girlfriend. She’s doing the same course as Justin. Sometimes they study together. They have been testing each other on economics and marketing. Justin will be home in two weeks. He asked his mother if she would let Lucinda stay with them in the holiday because they will do a project together.

7 Listening II Scent: n. 气味,香味 ; vt. 嗅,闻出 Creep: vi. 爬,蹑手蹑脚 Timidly: adv. 胆小地,羞怯地 Stoop: n. 弯腰,屈服; vi. 弯下,屈服 apple core: 苹果核 Snatch: v. & n. 攫取 Plot: n. 小块土地,秘密计划(特指阴谋) Mutter: n. & v. 咕哝,嘀咕

8 Exercise 1 Directions: Listen to the poem twice and fill in the blanks with the missing words. The Bully Asleep One afternoon, when grassy Scents through the classroom crept, Bill Craddock laid his head Down on his desk, and slept.

9 The children came round him: Jimmy, Roger, and Jane; They lifted his head timidly And let it sink again “Look, he’s gone sound asleep, Miss.” Said Jimmy Adair; “He stays up all the night, you see. His mother does not care.”

10 “Stand away from him, children.” Miss Andrews stooped to see “Yes, he’s asleep; go on With your writing, and let him be.” “Now’s a good change!” whispered Jimmy; And he snatched Bill’s pen and hid it. “Kick him under the desk hard; He won’t know who did it.

11 “Fill all his pockets with rubbish— Paper, apple-cores, chalk.” So they plotted, while Jane Sat wide-eyed at their talk. Not caring, not hearing, Bill Craddock he slept on; Lips parted, eyes closed— Their cruelty gone.

12 “Stick him with pins!” muttered Roger. “Ink down his neck!” said Jim. But Jane, tearful and foolish, Wanted to comfort him. --from The Roundabout by the Sea by John Walsh

13 Exercise 2 Directions: Work in pairs to answer the following questions. 1)Where did the story take place? 2)What is the poem about? 3)What did the kids do to Bill? 4)Why did they do so?

14 Part Three Reading-Centered Activities In class reading: 1)Words to Watch: Adequate: adj. enough for a particular purpose Deadline: n. 截止日期 * There is no way I can meet that deadline. Deserve: vt. 应得 * Those people deserves good pay. Presentation: a talk (by a student in class) in which something is described and explained 陈述 * I always ask how much time I have to make my presentation.

15 Quote: vt. 引用 * quote a verse from the Bible 引用圣经的 一节。 Erase: vt. Remove marks or writing so that they can no longer be seen 擦掉 * It’s written in pencil so you can just erase anything that is incorrect. Tolerant: adj. 宽容的,容忍的 * He’s become more tolerant of others recently.

16 2)Phrases and Expressions Act out: copy the actions which took place * The group acts out the stories in such a way that the members experienced really being there. Be rid of: be/become free of 摆脱 * The family had sought a way to be rid of her and the problems she had caused them. By no means: not at all; definitely not 决不 * It is by no means certain that they’ll give us a grant.

17 Deprive somebody. Of something. 剥夺某 人 …… * The children were deprived of their normal home life. Fro the sake of: in order to help,improve or please somebody. or something. 为了某人 / 某物 起见 * For the sake of the child, the parents stopped fighting. Get away with: 不因某事受惩罚 * You should not let him get away with telling lies. Get down to: begin to do something. * I have got some work to do but I can’t seem to get down to it.

