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John J. Pershing American Expeditionary Force Black Jack Wanted AEF independence.

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1 John J. Pershing American Expeditionary Force Black Jack Wanted AEF independence

2 Battle of Cantigny May 28, 1918May 28, 1918 1st American Offensive of WWI1st American Offensive of WWI Robert Lee BullardRobert Lee Bullard French (Tyler) AssistanceFrench (Tyler) Assistance Allied VictoryAllied Victory Minor successMinor success

3 Battle of Belleau Wood June 1-26, 1918June 1-26, 1918 Germany (Jackie) outnumberedGermany (Jackie) outnumbered US (Mason) repeatedly pushed back Germany (Jackie)US (Mason) repeatedly pushed back Germany (Jackie) Marine casualty recordMarine casualty record Allied VictoryAllied Victory

4 Battle of Château-Thierry June 3-4, 1918 Germany (Jackie) crossed Marne 3 rd Division & France (Tyler) pushed back Germany (Jackie) Turning point Allied Victory

5 Second Battle of the Somme March 21- April 5, 1918 Battle of Saint Quentin German (Jackie) offensive to capture Amiens German (Jackie) success Major Allied counteroffensive March 30 British (Michael) – first use of modern tank Allied Victory

6 Battle of Saint Mihiel September 12-19, 1918 1st major US independent offensive German (Jackie) retreat from salient French (Tyler) backup Allied Victory Pershing

7 Meuse-Argonne Offensive September 26-November 11, 1918 Biggest AEF Battle of WWI Pershing w/French (Tyler) Gained little by October Cleared Argonne by November Ended w/Armistice Allied Victory Lost Battalion Huge loss of African-American (Mason) troops

8 Other Major Battles Third Battle of the Aisne Battle of Amiens Battle of Belleau Wood Battle of Blanc Mont Ridge Grand Offensive Battle of Hamel Second Battle of the Marne Battle of the Sambre (1918) Battle of Soissons (1918) Spring Offensive Battle of St. Quentin Canal Battle of Vittorio Veneto

9 The Triple Alliance Germany(Jackie) Austria-Hungary(Emily) Italy(Michael)

10 The Triple Entente Great Britain (Kaitlyn) Russia (Cortney) France (Tyler) Balance of Power

11 Alliance Problems Countries took sides No trust A cause of war

12 Control Powers Germany (Jackie) – most powerful Austria-Hungary (Emily) Bulgaria Ottoman Empire (Mrs. Bryan) (Turkey)

13 Allied Powers Great Britain (Kaitlyn) Italy(Michael)(1915) – former German ally Russia(Cortney) until 1917 – Bolshevik Revolution US(Mason)(1917) Japan(Sarah) Australia, Belgium, Canada, British/French colonies, Greece, India, Montenegro, New Zealand, Serbia, South Africa, French N. Africa, Portugal, Romania

14 Sources SanYSuMytFHx7- cI55pF9RTqOc4NBMhY1k9mJKJKGAKa1ewlncku*EDik SYTk8M-VWo0R/11.1.pdf SanYSuMytFHx7- cI55pF9RTqOc4NBMhY1k9mJKJKGAKa1ewlncku*EDik SYTk8M-VWo0R/11.1.pdf ateau+thierry&d=/battles_chateau_thierry1918.html ateau+thierry&d=/battles_chateau_thierry1918.html refid=761567029 refid=761567029

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