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My Hometown Ryan Kopycienski Comm. 115 3/1/2012 The Suburbs

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2 My Hometown Ryan Kopycienski Comm. 115 3/1/2012

3 The Suburbs

4 Spread Eagle INN http://www.northamptontownshiphistoricalsoci Richboro/Richborohome.htm http://www.northamptontownshiphistoricals mages/MVC-010S.jpg

5 Richboro-1950’s

6 Now A Part of Richboro 2010 Area of Richboro 2010, same area as picture from previous slide D2D8071DE05D__.jpg

7 Tyler State Park Tyler officially opened on May 25, 1974 under the “Land and Water Conservation and Reclamation Act.” Before becoming a state park, the land was owned by Mr. and Mrs. George F. Tyler who purchased the land between 1919 and 1928. TWINING FORD, SCHOFIELD FORD BRIDGE PA, (shown right) was built in 1874 was destroyed by fire on Oct. 8, 1991 and re-built in Sep. 6,1997. It is located in Tyler State Park and is the longest covered bridge in Bucks County, while also being a county landmark.

8 Tanner Brothers Dairy Farm Tanner Bros. Dairy Farm - a great place to shop for milk, produce, and most importantly... ICE CREAM. The Tanner Family has been in the dairy business since as early as 1890, when Rudolph Tanner would drive his milk delivery route on horse and buggy. Over a hundred years and many gener­a­ tions later, their market has become a staple in the lives of many Bucks County residents. They continue the legacy and the tradition of providing the best dairy and produce to everyone they serve. 84264.jpg mages/left.jpg

9 Where I Grew Up Richboro, A fair and semi-quiet place, Where shops close at nine, People roam without a care, No worries are to be had, From year to year, I salute you Richboro, A quaint place I love.

10 Home Sweet Home My Home


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