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Tyler Allison Founder, AllisonHouse LLC President, Spotter Network Inc (NFP)

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1 Tyler Allison Founder, AllisonHouse LLC President, Spotter Network Inc (NFP)


3  Pick your own definition  Since storms are mobile, the effective spotter is also mobile  If you can not be safe while mobile, stay home. You can still be useful!

4  The best technology to have is an education SKYWARN training Books College of DuPage, IL Storm Chasing Class Online Training programs ( You better be able to look at the sky and know what is going on!

5  Transportation  Road Side / Safety Equipment  Ham Radio

6  Lightbars  Armor Plating

7  Knowing where you are  Getting reliable information  Capturing the event  Reporting the event

8  Paper Maps ($10)  GPS ($30-$300) Stay away from DeLorme, look for native NMEA Puck or Full size?  Mapping Software DeLorme Street Atlas Microsoft Streets & Trips Embedded Google Maps (iPad, iPhone, etc)

9  Microsoft Windows is still king…sorry Apple  What about a "netbook“? ($300+)  iPhone? Android? iPad?  Laptop Mount (RAM)

10 Radar Data  Gibson Ridge-GR3/GR2/GRAE/GRE ($80-$250)  Storm Lab v4 ($75 - $140)  Radar Scope (iPhone/iPad, $10) Misc  Franson / GpsGate ($40) for splitting one GPS among multiple software applications at the same time

11  Choices GRLevel3 ($80 one-time license) GRLevel2 ($80 one-time license) GRLevel2/AE ($250 one-time license) GREarth ($180/year subscription)

12  Everyone should own GR3. It’s the industry standard for radar software.  Better than your local TV station  Used by 99% of chasers  Supports custom feeds

13  Not for use by mobile users. You will be highly disappointed  Intended for in-depth radar analysis  Best available radar resolution  Supports custom feeds  AE can do 3D

14  Not for use by mobile users. It’s usable, but you will be disappointed  Intended for in-depth synoptic scale analysis, now-casting and near term forecasting


16  Supports L2 and L3 data in same app  Supports a few custom feeds  Compares to GR2/3

17 ( Disclaimer, I own the company)  FREE is Good, but usually “best effort”  If you can afford it ($10-$25/m) get data from a company who’s entire job is getting you reliable data

18 You will need Internet access, typically a cell phone  Either a dedicated card or “tethering” Typically “tethering” means you can not call at the same time you are surfing….but that’s changing  In car WiFi ($300-$500) Router + Cell phone card AutoNet  Integrated iPad Netbook

19 Unless you are near a big city, or near an Interstate don’t expect to have good cell phone coverage  Remember those paper maps?  Cellphone Booster Wired vs Wireless ($200-$400)  External Antenna Experience says go with the Wilson “Trucker” antenna ($50)

20  Mobile Web Cams / Streaming Online Low end/budget camera that has “always on” capability Severe Studios - or - ChaserTV  Video Camera Most important spec is 4 lux or lower (minimum illumination) HD + widescreen is a must now Tripod is a must with HD  reasonably priced examples SONY XR350V ($900) SONY HDR-CX150 ($550)  Pocket Camera? In 720p HD they work great That’s what I use


22 Most folks use DSLRs  Nikon D90 ($1000 new)  Canon EOS-20D ($300 used)  You should care about the lens I own a 75-300mm and 18-55mm (stock) If you only want one lens buy an 18-270mm ($700) Think about renting first

23  Can not be done at scientific level for under $1000  Scientists require repeatability and consistency  Do you value your car?

24  Must be done right, or not worth doing unless you just like the look on your car

25  Measured wind is best when you report  Temperature, humidity, pressure are not used unless scientifically collected  So spend $75 and get a Kestrel instead

26  You got there…  You are in position…  You are recording it…  There has got to be more to it right?

27  Use the Spotter Network if you have Internet connectivity (  13,000+ members  Standardized Training  Integrated with NWS eSpotter NWSChat Place Files / Google Maps & Earth  Integrated with just about everything spotter related  Quality Controlled

28  NWS phone # provided  Accurate GPS cords  Nearest Cities  Contact info The NWS might call you!

29 Tyler Allison Founder, AllisonHouse LLC President, Spotter Network Inc (NFP)

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