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UNWIND Book By: Neal Shuster man Copyright Date : 2007 Young Adult Fiction Esther F.

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2 UNWIND Book By: Neal Shuster man Copyright Date : 2007 Young Adult Fiction Esther F.

3 SETTING  Unwind takes place in the future where the act of abortion(the termination of pregnancy) is illegal. Instead, the society comes up with unwinding. Children between the ages of 13 and 18 years old can be unwound-taken to "harvest camps" and having their body parts harvested for later use. The characters in Unwind goes to different places, but the main places is the Graveyard. The Graveyard is an abandoned airfield where there are tons of abandoned aircrafts which the unwinds stay in. Unwinds stay till age 18, the age when kids are free of unwinding.

4 CHARACTERS Character Names Physical Characteristics Adjectives of Personality Text Evidence /Explanation of Adjectives Conner Michael Lassiter 1) 16 years old1) Short- tempered 1) “ If I ever see Lev again … he’ll be torn into pieces.” 2) Fights2)Sarcastic2 “ Nice socks.” 3) The Akron AWOL 3) Daring3) “ I can decide what I want and when I want for myself.” Risa Meghan Ward 1) 15 years old1) Patient1) She was patient in Sonia's basement waiting for the truck. 2) Ward of State2) Caring2) Took care of a baby when she was roaming around. 3) Medic3) Amiable 3) She was friendly to everyone in the book unless they annoyed her

5 CONFLICT  The conflict of the whole book was man vs. society because Conner, Risa, and Lev were all trying to run away from unwinding, JuveyCops, and the people who knows them. Lev had to run away with a boy named CyTy who called him Fry. CyTy is an umber boy and has the temporal lobe of an unwind called Tyler. CyTy has the conflict man vs. man because Tyler does not know that he is in CyTy and Tyler wants to go to Joplin, Missouri to beg his parents not to unwind him even though he already is. CyTy goes insane and starts to steal stuff and teaches Lev to steal stuff to.

6 SUMMARY OF PLOT  Conner Lassiter was getting unwind and the next day, his family is going to the Bahamas. Lev Calder was being tithed for God. And Risa Ward, since of StaHo expenses, was getting unwound with other kids. While Conner runs away, he causes a traffic jam and grabs Lev to protect himself from tranquilizer bullets. Risa runs away with him, Lev was carried on Conner's shoulder. All three tries to survive and on their journey they come upon the Graveyard, an abandoned airfield where they meet other unwinds. Together, they face the bully, Roland, and get captured to go to harvest camps. Becoming a clapper, Lev and his fellow bombers try's to blow up the Chop Shop while Conner was on his way to be unwound. As the building blows up, Risa falls down from above the building. At the end, all three survive.

7 THEME “Life is worth more then money.”  Text Evidence 1: “Running away is the only way to save my life.” (pg.9)  Text Evidence 2: “Dying is a little bit more than a ‘change’!”  (pg.23)  Text Evidence 3 “ Funny, but the Bill of Life was supposed to protect the sanctity of life. Instead it just made life cheap.” (pg.53)

8 POINT OF VIEW  This book was written in third person omniscient. This helps the reader get all the characters feelings instead of just one. If this book was written in first person, you would only get to know about the one character’s opinions, thoughts and emotion.

9  I chose this because I think the act of killing is wrong. This symbol shows that life is precious. Conner, Risa and Lev was all trying to run away from being killed. Conner remembers when an unwanted baby was found on his doorstep and how his family and other families passed around the baby till it reappeared on his doorstep, sick. He watched the baby die and thought about how its mother abandoned the baby and how wrong it was of all the families to pass around a baby like a toy. SYMBOLISM Take my hand, not my life. Why?

10 RECOMMENDATION  I recommend for everyone to read this book because this book is very exciting and also kind of creepy. Book 2 also is a good book and everyone should read it too.  Book 3, Unstrung, is said to be coming out in 2013

11 DEFINITIONS  AWOL - Military term meaning "absent without leave." Used in the novel to describe runaway Unwinds.  Bill of Life - The legislative bill signed after the Heartland War, which made abortion illegal but establishes unwinding and storking as acceptable.  Clappers - Evolution of suicide bombers. A clapper has chemicals injected into their bloodstream that can be detonated by clapping.  Graveyard - A place where planes are scrapped. In the novel, Unwinds hide there until they turn 18 and are safe from unwinding.  Harvest Camp - Camps where large numbers of Unwinds go to be "harvested".  Sienna - Light-skinned  StaHo - Abbreviated version of "state home," which is a state-run orphanage.  Storking - Leaving a child on a doorstep to be raised by another family. If someone is caught storking a child they must keep the child, but if they aren't then the family who finds the child must keep it.  Tithe - A holy offering of 10% of a family's holdings, including children. In Unwind, tithes are bor n knowing that they are going to be unwound as soon as they come of a  AWOL - Military term meaning "absent without leave." Used in the novel to describe runaway Unwinds.

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