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WELCOME & REGISTRATION 2014 - 2015. » Welcome! » Agenda ˃Team/Season Overview (Mike Tipps) ˃Treasurer (John Lammers) ˃Events (Cindi Gallop) ˃Academic.

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Presentation on theme: "WELCOME & REGISTRATION 2014 - 2015. » Welcome! » Agenda ˃Team/Season Overview (Mike Tipps) ˃Treasurer (John Lammers) ˃Events (Cindi Gallop) ˃Academic."— Presentation transcript:


2 » Welcome! » Agenda ˃Team/Season Overview (Mike Tipps) ˃Treasurer (John Lammers) ˃Events (Cindi Gallop) ˃Academic Ineligibility (Jerry Col) ˃Operations (Mark Von Waaden) ˃Fundraising/Merchandise (Liz Green) ˃Head Coach (Tyler Moore)

3 » Great group of athletes and families » Summer Success » New Coaching Staff Team/Season Overview – Mike Tipps

4 » Fall Season ˃Practice Starts – Tuesday 9/30 (week later than last year) ˃Concussion Testing – mandatory before the 1 st practice ˃Scrimmages at Southwestern University – October 18 ˃UT Tournament – December 6/7 (week later than last year) » Spring Season ˃Player Retreat – January 10 th ˃Practice Starts – January 12 th ˃Spring Break – Houston March 14 th /15 th + voluntary practice ˃District Playoffs – April 25 th /26 th ˃Regionals – May 2 nd /3 rd in Dallas/Houston ˃State – May 9 th /10 th in Austin Team/Season Overview – Mike Tipps

5 » Commitments for 2014/2015 ˃Communication ˃Community/Commitment ˃Coach Team/Season Overview – Mike Tipps

6 » Communication ˃Lax News – Monthly in the Fall, Bi-weekly in the Spring ˃Website updates ˃Hit Center – 18 players participating; Monday/Wednesday schedule ˃Program Updates: +Coaching related issues – a)Player to talk with coach b)Parent/player to talk with coach c)Jerry Col d)Board +Youth Program Initiative – a)Increase involvement b)Coaching assistance c)Free clinic d)Volunteers needed +Budget – Expenses equivalent to budget from 3 seasons ago; bought uniforms last year +Dues – increase to $999 Team/Season Overview – Mike Tipps

7 » Community/Commitment ˃Come early, Be loud, Stay late, Wear orange (get your gear) ˃Good sportsmanship on and off the field (1 st Class Program) ˃Meet other parents ˃Get involved ˃Sponsorship opportunities ˃Fundraiser at Adelberts Team/Season Overview – Mike Tipps

8 » Coaches ˃Welcome new Head Coach, Tyler Moore ˃Originally from Houston; played high school lacrosse in Cincinnati, OH ˃Came to Austin to attend UT and play lacrosse ˃4 year starter as a midfielder ˃Coached youth lacrosse in OH for years, at Westlake HS and college at Southwestern University for the past 2 seasons ˃Brandon Tipton (JV Head Coach) ˃Nate Carney (Varsity Assistant) ˃AJ Cole (JV Assistant) ˃Gabe Sepulveda (Volunteer Assistant)

9 » Audit Report » Budget review/approval by membership Treasurer – John Lammers

10 » Audit Report

11 Treasurer – John Lammers » Audit Report

12 Treasurer – John Lammers » Audit Report - Highlights ˃Have bank statements reviewed by a non-signer on the account ˃Need better organization and preparation to facilitate the audit ˃Implement a time frame for cashing checks (90 days)

13 » Budget Highlights ˃Total Budgeted expense $68,770 +Net loss of $139 estimated for the year ˃Dues +$40K last year to $42K this year ($99/player increase) ˃Fundraising +$24K last year to $19K this year – No super regional ˃Travel +Reduced travel expense – Tournaments in Austin ˃Game filming +$3K budget to film every game (varsity and JV) ˃Social Events +Added $3K for team retreat ˃Team equipment +$18K last year to $8K this year (no uniforms, nets, bounce backs) Treasurer – John Lammers

14 » Budget Detail

15 Treasurer – John Lammers » Budget Detail

16 Treasurer – John Lammers » Budget Detail

17 » Homecoming Parade – October 8 th ˃Needs +Coordinator for event +Trailer for actual float +Home base to work/build decorate float +Various Supplies +Volunteers to build /decorate and day of parade Events – Cindi Gallop

