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Parkside M.S. Announcements Friday February 07, 2014 Blue Day.

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1 Parkside M.S. Announcements Friday February 07, 2014 Blue Day

2 Announcements ECOLOGY CLUB The Ecology Club meeting has been moved to next Thursday in order to get yearbook pictures done. Please bring an empty 1 gallon milk jug to the meeting! February 13 th from 3-5:30 pm.

3 Announcements ECOLOGY CLUB The Ecology Club will be setting out bird feeders around the school this month. If you have any extra bird feed or some old bird feeders that you’re not using, please bring them to school by next Thursday (2/13/14). (Mr. Henthorn).

4 Announcements GALLON JUGS 6 th grade science is in need of some gallon jugs. Please bring any you may have to Ms. Mattia.

5 Announcements Friday, February 7 has been declared National Wear Red Day by the American Heart Association (AHA). The organization encourages wearing red clothing that day to bring awareness to their efforts to fight heart disease and stroke.

6 Announcements Did you know: There are approximately 1.7 million homeless teens in the U.S. 39 percent of the homeless population is young people under 18. Help combat this problem by donating your jeans to Mr. Nicholas in room 616. All jeans will be donated to Aeropostale who will in turn distribute the jeans to the homeless shelters in the area.

7 Announcements 2013-2014 Varsity Boys’ Basketball Team William Balkin Asman Morina Jonathan Padilla Hunter Bailley Nathanial Simpson David Agyei Larry Le (7 th grader) Blake Breighner Andonis Turay Clarence Ewell Idris Nawaz Joseph Pashiardis

8 Announcements 2013-2014 JV Boys’ Basketball Team Aaron Washington Jorelle Gregorio Mario Duarte Raquan Washington William Hoad Kevin Peterson Joseph Okoye Dennis Freeman Ryan Pasour Jevon Foster Jackson Mackert Cameron Morales Bronco Deeds

9 Announcements All-District IX chorus The following 8th grade students will be representing Parkside at Hylton High School for All-District IX chorus on Friday and Saturday. Tya Robinson Cassandra Torres Lauren Sears Asialia King Grace Szabo Sunshine Mock Sara Goodson Sorayah Moises Caleigh Pierce Brianna Molina CJ Monroe Jacob Shulman Cody Griffith Trevon McCrae Tyler Wesley Moses

10 Bus Lane C 74 154 650 681 697 729 749 761 775

11 Bus Lane B 38 97 133 244 315 331 366 894 899 919

12 Bus Lane A 239 259 310 463 527 628 641 667 683 730 796 820

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