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The Sultan’s Dilemma.

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1 The Sultan’s Dilemma

2 Tawfiq al-Hakim The greatest literary figure in Egyptian history Wrote more than 70 plays along with novels and criticism Worked with almost no Islamic dramatic tradition Worked with a very minimal Egyptian literary tradition Worked with an incredibly rich Egyptian historical and cultural tradition Used Western dramatic models to explore Egyptian themes

3 Egypt is the World’s Oldest Civilization 3500 BCE to the Present

4 Ancient Egypt First civilization to develop writing
Preserved through very elaborate death rituals Deeply connected to the notion of justice Invented the use of scales as images of justice and law

5 Roman Egypt Major ally of Rome
Cleopatra was connected to both Caesar and Marc Anthony Part of the Roman cultural and literary world during the life of the Empire

6 The Islamic Empire Cairo was second only to Baghdad as the culture center of the Islamic world Strong Koranic tradition Part of the tradition of Islamic literature in Arabic and Persian Center for the study of Islamic Law.

7 Colonial Egypt From 1882-1947 Egypt was a British colony
Egypt established legal and governmental infrastructure Infusion of Western democratic ideals Al-Hakim was a Western-trained attorney and public prosecutor

8 Joseph and Zulekha Old Testament story of Potipher’s Wife
Also a chapter in the Q’ran Joseph was a slave who became a ruler He was tempted by a Zulekha to betray his master By resisting the temptation, he qualified for his ultimate reward

9 1001 Arabian Nights The most important popular text in the Islamic tradition Tells the story of a ruler who takes a foolish vow Scheherazade is a wise and creative woman who redeems the ruler from his foolishness

10 A Meditation on Law Civil Law—the laws governing the rights of slaves and citizens. Religious Law—The requirement to issue a call to prayer every morning. Natural Law—The difference between night and day.

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