18 » Team Dinner – October 13 th ˃Needs +Chairperson for event +Host +Volunteers from entire team for food, drinks, chairs, tables, small prizes » Alumni Game – November 29 th ˃Needs +Chairperson for event +Volunteers from entire team for food, drinks, chairs, tables, small prizes Events – Cindi Gallop

19 » Team Retreat- January 10th- Eagle’s Wings Retreat Center, Burnet, Texas ˃Needs +Drivers to get team there and back +Donations for coolers of drinks » Spring Events: ˃Fun Friday’s ˃Team Dinner ˃Senior Recognition ˃Banquet- End of April, first week in May ˃Teacher Appreciation Events – Cindi Gallop

20 » Faculty Sponsor ˃Rob Nielson: +Teaches American Sign Language at Westwood +8 th year at Westwood, +6+ years as Faculty Sponsor +Club interface to Westwood Administration » Academic Eligibility ˃No pass, no play ˃Applies to all Westwood activities (UIL or not) ˃Reference +RRISD Parent/Student Handbook, Appendix A +LAX Website (Policies -> Academics) Academic Ineligibility – Jerry Col

21 » Determining eligibility ˃Faculty sponsor runs eligibility checks ˃Compiles list of ineligible players ˃Sends to parliamentarian ˃I forward list to head coach and president ˃I contact parent of ineligible player ˃I do not know circumstances of ineligibility » Resolving eligibility issues ˃Only official records are accepted » Reinstatement ˃3 week IPR ˃6 week period Academic Ineligibility – Jerry Col

22 » Concussion Testing ˃All players are required to take a baseline tests before 1 st practice. ˃Even if player took it last year, he must take it again. ˃Online test administered thru SportsSafe. ˃No cost to the player/parent for the baseline test. ˃Any post concussion testing or follow up care is responsibility of the player/parent. Many (but not all) insurance companies cover post concussion testing. > See handout on instructions. » Parliamentarian (Jerry Col) is Club interface for academic eligibility. Academic Ineligibility – Jerry Col

23 » Fall Calendar ˃Practice starts Tuesday, September 30th. ˃Season Ends December 7th after UT Shootout » Weekly Schedule (subject to change) ˃Be at practice 15 minutes early. Allow time at the end of practice for coaches closing comments pickup a few minutes after practice ends Operations – Mark Von Waaden Monday (Optional)HIT Center4:30 – 6:00 PM TuesdaySoccerzone4:45 – 6:45 PM Wed (Optional)HIT Center4:30 – 6:00 PM ThursdayWW Grass Fields4:30 – 6:30 PM FridayWW Grass Fields4:30 – 6:00 PM

24 » Volunteering ˃Practice starts Tuesday, September 30th. ˃Parent run organization ˃9 Credit requirements per player ˃4 non-game / 5 game day credits ˃$300 deposit per family (refundable) ˃Volunteer information can be found at ˃Sign ups will be handled through ˃Will be a link from the Westwood LAX website for the signups. Operations – Mark Von Waaden

25 » Fundraising events ˃Adelbert's Brewery - Fall & Spring ˃Sponsorships ˃School wide sales ˃Restaurants » Merchandise ˃Player Packs ˃Helmets ˃Bags ˃Yard Signs ˃Other Equipment -Adrenaline ˃Fan Wear Fundraising & Merchandise – Liz Green

26 Head Coach – Tyler Moore » Coaching Staff ˃Varsity Head Coach. Defensive Coordinator ˃JV Head Coach/ Offensive Coordinator ˃Personnel Coaches- Varsity Asst. and JV Asst. ˃Volunteer Assistant » Roles/Responsibilities ˃Changes to Player Contract ˃Changes to Parent Contract » Upcoming Season ˃Fall ˃Retreat ˃Season Schedule

27 Head Coach – Tyler Moore » Team Philosophy ˃Fear ˃Confidence ˃Respect ˃Class ˃Responsibility ˃Leadership

28 Head Coach – Tyler Moore » Coaching Contact ˃Coach Moore 513-401-2904 ˃Coach Tip 512-653-4319 » Urgent Information will be pushed through team captains via text message if not through the channels already established.

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