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Million Man March -Maya Angelou Imagery.

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1 Million Man March -Maya Angelou Imagery

2 Theme and Idea The theme of the poem is that black people are coming together to find strength in each other to overcome the oppression by the white people. Showing that they can respect each other and rise about the unjust treatment they still receive. The poem ends with a call for spiritual renewal and a binding together of black people.

3 How do the images relate to these ideas
How do the images relate to these ideas? The spiritual images portray the theme of the black people uniting in spirit and religion. Coming together and sharing their strength. The images of spirit, the references to the “head, “soul” and “heaven”, encourage the black people to band together and unite.

4 Categories. The images used are grouped into a spiritual category because they use language such as “hell”, “soul”, “spirit”. These words have slight religious references relating to the strength of the black peoples souls and their spiritual binding.

5 Mood The mood and tone is hopeful and strengthening, as it is trying to encourage strength within the black people, there is also a sense of motivation as it is encouraging the black people to come together and overcome the oppression they have experienced. The mood is uplifting, inspiring black people to stand up for the rights they deserve.

6 Tone. The tone of this part of the poem is hopeful and enthusiastic about the strength in black people. It is encouraging towards the idea of black people coming together in spirit and bonding.

7 Figurative Language ALLUSION. “stop impostering our own history.”
“history of pain”. The last stanza alludes to the black peoples history of slavery and the previous oppression their ancestors experienced by the white people.

8 METAPHOR. “the hells we have lived through and live through still”. The oppression of black people is compared to “hell” referring to how bad the oppression of their ancestors was and how they still have to live through that oppression.

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