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By Tyler Holt. At Glance Ebay China Taobao Major Issues Case Questions Quiz Outline.

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1 By Tyler Holt

2 At Glance Ebay China Taobao Major Issues Case Questions Quiz Outline

3 At a Glance CEO- Jack Ma May 2003 launched Taobao Ebay held 70% of market share 2008 eBay bowed out of market Taobao held 80% of market share

4 The Birth of China’s Online C2C Market Slow start due to low Internet penetration rate Lack of norms and laws supporting online exchange Technological and financial infrastructures needed for online auctions not in place

5 The Birth of China’s Online C2C Market Fraud was rampant Lacked comprehensive online payment system Mainly debit cards specific to each city Lack of credit system Banks hesitant about issuing credit cards

6 In 2001 Bank of America and China Construction Bank issued credit cards through online application China UnionPay- single card processing system 1995- 14 million bank cards 2008- 1.6 billion bank cards

7 The Rise of 1999 many internet B2C shopping sites started:

8 The Rise of Founded in 1999 by Bo Shao and Haiyin Tan MBAs inspired by Ebay Major difficulty= customers trading in person

9 The Rise of Problem- payment processing Cash-on-delivery system Partnerships with major banks to encourage credit card use Escrow and “paypal” used but abandoned early on

10 The Rise of Attempted to earn profits- Switch from free service to pay for listing Auctions dropped dramatically Ebay approached in 2001 A new approach to Asian expansion Used eBay market principles eBay paid $180 million in 2003 for

11 eBay China 1995 as experiment by Pierre Omidyar 1998 went public, worth billions By 2001 expanded to Europe, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Korea, Japan Lost Japan in 2001 Announced entry into China

12 Leveraging eBay’s Global Strategy and Organization Use world-wide capabilities to compete High-ranking executives to lead eBay China Servers moved from China to Silicon Valley Long-term sustainability Regional layer- eBay Asia

13 Taobao Rivals eBay China Jack Ma- founder of, B2B College english teacher-China’s earliest Internet pioneer No Knowledge of computers Found out about internet during visit to US 1999 founded 2002 leading B2B Chinese website

14 Taobao Rivals eBay China Saw eBay as serious threat early Lots of government support Launched Taobao as a way of cutting off eBay Secretly started Taobao “searching for treasure” $12 million investment from Alibaba to Taobao

15 Taobao Rivals eBay China Worker ant mascot- unite and fight to the end 2004 eBay still saw Taobao as a fledgling company “….shark in the ocean, but we are a crocodile in the Yangtze” Help from Masayoshi Son of Softbank from Japan

16 Competing for Customers eBay bought exclusive ad rights to major websites Taobao used grassroots computer bulletin board services (BBS) “They have deep pockets, but we will cut a hole in their pockets”

17 Competing for Customers Fee-free service Used typical Chinese department store structure Sense of community Instant messaging service, full contact information

18 Competing in Payment Services “An Fu Tong”- Secure Pay, built on Eachnet payment and escrow services. Similar to Paypal eBay bought Paypal in 2003 Paypal scrutinized by government- no international transactions or flexible credit An Fu Tong and Paypal led to confusion

19 Competing in Payment Services “Alipay”- provided escrow and help with transportation 2005- 79% of listings for Taobao accepted Alipay 21% of listings for eBay accepted online payment

20 Competing for Partnerships Taobao partnered with Sohu (leading portal website) MSN China chose Taobao rather than eBay for shopping channel eBay partnered with Global resources (international trade information provider)

21 The Problem of Counterfeit Merchandise Market flooded with counterfeit products- clothing and accessories Government defended Taobao from seller fraud eBay vulnerable to sellers committing fraud

22 The Endgame Taobao flexible and fast to respond to users eBay bogged down by global platform complexity 2005-2006 eBay replaced CEO several times Tried several partnerships

23 The Endgame Paid $40 million to Tom online to take control of eBay China Renamed Eachnet and entirely cut off in 2007 designated to international trade domestic C2C

24 Becoming a Profitable Company 2006 Fee-based service New product PR disaster Asked for vote from customers 2008 “Mall of Brands” B2C Entirely fee-based

25 Where they are now Taobao- 2009- advertising revenues $220 million 2010- advertising revenues >$765 million eBay- Partnered with three Chinese manufacturing giants Breo- professional healthcare products Kwong Pontus Telecom and Techno Company- communication electronics products Aigo- digital and electronic equipment

26 Major Issues Fraud Lack of integrated banking system Competition for customers Competition for payment services Competition for partnerships Counterfeit merchandise

27 Would you have started Taobao as non-fee based? What factors should eBay have paid more attention to? What were the critical errors that eBay made?

28 Quiz What profession was Jack Ma when he started

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