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Design Team 5: Jay Martinson Brian Bernens Tyler Gordon Dan Krohnemann.

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1 Design Team 5: Jay Martinson Brian Bernens Tyler Gordon Dan Krohnemann

2  Throughout the world, there are many developing countries that do not have the luxury of possessing telecommunication stations for cell phone use.  GE Corporation assigned engineering students to solve this problem for these communities and nations, by creating a No Grid Telecom Base Station  Team Five created a station that uses sustainable energy sources and optimizes green power for infrastructures without connections AC utility grid.

3  Power Telecom station with sustainable energy.  Solar Power  Create constant 1.2-kW load, with additional load created to power the hut equipment  Integrate suitable “Hybrid” application to obtain minimum operating costs

4  707,400 people  295 sq. kilometers  Economy ◦ Trading ◦ Export ◦ Tourism  Terrain ◦ Island ◦ Flat

5  In Mombasa, Kenya, there is already a large amount of cellular towers.  In this region, the GE Telecom Station will compete with local cellular companies, but will offer a station that runs off sustainable energy instead of utility grid power.  This cost efficient system will be able to use green technology to lower the maintenance cost of the station, making the cellular market more competitive.

6  Converts solar radiation into DC power via photovoltaic modules  Typical solar panel: 14 Watt / Square Foot  Typical System: 1,300 kWh / every kilowatt installed

7 Tower Hut/Solar Panels North-facing solar panels at 4 degree angle


9 PV SizeBatt sizeFuel Use3yr6yr9yr15yr30yr (kw)(kwh)(gal)($) 00113814339286784301671694143388 105651061917738248573909574690 1.5153061754321399252543296652244 1.5102811441617956214972857846281 1.75151521647818393203082413933715 1.75101991425716765192722428736824 2101941506917514199582484737069 215251575316068163831701318588 324024000

10 System ComponentsInitial CostMaintenance CostEstimated RevenueNPVMARRPackback PeriodTotal Payback (9 years) Solar Cells$7,000$8,000$80,000/year$375,56013%2 years & 8 months$518,000 Batteries$7,987.50 Fuel$945 Hut / Tower$175,000 Net Initial Cost $190,933



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