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2  Biotechnology IP practitioners and companies, however, face very significant challenges in helping the world realize this promise.  The overall mission of the Biotechnology Committee is to serve as resource, educator, and advocate for its members, AIPLA, government institutions, and people everywhere so that the promise of Biotechnology may be more fully realized globally.  To realize the promise of Biotechnology in health, energy, environment, and food requires a reliable, global IP system that rewards innovation without inhibiting it and protects investments in new products and new jobs. BIOTECHNOLOGYBIOTECHNOLOGY

3 Chair Suzannah K. Sundby

4 Vice Chair Tim Meigs

5 Issues Leader Vicki Norton

6 To provide more opportunities for our members to network and have fun in local regions. Community Leader Ling Zhong Social/Regional Subcommittee Sub-Chair

7 To present webinars for the Biotechnology Committee and the general AIPLA membership. ​ Services Leader Debora Plehn-Dujowich Webinars Subcommittee Sub-Chair

8 Biosimilars Subcommittee To monitor patent issues, litigation, and regulations pertinent to the development and commercialization of therapeutic and diagnostic biological products, including biosimilar and interchangeable products, provide the Biotechnology Committee leadership and members with periodic reports, and play a role in advocacy considerations, when pertinent, and coordinate with the Food and Drug Committee in monitoring and reporting on regulatory issues relevant to biological products. Lynn TylerKristen Connarn Sub-Chairs

9 Academia & Research Institutions Subcommittee To interface with non-profit academic and research institutions and help educate the biotech community on issues of significant importance to academia and research institutions and promote the interaction, collaboration and sharing of best practices by and between members of the Biotechnology Committee, along with the greater investment, business and legal communities, via meeting workshops, roundtables, webinars or other online communication forums. Mark Bloom Sub-Chair

10 Biotech Litigation Subcommittee To disseminate information useful to those litigating biotech patents, including how district courts and the Federal Circuit apply new substantive and procedural law in the biotech area. Bryan DinerCarolin Shining Sub-Chairs George Yu

11 Biotech Patent Education Subcommittee To educate biotech patent practitioners on best practices for planning, obtaining, and leveraging strong patent portfolios for clients in a rapidly-changing legal environment; to serve as a clearing house for ideas on adapting strategies in view of important PTAB, Federal Circuit, and Supreme Court opinions; and to foster the exchange of information and ideas relating to best practices for patent prosecution of inventions in the life sciences. Betsy Haanes Sub-Chair

12 Plant Biotech Subcommittee To foster awareness of competing global interests that affect advances in plant biotechnology, and how intellectual property protection affects those interests; to investigate key patent issues that influence innovative plant research, product development and commercialization; to be a resource for domestic and international patent practitioners who work in plant biotechnology and the patenting of plants; and to advocate for policies that support the promise of plant biotechnology. Alice MartinBruce Vrana Sub-Chairs

13 Buzz Editor Jessica Zurlo

14 To monitor and report on domestic and international laws relating to the intellectual property protection of inventions involving genetic materials, diagnostic products, and methods utilizing such, especially those relating to personalized medicine. Diagnostics & Gene Patenting Subcommittee David Dalke Ling Zhong Sub-Chairs

15 International Subcommittee To report on biotech patent issues, laws, and best practices around the world and bring together the global biotech patent community. Trevor DaviesDavid Read Sub-Chairs

16 Technology Transfer & Licensing Subcommittee To define the various licenses and other commercial relationships among industry and institutions, and business considerations that play a primary role in shaping these licenses and relationships; and to advise on trends and best practices and recommend changes in current practices, if needed. Eric MirabelVladimir Drozdoff Sub-Chairs

17 Industrial Biotech Subcommittee To monitor patent issues, litigation, and regulations pertinent to the development and commercialization of biotechnology for industrial purposes, including manufacturing, alternative energy white biotechnology, including alternative energy such as biofuels, and biomaterials; and to provide advice to the Biotechnology Committee leadership in matters involving in advocacy and promoting the value of intellectual property in this emerging area. Judy Roesler Sub-Chair

18 Public Communications Subcommittee To tell the pro-patent innovation story; one that explains the truth so that it can be understood by average citizens and dispel factually incorrect information disseminated by biased parties. Sub-Chair Gene Quinn

19 PTAB Actions Subcommittee To monitor post-grant trial proceedings at the PTAB pertaining to, or selectively impacting, biotechnology; to provide Committee leadership and membership with periodic reports, and play a role in advocacy considerations, when pertinent. Herb Hart Sub-Chair

20 Case Law Reviews Subcommittee To provide summaries of legal developments relevant to intellectual property that affects biotechnology both in the United States, and worldwide; to include informed commentary that spurs on further discussion; and to provide a simple way for our members to increase their involvement in AIPLA’s work. Nick LandauMelanie Szweras Sub-Chairs HOT BIOTECH Subcommittee To track important, breaking issues and provide timely “news you can use” updates. Noel Courage Sub-ChairIs this YOU?

21 USPTO Relations Subcommittee To maintain and strengthen the relationship between our members, biotech patent practitioners, and the USPTO, and to increase the quality of biotech patents by monitoring and commenting on USPTO notices, rulemaking, and guidance materials that may impact the protection of inventions in the life sciences. Joe Mallon Suzannah K. Sundby Sub-Chairs

22 Liaisons Subcommittee To establish stronger mutually beneficial relationships with organizations having significant involvement and interests in issues relating to biotechnology and to liaise on various efforts. James K. Kelley Suzannah K. Sundby Sub-Chairs

23 To meet, connect, collaborate, educate, learn, and enjoy with other biotech practitioners in the corporate realm. Past Chair James K. Kelley Corporate Subcommittee James K. Kelley Sub-Chair

24 Past Vice Chair Carol Nielsen

25 Microsite Master John Marquardt

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