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1 © 2005. AAAW, LLC High-Value Food and Healthcare Products From Native Illyrian Plant Species Business Plan Overview Confidential.

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1 1 © 2005. AAAW, LLC High-Value Food and Healthcare Products From Native Illyrian Plant Species Business Plan Overview Confidential

2 2 Overview New Illyria (“NI”) is a development-stage enterprise specializing in high-value products derived from plants native to the eastern Adriatic region. NI’s food and beverage products, botanicals, extracts and plant-based compounds are of high value in the food, healthcare, and personal care industries. © 2005. AAAW, LLC

3 3 Overview Areas of market and product opportunities: New Illyria” brand foods and beverages, including a “tea-like” beverage made from an extract of one or more native species, Hi-value natural nutritional supplements derived from native Illyrian plant species, and Natural bio-pharmaceuticals derived from native Illyrian plant species. © 2005. AAAW, LLC

4 4 Business Model Native Illyrian Plants Grown & Processed Branded Foods & Beverages Botanicals Personal Care Products Nutritional Products Supplements Hi Value Medicinals, Flavors, Fragrances, etc. License/Joint Venture with Food Companies License/Joint Venture with Consumer Product Co’s License to Nutritional Health Co’s License to Healthcare, Pharma Co’s © 2005. AAAW, LLC

5 5 Plant Species-Eastern Adriatic Salvia officianalisTilia cordataJuniperus oxycedrus Tilia argenteaOriganum vulgarePrimula veris Primula vulgarisSaturea MontanaFragaria vesca Vaccinium myrtillusColchicum automnaleGentiana lutea Salix albaSalix purpureaSediritas vulgare The following list of plant species indigenous to the eastern Adriatic are the subject of NI’s current and future product development programs: © 2005. AAAW, LLC

6 6 The Markets NI’s additional product development in the food industry, Nutritional Supplements and other possible Consumer Food Brands. Per Global Information, Inc., Total sale of teas and “tea like” beverages will reach $6.8 Billion in 2005, and is forecast to exceed $10 Billion by 2010 NI’s mid- to long- range development of products in the healthcare and personal care products markets “Nutriceuticals” (botanically-derived medicinals), Skin Care/Beauty Products derived from organic native plant extracts. © 2005. AAAW, LLC

7 7 Management & Advisors Xhevair R. (“Edie”) Klobocista -- Founder & President Cory Honickman -- Senior Manager (San Francisco, CA) Mike Tyler—Project Director, Pro Agricultura Ernie Hubbard–Strategic & Technology Advisor Marush Klobocista-- Manager Operations & Strategic Development Aleksander Malotaj—Development Manager, Shkrel Farmers Association Remzi Klobocista—Advisor -- International Business coordinator © 2005. AAAW, LLC

8 8 Competition Foods/Beverages & HST’s Lipton, Coca Cola, Celestial Seasonings, Adagio, Traditional Medicinals Nutritional Supplements GNC, Metagenics, Infinity Plant-based personal care products Olay, Virgin Cosmetics,Tom’s of Maine, All Natural Plant-derived pharmaceuticals Most major pharmaceutical and biotech companies © 2005. AAAW, LLC

9 9 Competition NI has positioned itself for dynamic growth via a strategy that maximizes its competitive advantages and minimizes its risk of failure. Specifically, NI Has: Unique knowledge of and sourcing for the native plant species identified as valuable for the end-user markets. Already established a coherent infrastructure for evaluating plants for value- added qualities, extraction, testing, harvesting, packaging and shipping. Structured long-term relationships with key people and organizations in its research and delivery channels. Identified the best strategic marketing and product partners in its target industries. © 2005. AAAW, LLC

10 10 Financing Goals NI is seeking a financial partner to provide development capital and to participate in NI’s future growth. The amount of funding needed for the next phase of NI’s operations and product development is between $50,000 and $100,000. PROPOSED USE OF FUNDS © 2005. AAAW, LLC

11 11 Development Plan Phase I: Secure Next Stage of Financing and Initiate First Product Development Phase II: Expand Strategic relationships and Initiate next round of R&D Phase III: Expand New Products into additional brands, markets and industries © 2005. AAAW, LLC

12 12 Organization Plan Board of Directors President Edie Klobocista Admin/OpsMarketingSales U.S. Advisory Board Overseas Advisory Board Production Processing © 2005. AAAW, LLC

13 13 Financials Revenue Planning Model in Place © 2005. AAAW, LLC

14 14 Financials Operating Cost Model in Place © 2005. AAAW, LLC

15 15 Contact Xhevair R. Klobocista Tel: 415-516-9183 Fax: 732-409-0600 Website: Email: © 2005. AAAW, LLC

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