18 Go through: experience 经历 * They have gone through many civil wars recently. * You would not believe what some of the prisoners went through. Take a close look: look carefully * If you take a close look you can just see the house

19 3)Understanding the Organization of the Text Essay I 1) The message Prof. Neusner passes to the graduates (Para.1) 2)Two different attitudes toward errors (Para. 2) 3)College is an altogether forgiving world. (Para. 3-5) 4)Prof. Daniel’s viewpoint (Para. 6-7) College has deprived students of adequate preparation for the real world. 5)The ending of the speech (Para. 8-9)

20 Essay II 1)The points Ida Timothee’s going to argue against (Para.1) 2)Ida Timothee’s comments on Neusner’s points (Para.2) 3)Ida argues against Neusner’s point that(Para.3) 4)Ida argues against the so-called students’ belief that failure leaves no record. (Para. 4) 5)Ida’s conclusion (Para. 5)

21 4)Language points: 1)The Commencement Speech You’ll Never Hear. * commencement 意为毕业典礼 汉译:你永远不会听到的毕业典礼演说。 2)You have spent four years supposing that failure leaves no record. * spend some time (in) doing sth. 此处 supposing 为 宾语补足语,后接一从句作 supposing 的宾语。 汉译:你们花了四年时间形成了一个信念,以 为失败是不会留下任何记录的。

22 3)Confronting difficulty by quitting leaves you changed. * confronting difficulty by quitting:Facing difficulty by giving up, 为动名词作主语 汉译:遇难而退也会使你变成另一个人。 4)Most of you, after all, can look back on honor grades for most of what you have done. * after all: 毕竟; look back on: 回忆; honor grades: 大学课程中得到的高分 汉泽:毕竟你们中的大多数人都记得在学过的 大部分课程中都行过高分。

23 5)So, here grades can have meant little in distinguishing the excellent from the ordinary. * grades 指分数, little 为否定, the excellent 指好 学生, the ordinary 指普通学生。 6)You will be ill-advised to demand praise for what does not deserve it, and abuse those who do not give it. * ill-advised: 不明智的,愚蠢的, demand 和 abuse 为并列不定式短语作原因状语, 汉译:假如你们要求得到你们不该得到的表扬, 诋毁那些不表扬你们的人,这是不明智的做 法。

24 7)For years we created an altogether forgiving world, in which whatever slight effort you gave was all that was demanded. * in which… 引导一个非限制性定语从句 用于说明 forgiving world ;主谓句 you gave 作 whatever slight effort 的定语, all that=what, all that was demanded 为表语从 句。 汉译:多年来,我们创造了一个十分宽容 的世界,在这里,我们所要求于你们的 仅仅是一点微不足道的努力。

25 8. When you tossed on our desks writing upon which you had not labored, we read it and even responded, as though you earned a response. * when you tossed on our desks writing 为时间状 语从句, on which you had not labored 为定语从 句修饰 writing, we read it and even responded 为 本句的主句, as though you earned a response 为让步状语从句。 汉译:当你们把根本没有花时间写的东西扔到 我们桌上时,我们不仅拜读,甚至批改给评 语,好像应该为你们这样做似的。

26 9. College has spoiled you by reading papers that don’t deserve to be read, listening to comments that don’t deserve a hearing, paying attention even to the lazy, ill-informed and rude. *三个由 by 引导的方式状语指出学校通过 这些方式将学生都 “ 惯坏 ” 了,使意思表 达层层推进。

27 10. Few professors actually care whether or not they are liked by peer-paralyzed adolescents, fools so shallow as to imagine professors care not about education but about popularity. * so shallow as to…:who are so shallow as to… 作 定语修饰前面的 fools 汉译:一些年轻人只能在同龄人的眼中找到自 我,那是一些愚昧无知的人,他们竟然浅薄 到会以为教授们关心的不是教育,而是他们 的声望,实际上,很少有教授在乎这类年轻 人是否喜欢他们。

28 11. He is completely ignoring all the pressures and hard times students go through to make it at college. * go through: 经历,经受 汉译:他完全无视学生们为了学业成功而经受 的一切压力与艰辛。 12. When the going gets tough, the tough have to get down to work… *第一个 tough 为 difficult, 第二个 tough 为 strong hardworking students 汉译:学习紧张时,本来顽强学习的人也得更 加努力学习。


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