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ASISU FINANCIAL WORKSHOP 2014-2015. ASISU Financial Technician Assistant Tyler Liddle Introductions… 208-282-4588 Mahrika Davis.

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2 ASISU Financial Technician Assistant Tyler Liddle Introductions… 208-282-4588 Mahrika Davis

3 H ANDOUTS Be sure to sign the Training Verification to make sure your club gets credit for coming! Training Verification Important Date Cards Quick Guide to Paying Expenses W9 Memo Request for Payment Forms Incentive Points Requirements Yearly Club Checklist


5 T YPES OF F UNDS Club Accounts C.E.A.S.A.R. Funding New Club Funding Fund-Raising Loan Incentive Funding

6 C LUB A CCOUNTS Money raised by or donated to student organizations Deposited into their campus account Campus account required Can be used at the discretion of club members Cannot purchase alcohol, firearms, or ammunition Exempt status with sufficient financial oversight

7 C.E.A.S.A.R. F UNDING * Initial Deposits Requests accepted during March (Due 3/19/2015) $500 cap subject to funding availability Must attend Financial Workshop, New Officer Training, and host a booth at one Student Organization’s Fair to be eligible * Club Efforts Are Supplemented And Rewarded

8 C.E.A.S.A.R. F UNDING * Matched Funding ASISU will match club fundraising efforts based on a ratio determined by Senate Finance Committee (3:1 Ratio for this year) Apply for matched funds using the Matched Deposit Request Form (available online) $400 max determined for this year June, 26 2015 Deadline… subject to funds available * Club Efforts Are Supplemented And Rewarded


10 N EW C LUB F UNDING Clubs are eligible to apply for New Club Funding if they were organized after the Initial Deposit deadline of the previous year They may also apply if they were inactive the previous year and did not apply for the $500 Initial Deposit Clubs may apply for a maximum of $500 $300 for this year

11 F UND -R AISING L OAN Loan from ASISU to be used for fund- raising activities Must be repaid within 5 business days after the fund-raising activity

12 Q UALIFICATIONS TO A PPLY FOR A F UND -R AISING L OAN Must be chartered, recognized and in good financial standing Must show financial stability for one full year New clubs, or clubs renewing active status, may apply for funds up to $500 Active Clubs may apply for any amount up to $1,000

13 I NCENTIVE F UNDING Money “earned” by clubs Each point will be assigned a dollar amount by dividing the incentive funding for that semester by the total number of points earned. A minimum of 25 points (excluding points from the student organization retreat) will be required to receive an allocation. Deadline: March 27, 2015

14 Activity Categories Include: Club Events Service ASISU Events Any ASISU or ISU Event ISU Athletics Homecoming Events Springfest Events ASISU Student Organization Retreat

15 G ENERAL I NFORMATION All financial transactions are processed in am the Involvement Center (1st floor PSUB) 8am – 5pm Monday - Friday Account balance must be verified before disbursing funds

16 P AYING E XPENSES A Request for Payment (RFP) form must be turned in with two authorized signatures in order to process transactions.

17 These forms can be picked up at the Involvement Center or downloaded from our website Who is authorized to sign?


19 P AYING E XPENSES : D OCUMENTATION Must have original invoices (not Statements) Receipts Original Name of business Must indicate amount paid Return all documentation to the Involvement Center within 5 business days for processing Must pay sales tax unless reselling the items

20 P AYING E XPENSES : Any expense over $200.00 must have Involvement Center approval. All receipts must be turned in 5 business days after transaction.

21 M ETHODS OF P AYMENT Cash Reimbursements Cash Advances University Check Purchasing Card Requisitions On-campus vendors Travel Honorariums (payment to individuals for services)

22 C ASH R EIMBURSEMENTS Bring in Receipts and Request for Payment $200.00 limit on Reimbursements Within 5 business days of transaction Uses Refreshments Supplies Do not use food stamps to pay for items. You will not be reimbursed.

23 C ASH A DVANCES $200.00 limit Receipts and leftover money must be returned within 5 business days Uses Purchases Change funds (cash boxes available to check out in Involvement Center) No more than two outstanding advances at any one time

24 P AYING WITH C ASH : R ESTRICTIONS Cash reimbursements and advances may not be used for: Travel Expenses (including gasoline) Honorariums Payment to departments on Campus Payment’s used with food stamps

25 U NIVERSITY C HECK For reimbursements over $200.00 Request for payment form filled out Name, SS number/Bengal Card Number & address. Will need to sign ISU reimbursement form. W-9 needed for people not in ISU system (ex. Non students and non faculty/staff) If getting reimbursed for prizes (tablets, gift cards, iPods, kindles, Nooks, other cash prizes) a W-9 NEEDS to be filled out by the winners. ISU will not reimburse if there is no w-9.  Very Important

26 U NIVERSITY C HECK All checks take 15 business days to process. Reimbursement checks, travel checks, honorarium checks. Account Director signs, then University Business Officer. Goes to Accounts Payable to be reviewed and processed.

27 P URCHASING C ARD Works just like a VISA Tax exempt! $2,500 transaction limit May not be used for travel, honorariums, or reimbursements Card holder has to make the purchase not the club

28 If you would like to use the purchasing card: Request for Payment Invoice Online Order: Request for Payment Name of website and web address Information of items to be ordered P URCHASING C ARD

29 R EQUISITIONS /P URCHASE O RDERS Requisitions are used when a Purchase Order is to be sent to a vendor for ordering goods or services Reqs are needed for anything costing over $2,500.00 If an invoice is over $500 and cannot be paid with the P-Card, a Req will need to be done.

