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R OCK Alternative – Hard Ronald Darmawan, AME 151.

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1 R OCK Alternative – Hard Ronald Darmawan, AME 151

2 B RIEF H ISTORY Rock music arose in late 1940s and became popular in the United States in mid-1950s. The music is characterized with strong beat and typical instruments used like Keyboard, Drums, Electric and Bass guitars. Rock music has similarity with Rock & Roll because both came with same origins from R&B, Swing Jazz and Blues.

3 A EROSMITH Origin: Boston, MA Genre: Hard Rock Years Active: 1970 – present Current Members: - Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer Logo:


5 Nine Lives is Aerosmith’s 12 th album. It uses the picture of a body with head of a cat. The cat is used because cat is claimed to have nine lives. The body image is controversial because it depicts Lord Khrisna (Hindu’s God), dancing on top of a monster with snake bodies. The monster turns out to symbolize one of the demon in Hindu mythology. The album cover was then revised still with an image of cat (nine lives) wearing shirt and jeans tied on a roller with knives stuck into the roller. Both covers show the body in danger (from snake and knives) but it remains there because it is a cat that has nine lives.



8 Done with Mirrors is Aerosmith’s 8 th album. The album name is Done with Mirrors but the album cover uses the image created by the mirrors (written opposite). This creates a kind of contradiction which maybe meant to symbolize the uniqueness of the group and Rock music itself.

9 B ON J OVI Origin: Sayreville, NJ Genre: Hard Rock Years Active: 1983 - present Current Members: Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan, Tico Torres

10 B ON J OVI – H AVE A N ICE D AY (2005)

11 Have a Nice Day is Bon Jovi’s 9 th album. The image uses the famous ‘Have a Nice Day’ symbol of 2 eyes and a smile. But, the smile in the cover is rather cynical with an ‘angry’ eyebrow. Red color is used as its background instead of Yellow which make the ‘angry’ theme stronger.

12 R ED H OT C HILI P EPPERS Origin: Los Angeles, CA Genre: Alternative Rock Years Active: 1983 - present Current Members: Anthony Kiedis, John Frusciante, Flea, Chad Smith Logo:

13 RHCP – O NE H OT M INUTE (1995)

14 One Hot Minute is Red Hot Chili Pepper’s sixth album. It uses an image of a young girl with red hair and pink dress playing piano. The young girl is used, maybe, to give an idea that the album has fewer sexual theme compared to the previous album. The color red (hair, flower, ribbon) is used to give a ‘hot’ theme because hot is mostly associated with red color (example: red chili or red pepper). The color black (the major color in the cover) and the color red are used to symbolize RHCP because both red and black are also in RHCP’s logo.


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