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Welcome to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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1 Welcome to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2 Here are the sports that will be featured in the Olympics…




6 You have to know how to handle a gun to be in the biathlon. You ski, stop, get your gun ready, then shoot at your target. Biathlon Paige P. and Lee

7 Paige: I think the biathlon is interesting because it’s two in one; you ski and shoot all in one. Lee: I think the biathlon is interesting because you ski and shoot at targets at the same time.

8 Tim Burke is a biathlon athlete. His birthdate is February 3, 1982. His birth place is Paul Smiths, NY. His home town is in the same place as his birth place. His residence is Lake Placid, NY. His height and weight is 5'11" / 167 lbs. Tim started the Olympics in 2006. He is 28.

9 The object of the event is to finish with the fastest time to win gold, silver, bronze or to advance to the finals. Bobsledding By Zackery and Matt

10 The most interesting thing is that they steer with their heads.

11 Bree Shaff Erin Pac Shauna Rohboch Mike Kohn JohnNapier Steve Holcomb The USA women’s and men’s teams:

12 Cross-Country Skiing Cross-country skiing skiing over various distances and terrains in two different techniques in the quickest time possible. The classical skiing technique utilizes a kicking and gliding motion along a course with a prepared track. The freestyle technique utilizes a faster, skating motion along a smoothed course.

13 The classical skiing technique utilizes a kicking and gliding motion along a course with a prepared track. The freestyle technique utilizes a faster, skating motion along a smoothed course. Basics of Cross-Country Skiing

14 Kris Freeman The best distance cross- country racer in the U.S., Kris Freeman eyes a medal in his third Olympic appearance. Torin Koos Few Olympic cross-country skiers can say that they are also freelance journalists like this Washington insider. Andy Newell "All In Without Hope" is an appropriate mantra to have tattooed on the torso of America's best cross-country sprinter. Liz Stephen Representing the next generation of U.S. women's cross country, Vermont's Liz Stephen makes her Olympic debut in 2010. U.S. Olympians

15 Curling A winter Olympic sport in which players slide granite “stones” on ice and aim to stop them in a bullseye. A “stone”

16 Curling is a competition between two teams with four players each. The game is played on ice and the two teams take turns pushing 42-pound stones towards a series of concentric circles. The object is to get the stones as close to the center of the circles as possible. The center of the circles is known as the tee. A team scores a point for each stone that is closer to the tee than the opponents' best stone, provided that the stone is within 6 feet (1.83 meters) of the tee. This circular area is known as the house; it is the scoring zone in curling. Basics of Curling

17 John Shuster 2006 Olympic bronze medalist John Shuster returns the Games as the skip of the U.S. men. John Benton After 20 years of trying to reach the international level, 41-year-old John Benton is playing in his first Winter Games. Jeff Isaacson Jeff Isaacson made his major international debut at the 2009 Worlds as the second on John Shuster's rink. Jason Smith Jason Smith is competing in his first Olympic Games. Debbie McCormick Wisconsin's Debbie McCormick, competing in her third Games, is the most accomplished curler in U.S. history. Nicole Joraanstad Nicole Joraanstad is competing in her first Olympics. Natalie Nicholson Natalie Nicholson is competing in her first Olympics. Allison Pottinger Canadian-born Allison Pottinger is competing in her first Olympics. U.S. Olympians

18 Figure Skating Figure skating is skating on ice to perform certain elements in time with music in order to score the most points. Skating with a partner is called pairs skating, while on your own is called a single skate. By: Jamie and Claire

19 Figure Skating Info Jackson Haines founded figure skating in Vienna, Austria in the 1860’s. Each of figure skating four disciplines are adjudicated by a separate panel of 9 International Skating Union (ISU) championship judges using a computer scoring system to measure the quality of each performance. Before each event, there is a secret and random draw to determine which judges’ scores will form the result of the segment. Only seven of the 9 scores are used. A new draw is done for each segment. During each performance the judges assign a grade of execution (GOE) to every element that is executed. This makes up the technical score. At the conclusion of each performance, the judges assign additional program component scores that measure the overall technical and presentation abilities of the skater or team. The individual or team with the highest totals of technical and program component scores is deemed the winner.

20 U.S. Athletes Jeremy Abbott Benjamin Agosto Evan Bates Tanith Belbin Meryl Davis Caydee Denney Amanda Evora Rachael Flatt Mark Ladwig Mirai Nagasu Emily Samuelson Jonny Weir Charlie White

21 Freestyle Skiing Skiers go down the slope in between the moguls which are about one foot hills on the slope. By Jared and Jolene

22 Freestyle skiing is people going down the hill and performing two or three jumps and doing like back flips or spins. I’m getting too old for this.