30 Computers must be bought through the ISU Purchasing Department Capital items over $300 must have an ISU tag Items over $10,000 are subject to the State of Idaho bid process A DDITIONAL I NFORMATION

31 O N -C AMPUS V ENDORS Chartwells Total Copy Center Bookstore Mail Center Alumni House Outdoor Adventure Center Motor Pool Craft Shop Games Center Campus Recreation Scheduling & Events

32 Special forms required for some on-campus vendors Come to the Involvement Center before charging anything to get the details and correct forms You MUST let us know about all expenditures and turn in a completed RFP You MUST charge expenses to these vendors If you pay with cash, we cannot reimburse you! O N -C AMPUS V ENDORS

33 C HARTWELLS Come to the Involvement Center first to make sure you have enough money in your account to cover expenses Make decisions about menu and prices Club menu vs. Catering menu Talk to Chartwells staff at 282-2242

34 T OTAL C OPY C ENTER Come to the Involvement Center first to get correct paperwork and Index Code Go to Total Copy Center and place order Bring receipt to the Involvement Center with the Request for Payment form

35 M OTOR P OOL You may use Motor Pool vehicles when traveling as a club, but are not required to do so Come to Involvement Center for the proper paperwork Drivers license record check authorization form Vehicle use agreement form Motorpool Request Form Sedans, minivans, Gas credit card Club is responsible for $500 deductible Any medical expenses that incur the individual is reasonable for.

36 T RAVEL Cash advances/reimbursements are not used Can pay for trip with own money and get reimbursed upon returning. (15 business days for check) Travel advance can be taken out. Ten days notice needed for advance. No more then 60 days prior to trip. The student cashes the check and pays all the bills. The student receiving the check is responsible for bringing back all receipts. Be sure to bring back receipts within five days of trip If receipts are not returned, a hold will be placed on your personal account

37 T RAVEL - M INUTES ISU requires meeting minutes for travel expenses as documentation. If your club is not recording minutes, get someone to. Minutes are to protect you, the club, and the university. We don’t need minutes turned in with travel paperwork, but we may ask for them anytime and expect you to provide them if asked.

38 T RAVEL Airline Travel Receipt copy Personal car mileage License plate number A receipt showing you went somewhere. Rental car fees and gas Receipts needed Lodging Receipt with zero balance Per Diem (Meals, Tips) No receipts needed Registration Receipt showing amount paid Ground Transportation (taxi, buses, shuttle) Receipts needed Receipts needed upon return:

39 H ONORARIUMS Honorariums are payments to : Speakers Artists Guest instructors Sports officials Dance D.J.s Anyone else performing some type of service

40 If speaker is part of the University, we must pay them though the payroll system. Faculty Staff Students If the payee is not currently signed up with payroll, we have the paperwork. H ONORARIUMS

41 University Check (15 business days to process) Those not employees or students at ISU Guest speakers, instructors, etc. Include all expenses in the honorarium check Travel Meals Lodging Fee With ADVANCE notice and all proper paperwork filled out, a check can be prepared for you to present at the time of your event. Otherwise, the check will be mailed afterwards(15 business days prior to event) H ONORARIUMS

42 We need the following info & forms: W-9 Full name Home address Social Security number Signed Independent Contractor Payment Request Request for Payment showing amount to be paid Date and description of service performed Signed contract if paying $1,000.00 or more H ONORARIUMS

43 Again, all expenses must be included in one fee. SO….if you are paying the speaker $500.00 + travel costs, it all has to be one amount. Don’t break down the amounts to be paid. If paying $500 for speaker fee and $250.00 for travel expenses, the honorarium fee paid will be $750.00. No receipts needed, just the W-9, signed independent contractor payment form, and request for payment. H ONORARIUMS


45 C ONFLICT OF I NTEREST The Idaho State Board of Education gives the following in its policies and procedures: conflict of interest occurs when a person's private interests compete with his or her professional obligations to the Board-governed entity to a degree that an independent observer might reasonably question whether the person's professional actions or decisions are materially affected by personal considerations, including but not limited to personal gain, financial or otherwise. ISU is considered a Board-governed entity To avoid a conflict of interest, please do not purchase items for your club from immediate family or close friends The State of Idaho has ruled that all monies which flow through the University are subject to Idaho State spending guidelines. All funds deposited with the University, regardless of source, are University funds and must be handled in accordance with University policy

46 D EPOSITS Deposit all funds at the Involvement Center on the 1 st Floor of the Student Union Building

47 D EPOSITS Bring all cash and checks to the Involvement Center Credit cards are not accepted Make timely deposits Checks are only good for 90 days Do not pay expenses from cash deposits On-campus departments can transfer money directly to your club account

48 D EPOSITS & S ALES T AX Garage sales Admissions T-shirt sales Welcome/Finals basket sales Space Rentals Class notes sales Food sales Book sales Other merchandise sales You must remit sales tax from certain fundraisers: Idaho Sales Tax is 6%

49 S ALES T AX You may include sales tax in purchase price of the item and we will separate the proper amount at the time of deposit ISU will complete all sales tax returns for clubs

50 C LUB T RANSACTION R EPORT Reports are available upon request in the Involvement Center

51 Check your club mailbox regularly Get a W-9 for winners of cash prizes and raffle wins Original receipts for all transactions Inventive Points Due March 27, 2015 by 5pm Initial Deposit Request Forms Due March 19, 2015 by 5pm D ON ’ T F ORGET :


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