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Chapter 10 Atlantic South America

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1 Chapter 10 Atlantic South America
By: Alex, Brice, McKenna, Kristen, Kody, Stef, And Tyler

2 Atlantic South America
Names Brazil Argentina Paraguay Uruguay

3 Vocabulary Worksheet Turn to vocabulary page in your packet.

4 GROUP UP Get into groups of 5
Take your packets, book, and a writing utensil

5 Map Worksheet

6 Physical Features Complete Physical Features on pages 232 to 235

7 Further Research Amazon River The source of the Amazon River
is Lago Villafro in the Andes Mountain, Peru. Because it is so vast it is sometimes Called The River Sea.

8 Further Research Amazon Rain Forest
If deforestation continues, we’ll completely lose the rain forests within the next 40 years. The rainforests are and have been destroyed in the last 100 years to make way for farm land. Today, the rainforests are being destroyed by 1.5 acres every second!

9 Brazil Complete Brazil note taking guide On pages 236 to 240

10 Brazil Exports: Coffee Sugar cane Holiday: Carnival Government:
Federal Republic

11 Brazil Sports: Soccer Current Events/ Key City:
Rio de Janeiro- Olympics 2016

12 Argentina Government Has changed over many years
Has an Informal Economy Still continues to change Holidays Mostly the same as the United States Carnival Christmas New Years Memorial Day Yom Kippur

13 Argentina Culture 40 million people are descendants from Spanish, Italian, or other European settlers 3% of population are Argentine Indians and mestizos Most are Roman Catholic Exports Large ranches and farms exports: Beef Wheat Corn

14 Paraguay and Uruguay Paraguay Uruguay
Claimed by the Spanish in the mid-1830s Independent country after 1811 Speak Spanish, Guarani Beef is their major export Agriculture is an important part of their economy Democratic government Claimed by Portugal in Colonial Era 1825 declared independence from Spain Sells electricity to Brazil and Argentina Democratic government

15 Both Paraguay and Uruguay
Based on last slide fill out Paraguay and Uruguay. Read in book to fill in both area.

16 Test Review Please use all of your notes to study for your Chapter 10 test.

17 *The End*

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