23 The people that Participate in Freestyle skiing is Shannon Bahrke Emily Cook Hannah Kearney Nate Roberts Patrick Deneen Jaret Peterson

24 This is some of the gear you need for the sport hockey. Run, big man, run!!!!!!!! That’s what you will look like when you’re done with this sport. That is a goalie. Hockey By Steven and Cortland

25 As you can tell this is an old sport… And a fun one !!!!

26 The whole point of the game is to get the puck in the net.

27 Luge The winner of a luge competition goes through a few heats. The shortest time of the heat goes to the final round. There are four runs in heats of Olympic singles and doubles luge. The heats take place over 2 days. You do not need to understand the reasoning behind the starting order. Just know that it exists. Each racer sits on a sled on the starting ramp and pulls two start handles to move the sled. Rules By: Lauren and Brooke

28 Luge Sleds Important!!! This is a very dangerous sport. Modern Street Sled Womens Single Sled Matthew Mortensen and Preston Griffall of the United States crash during training for the Wiessmann Luge World Cup on February 19, 2009. Mark Grimmette and Brian Martin of the United States slide during training for the Wiessmann Luge World Cup on February 19, 2009.

29 U.S Luge Athletes Tony Benshoof, Julia Clukey, Mark Grimmette, Erin Hamlin, Dan Joye, Brian Martin, Chris Madzdzer, Christan Niccum, Megan Sweeney, Bengt Walden Megan Sweeney Christan Niccum and Dan Joye of the United States training for the Wiessmann Luge World Cup on February 19, 2009.

30 Nordic Combined Nordic Combined is a sport that contains two different sports called Cross country skiing and ski jumping. I’m Ski Jumping I’m cross Country Skiing. We form NORDIC COMBINES! By: Jacob and Sammy

31 You only get points in the Ski Jumping. You get points by how far you go through the air and style. You also get the points from where you land.

32 The people representing the USA in Nordic Combined are Johnny Spillane, Todd Lodwick, Taylor Fletcher, Bill Demong, and Brett Camerota. Johnny SpillaneTodd Lodwick Taylor Fletcher Bill Demong Brett Camerota We are the Winter Olympics 2010 Nordic Combined players who represent USA.

33 Short Track Skating By: Cory and Paige O.

34 He is Apolo Ohno, and he represents the U.S in short track.

35 Short track speed skating takes place on a 111.12-metre oval track within a hockey rink. Tight corners make it difficult for skaters to maintain control. A boardless padding system is now used replacing the stand-alone board system. This ensure an increased safety for the athletes. clock. The competition consists of a series of heats with four or six athletes. The first two athletes in each heat advance to the next round until only four skaters remain for the final. Short track speed skaters compete against each other, rather than the

36 Skeleton By: Gabriel and Sarah Explaining Skeleton The athlete runs, then jumps on the sled, landing on their stomach. They go head first down the track trying to pass the finish line first.

37 Skeleton is the most exhilarating sport in the Winter Olympics. But we think it is dangerous, and should only be performed by professionals.

38 U.S. Athletes John Daly Katie Uhlaender Eric Bernotas Zach Lund Noelle Pikus-Pace

39 In this sport you can earn 60 points by doing style points well in the air. You can also get 20 points by hitting jumps. Ski Jumping By: Hunter and David



42 Snowboarding Snowboarding is like surfing but your feet are strapped and you ride on snow. Trystan, Kayla

43 Did You Know... …17.3% of snowboarders are ages 7-11? …23% of snowboarders are women ? …One of every four snowboarders is aged 25 to 44? …5.5 million people participate in snowboarding? …24% of the snow sports population are snowboarders? …An estimated 80% of children who participate in winter sports will have ridden a snowboard by their 12th birthday? …Snowboarding is among the fastest growing sports in the United States?

44 Nick Baumgarter, Gretchen Bleiler, Gregory Bretz, Callah Chythlook- Sifsof, Kelly Clark, Mitchelle Gorgone, Faye Gulini, Elena Hight, Nate Holland, Lindsey Jacobellis, Tyler Jewell, Chris Klug, Scott Lago, Hannah Teter, Louie Vito, Graham Watanabe, Seth Wescott, Shaun White USA Snowboarding Athletes

45 This is Bob. He is skating. Speed Skating. IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I can hit speeds of 37mph. I don’t know how to do this. The next page will tell us! ( Prize) Speed Skating By: Jessica and Elli

46 Speed skating is the fastest human – powered sport in the world. Speed skating takes place on a 400 meter oval ice rink. Speed skating has been around since the 13 th century.

47 BRADFORD Rebekah Sport: Speed Skating Height: 180 cm (5' 10") Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs) Nationality: United States Date of Birth April 30, 1983 Age 26 BEDFORD Ryan Sport: Speed Skating Height: 185 cm (6' 0") Weight: 82 kg (181 lbs) Nationality: United States Date of Birth October 20, 1986 Age 23 Sport: Speed Skating Height: 173 cm (5' 8") Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Nationality: United States Date of Birth November 15, 1988 Age 21 CHOLEWINSKI Lauren DAVIS Shani Sport: Speed Skating Height: 191 cm (6' 3") Weight: 84 kg (185 lbs) Nationality: United States Date of Birth August 13, 1982 Age 27 HEDRICK Chad Sport: Speed Skating Height: 180 cm (5' 10") Weight: 78 kg (172 lbs) Nationality: United States Date of Birth April 17, 1977 Age 32 FREDRICKS Tucker Sport: Speed Skating Height: 168 cm (5' 6") Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs) Nationality: United States Date of Birth April 16, 1984 Age 25 USA Olympians

48 Thank you for joining us! See you in Sochi, Russia!

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