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2 BRANDING UT TYLER LOGO The UT Tyler Logo is the university’s public brand. The only sanctioned logotype is the UT Tyler logo. UT Tyler Brand Identity Guidelines must be followed at all times. UT Tyler logo may only appear in orange and white, Pantone color 159. Logos may not be altered in any way. No other logo can be developed to distinguish a unit. Logo usage is to be requested by the Office of Marketing and Communications:

3 UNIVERSITY NAME University Name The correct use for the name of the institution in all printed and web materials is: The University of Texas at Tyler (correct) never: The University of Texas-Tyler (incorrect) never: The University of Texas in Tyler (incorrect) never: The University of Texas, Tyler (incorrect) The letter t is always capitalized in the word The, not the University of Texas at Tyler. The full name is used in first reference. Subsequent references may be abbreviated using: UT Tyler (correct) never: UTT (incorrect) never: UT at Tyler (incorrect) never: UT-Tyler (incorrect) never: UT (incorrect) ALSO: “university” should not be capitalized when referring to “the university” such as: The university will be open on Saturday.

4 OU CAMPUS Staging Server - Where users update content before published to UT Tyler server. Copy of PHP files are kept on staging server. Production Server - Where UT Tyler website is housed. Images, and files such as PDF’s are housed.


6 WEB PUBLISHING STANDARDS The purpose of Web Policies & Standards is to assist Web site creators in professionally and consistently representing UT Tyler on the Web. Each is to comply with all elements of the UT Tyler Web Policies & Standards. It is the responsibility of each department to become familiar with and follow the Web Publishing standards. Failing to comply with the UT Tyler Web Policies & Standards could result in department files removed from the UT Tyler webserver.




10 LOGGING IN Navigate to the page you wish to update

11 LOGGING IN Scroll to the bottom of the page Click on the copyright symbol

12 LOGGING IN Log in with your USER ID and PASSWORD you use Every Day on your computer Also pay attention to any updates to the right of the log-in screen

13 LOGGING IN Select the GREEN button to make your updates REMEMBER: Left-side menu bar updates are sent to

14 EDITING PAGES Make any edits needed in the text area. Use the tool bar to add links, images, check spelling, etc. Do not remove the Headers (Top orange and blue headers)

15 EDITING PAGES Correct When editing content, do not let extra space take over your page. Keep content left-aligned. Avoid erroneous bold tags and capitalization. Incorrect

16 TOOLBAR The tool bar is basically the same as on the previous server.

17 ADDING LINKS Highlight the content you wish to add the link. Select Insert/Edit link.

18 BULLETED LISTS Use lists to organize pages for easy scanning and reading. Do not organize bullets without using the bullet list tabs. CORRECT: INCORRECT:

19 BULLETED NUMBERED LISTS Use numbered lists to organize with numbers. Do not organize with numbers not using numbered lists. CORRECT: INCORRECT:

20 TOOLBAR Adding Bulleted Lists CorrectIncorrect If your bulleted list has too much space, You need to go back and edit.

21 ADDING LINKS Select “browse” Select Insert/Edit link.

22 TOOLBAR Toggle Spellcheck On and Off to Check Spelling

23 ADDING LINKS Select “insert” Your link is added!

24 ADDING EMAIL LINKS Highlight your email link. Select “create or modify Mailto Link” Add in your email link, select “insert/update”

25 NAVIGATION The navigation is set up to work throughout your site. The drop-down menu allows the user to navigate to anywhere within your site from any page. The UT Tyler Web Team coordinates and updates the navigation section for your department. To update left-side nav, email

26 UPDATING/ADDING PDF’S Adding a PDF: Insert link, browse, upload

27 UPDATING/ADDING PDF’S Updating a PDF: Insert link, browse, upload

28 UPDATING/ADDING PDF’S To REPLACE a current PDF: ALWAYS replace PDF. Never add the same PDF with a new file name.This causes duplicate PDFs to show up in the search engine and can cause users to find the incorrect information.

