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2 Corinthians 11:1-15 Judging a book by its cover.

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1 2 Corinthians 11:1-15 Judging a book by its cover

2 Overview Paul’s foolishness in boasting The Corinthian’s unlearned lesson “Sin is crouching at your door” How the false apostles worked Seeing things for what they are –(Calling a spade a spade) So what?

3 Paul’s foolish boasting Paul knew that such boasting was foolish Paul knew that the Corinthians had been taken in by the false apostle’s boasting Paul had to establish his own authority and credibility to counter them Paul’s motivation was love and the desire to address the needed correction Paul was willing to be foolish for their good

4 The unlearned lesson The Corinthian’s obsession with praising men –1 Cor 1:18-31 Worldly & heavenly wisdom –V 31 Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord –1 Cor 3:1-9 What after all is Apollos / Paul –1 Cor 3:21 – so then, no more boasting about men! They were still struggling with this temptation They were impressed with the eloquence of the false apostles

5 Sin crouching at your door Paul sees the danger in this sin Paul’s jealousy for the church –Illustration of marriage –Greek practice or “preparing” young women Paul’s warning to the Church –The lesson of Eve in Eden –Jesus as the second Adam –The Corinthians likened to Eve Hold fast to the true gospel –Another Jesus, different Spirit / gospel –You put up with it easily enough

6 How the false apostles worked Identified themselves with the Apostles and their ministries –Super-apostles –Paul is in no way inferior to them Rhetorical excellence –Paul not trained speaker but does have knowledge –Paul had clearly demonstrated his credentials

7 How the false apostles worked Criticised the way Paul supported himself Paul and Barnabas did not follow the traditional way of accepting support –Paul worked to support himself (Acts 18:3) –Paul called it robbery to take from poor churches to support his mission work Did this show lack of love for them? –Is making the gospel available free a sin? –Has not been & will not be a burden –Shows up what the false apostles are

8 Seeing things for what they are (and calling a spade a spade) Deceitful workmen Masquerading as servants of Christ Satan masquerades as an “Angel of Light” His servants as servants of righteousness They will ultimately receive the judgement that their actions deserve

9 So what? Do we engage in foolish boasting? Are we taken in by the foolish boasting of others? Do we recognise true & false authority? Are we prepared to be foolish for the good of others? Do we idolise men? Do we learn our lessons or repeatedly make the same mistakes? Do we value spiritual discernment or eloquent argument? Are we looking out for others? Where do we tolerate ore embrace error? Do we value human skill or spiritual gifting? Do we look for petty ways to criticise others who don’t do things the way we do Are there any areas where we are “deceitful workmen?” Are we willing to call a spade a spade? Are we discerning and on our guard against error? Do we live daily in the light of eternal judgement?

10 Comments & questions?

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