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CGES 2 nd & 3 rd Grade Rooms 6 & 13 WOODROW WILSON *Woodrow Wilson was born in 1856. *He also died in 1924. *Woodrow Wilson was born in Staunton, Virginia.

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2 CGES 2 nd & 3 rd Grade Rooms 6 & 13

3 WOODROW WILSON *Woodrow Wilson was born in 1856. *He also died in 1924. *Woodrow Wilson was born in Staunton, Virginia

4 MORE ABOUT WOODROW WILSON Years in office: 1913- 1921 He is famous for winning the Nobel prize for his peace making efforts and also for leading America through world war 1. Famous quote: “Absolute identity with someone`s cause is the first and great condition of successful leadership.” Carley and Zoe

5  This is Benjamin Harrison  He was born in North Bend, Ohio  He was born August 20,1833  He died after 1 month of service due to pneumonia  Died March 13,1901

6  “His famous quote was great lives never go out they on!”

7 born: 1843 September 14 died: 1901 where born: Niles Ohio

8  Famous for: He led the nation to victory in 100 days in the Spanish- American War.  By the late 1870’s, McKinley had become a national Republican leader.  quote: “In the time of darkness defeat, victory may be nearest.”

9  Born- March 29, 1790  Died- January 18, 1862  Greenway, Virginia Charles way  His house

10  Years in office-1841-1845  John Tyler is famous for  -He was the first vice president  -He made some of the state rights John Tyler

11 born-1913 California Died-1994

12 EEnded fighting at Vietnam HHelped astronauts reach the moon WWent through impeachment  “A man is not finished when he is defeated he is finished when he is quits.”


14  President born: Akrkansas 1946  In office: 8 years  Famous for: Animals and food

15  Born- December 5, 1782  Died- July 24, 1862  Where Born- Kinderhook, New York

16 Years in office- 8 years He is famous for Martin got kicked out of being president Martin won the white house on himself in 1836. “The less government interferes with private per suites, the better for general prosperity. “


18 YYears in office: March,19 1929 to March,19 1933 HHerbert Hoover is famous for : signing the national anthem to make it a song and in 1933 he became leading conservative spokesman in opinion to the regain policy of the new appeal. AA famous quote from the president is: “Children are our most valuable resource.”

19  .Jimmy Carter was born October 1,1924 in Plains, Georgia .He was married to Rosalynn Smith Carter .Jimmy Carter was 39 president

20 .Jimmy Carters years in office was 1977-1981 .He was famous for winning a 2002 Nobel peace prize and as 2008 Carter is second oldest living former president. .”His famous quote To be true to ourselves We must be true to others.”  By Caitlin and Ian

21 Johns Quincy Adams information

22 Born:July11,1767 Died:February23,1848 Where he was born : Brain tree, MA How long he was president : 1825-1829 Two things he’s famous for : he is famous for being the sixth president and for speeches and publications. Quote : “America does not go abroad of monsters to destroy.”

23 Gerald Ford the president  Gerald Ford  Gerald Ford was born in Nebraska July 14 1913.  Gerald Ford died dec 26 2006  Gerald Ford lived in the office for 3 years.  Gerald Ford was the first president to pardon a former president.  Ford was the first president to do a full report of his medical check up. The constitution is the bedrock of all of our freedoms


25 He was in office for four years! He is famous for being the President during September 11, and lowering taxes!


27  Harry S Truman was born on May 8 th, 1884 and he died on December 26, 1672.  He was born in Lamar, Missouri. He was president from 1945-1953.  He was famous for leading the United States through the end of world War II. Another is when the United States entered World War I in 1917 he rejoined the Missouri National Guard.  A famous Quote from him is “The best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and advise them to do it.”


29 Theodore Roosevelt  Born:1858 October 27  Died: 1919 January 6  Born at: New York City

30 Theodore Roosevelt  Office : 1901-1909  Famous for: the first president to fly in an airplane. Getting named after a teddy bear  A famous Quote: “Aggressive fighting for the right is the greatest sport in the war.”  MARA & Emma


32 GEORGE WASHINGTON George Washington years in office were from 1789-1797. 2 things George Washington was famous for are He defeated the British in the American revolution. He was the leader of the continental army One of the famous quotes he said was few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.

33 Born on July 4,1872 Born at Plymouth, Vermont He died on January5, 1933

34  Famous for saying so little that a white house dinner guest made a bet that she could get the president of wager. His reply was : “You lose.”

35 Andrew Jackson  Andrew Jackson was born on the day of March 15, 1767.  He died on June 8,1845  He was born in South Carolina

36 Andrew Jackson was in office for eight years. He was famous for a 2 term president and is on 20$ bills. Every truth is easy to find when you know what they mean he would say.

37 Grover cleveland By clay stambaugh He was born at 1837. He died on 1908. He live at caldwell, new jersey

38 Gover cleveland He was in office for 4 years He was famous for being president two times. He worked for the Rogers for three years. “I laugh, I cry I, hurt, I need, I fear, and I know you do the same thing too, so were really not that different.”

39  Born August 4,1961  He is still living  Hometown Hawii  Years in office 4  Famous for being the first African American President. “I don’t oppose all wars. What I am oppose to is dumb wars. What I am opposed to is rash wars.”


41 Grover Cleveland born March18,1837 Died June 24, 1908 Born at Caldwell, New Jersey

42 More about Grover Cleveland  Years in office was 1885-1889 and 1893-1897  A government for the people must depend for success on intelligence.  After an existence of nearly 20 years of almost innocuous desuetude these laws are brought fourth.  A truly American sentiment recognizes the dignity labor and fact that honor lies in honest toil.

43 Beau Dylan Connor Owen Blake Promise Issac Olivia Charlie Chase Jarah Brent George Jack Ian James Rylee Shayla Jaycee Emma Raef Carly Shelby Sahil

44  Spencer  Mara  Lexi  Sophie  Catlin  Kris  Mitchell  Roman  Kylie  Bella  Anthony  Sarah  Eli  Katie  Kayla  Dominic  Zoe  Clay  Alex  Nolin  Allie  Caleb

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