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Selected DDPC Project and Priorities Update June 2014 SRC Quarterly Meeting EmploymentMiddle SkillsTransportationDisability BenefitsBullying.

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1 Selected DDPC Project and Priorities Update June 2014 SRC Quarterly Meeting EmploymentMiddle SkillsTransportationDisability BenefitsBullying

2 Employment: Project Search One-year internship rotation-based program for high school seniors with developmental disabilities. Provides real-life work experiences combined with training in employability, independent living skills, and job coaching. Two Projects – Rockland BOCES and the Westchester Institute for Human Development. There have been several past and current projects throughout NYS over the last several years, and these are supported by a statewide consortium. The DDPC sites formed a unique regional consortium of community and business leadership, family representation, and regional state office representatives from OPWDD and ACCES-VR. Rockland is also the only fully school-based SEARCH site in the state. Third year of start-up funding, focusing on multi-year evaluations based on their individual- and systems-level successes and challenges. We will share results and recommendations widely, and hope to see supporting information and linkages to our next employment priority area…

3 Employment: Middle Skills  See this as a next logical step after Project SEARCH – from their internship rotation model to career-specific training opportunities.  Labor market estimates indicate this as a significant growth area in the next five years, as well as a prime opportunity to fill an anticipated employee gap.  Want to expand the “typical” careers for people with developmental disabilities into a broader range - computer support and other technology-based jobs, machinists, clerical positions, construction, installation/repair, and other production positions.  Still in developmental infancy, envisioning four demonstration sites, possibly two for school-age youth (tied to the CDOS requirements in some way) and two for post graduate-age young adults. One Evaluation grantee site as well.  Each site would require broad-based private/public partnerships, focusing on and identifying known job growth sectors in their areas.

4 Transportation Exploring Transportation Projects and Travel Training focusing on: 1.Employment-related travel needs (e.g., addressing the need to get to and from work on fixed, flexible, or off-hours schedules); 2.Addressing needs specific to rural areas that have limited transportation options; and/or 3.General mobility independence - training, education, and outreach for increasing community participation across a broad range of activities and options. This would include transportation providers as well as end-users. 4.Overall shared goal of strengthening linkages between existing mobility management partnerships and scenario-based train-the- trainer travel training initiatives.

5 Benefits Education: Disability Benefits 101 Establish a NYS-specific web-platform ( consisting of benefits education modules, personal scenario calculators, and individual Provides accessible information to individuals with disabilities and their families on: 1.The most current information on state and federal disability benefits – presented using natural language and grounded in real-world situations. 2.Produces an understandable, visual report showing what happens in the very complex relationship between federal and state benefits, income, and employment over time. Based on individual-specific jobs and life situations. 3.Integrated into the NYS Employment Services System (NYESS) and “pushes” DB101 out to the appropriate front-line staff.

6 Bullying Prevention The Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention has been gathering data on the nature, intensity, locations, and types of bullying that are occurring for individuals with developmental disabilities in both school and community settings.  Summer focus groups across the state with: Individuals (both children and adults) with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, Family members of people with disabilities, Friends, classmates and/or coworkers of people with disabilities, People who work with or provide care for people with disabilities outside the immediate family, and Employers of people with disabilities. Need help recruiting businesses!  The information gathered at these meetings will be used to assist us in developing a plan of action to address bullying prevention for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

7 Contact Information: Tyler Spangenberg, Program Planner NYS Developmental Disabilities Planning Council 99 Washington Avenue, 12 th Floor, Suite 1230 Albany, NY 12210 Office: 518-486-7505 Direct: 518-402-3489 Cell: 518-265-6444

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