29 UPDATING PDF’S UT Tyler Web Standards PDFs now have generic file names and are to be replaced. IMPORTANT: When uploading and updating PDFs to your website, ALWAYS re-name PDFs to the SAME file name given to your PDF files. Do not leave old documents on the web server and upload a new file with a different file name. Old PDF files are left in search engines – students find the WRONG information when PDFs are not replaced. Links across the web linking to your PD’s BREAK when you change your file name. Old PDF files take up extra storage space on the server. EXAMPLE: Correct: committee.pdf incorrect: committee revised 2012.pdf File names should not have spaces in the name. Delete ALL unused files from the web server. HELPFUL HINT: Rename WORD documents to PDF documents and correct any links. This will help all documents show up on all systems.

30 PUBLISHING PAGES SEND FOR APPROVAL New users in OU Campus along with student workers/student assistants will use the “send for approval” button to publish pages. After you select “send for approval”, write a brief message about the changes made.

31 PUBLISHING PAGES PUBLISH To publish a page to your website, select the “publish” button. Use the Final Check options to run Spell Check and Link Check, then “publish”. Use the “View in new Window” or “View in this Window” link to doublecheck your page.

32 SEND FOR REVIEW Select “Send to User”. Find the user you wish to send the page to. Write a subject and message for the user. Select "external email“, send. This option is good for having a member of the web team review your content, or sending content to a member of your department for review.

33 USABILITY/ACCESSIBILITY Correct Way to Add Links to a Page For usability and accessibility purposes, links should be Incorrect Correct

34 STYLE USABILITY/ACCESSIBILITY Correct: Incorrect: Avoid: Erroneous bold Underlined text not a hyperlink Centered text, colored text “click-here” type links Overuse of exclamation. Use: Call-to-action links

35 IMAGES TOP IMAGE ROTATOR OR SIDE IMAGE ROTATOR Rotating Images will be set up for your department. The UT Tyler Web Team will work with you to coordinate the images. You may send images to the Web Team to add to the rotator at any time. If you wish to have images deleted from the rotator, email

36 IMAGES IMAGE SLIDER Slider rotators can be set up for your department front page. The UT Tyler Web Team will work with you to coordinate the images and the text. You may send images to the Web Team to add to the slider at any time. We can set you up to edit the slider.

37 IMAGES UPLOADING IMAGES YOUR IMAGE DIRECTORY You are set up with an image directory to upload images for your site. This will allow you to upload pictures for your own use. You will be taken directly into your folder: sites/new- site/images/users/your- directory This is where you store your images. You upload more images or create more folders from here.


39 VIDEO If you have video to place on your site, the Web Team can add this section to your site. The Web Team will work with you to update your video as needed. Email






45 WRITING FOR THE WEB The Number 1 mistake made on a website according to “” is designers are designing sites for themselves, not the reader. Nobody cares about all the content you can place on your site. Our readers want/need information. Future Students. Current Students. Parents. They want/need to be part of a community. Alumni. Community Members. Parents. A website is about solving a visitors problem. When adding content, think about this What problem am I solving with the information I am adding to this page?

46 OU CAMPUS Proofread and Test BEFORE you publish Use “Final Publish” in OU before publishing your site to Check Links Check Spelling Check 508 Accessibility Shorten and Strengthen Sentences Identify your Audience Make your Site Accessible to Everyone It is the responsibility of OU Campus users to make sure all links are accurate.


48 CREATING A NEW PAGE Complete all boxes, following guidelines on right side. Don’t miss any steps. You can use the “content” section to fill out the body of your page. Select “Create” to go to the “WYSIWYG” editor to make any changes needed.

49 Pay attention to the instructions on the right. Do not miss ANY boxes! Pay special attention to the Default Page Title. Each box is important for Search Engine placement. Name the page with small letters NO spaces. You may uses dashes. Example:: academic-programs.php

50 CREATING A NEW PAGE After you select “create”, you may edit your page further.




54 COMING SOON OU V.10 Some of the awesome features: Dashboard with “inbox”, “Current checked-out pages”, “recent activity”. More space on the desktop. Easy to access drop-downs Easily editable images Drag and drop files Gadgets

55 DISCUSSION Thank you and I look forward to working with you on your new site. Robin Kelly #5061


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