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By Eve Bunting Group Members: Tessa, Tyler, Carolin, and Kirsten Tessa.

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1 By Eve Bunting Group Members: Tessa, Tyler, Carolin, and Kirsten Tessa

2 Eve was born in Maghera, Northern Ireland. She has a husband and three children. Eve Bunting has received many awards, including the Golden Kite Award from the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Eve Bunting is a children’s author. Some books she has written are Too Many Monsters, Fly Away Home, My Robot, and Oh Rick. Carolin

3 Barry and Mr. Scollins get on the Titanic and get shown their first class room! They go to dinner and at there table is a little girl. In the middle of the meal she starts crying because she missed her dad. She ran off to her room, after she was gone Barry saw a handkerchief that belonged to her. Barry took it to her room. Kirsten

4 Two of the passengers go to the captain because they think there are not enough lifeboats. One night Barry goes for a walk with Pegeen and all of a sudden they here a scraping noise. They go and check it out to find a ice berg at the side of the ship. Pegeen tries to get off the ship but there were no lifeboats left so Barry pushed her over the side and followed her. In the morning another came and saved them!!! Kirsten

5 The ice-berg that hit the Titanic most likely came from Greenland. Warm weather caused huge chunks of ice from Greenland's glaciers to break off. Kirsten

6 Did you know the Titanic took 3 whole years to build!! A group of over 12,500 men worked on it! The “Titanic” was built from 1909-1912. The cost for the making of the Titanic was $7.5 million dollars! Tyler

7 The Titanic’s length, width, and weight The Titanic was absolutely huge in fact it was 269 m long, 28m wide and weighed a total of 29,120 tons!! The titanic had 3 anchors weighing a total of 35 tons and the each chain weighed a whacking 175 tons! Tyler

8 Did you know the R.M.S. titanic’s food stores and equipment included 11,000 lb fresh fish, 1,000 bottles of wine, and 12,000 dinner plates ? Carolin

9 Interesting fact: The total worth of the cargo on board the Titanic was $420,000, or about $6.7 million today. 45,000 table napkins, 40,000 towels, 5 grand pianos, and 3,560 life jackets. Carolin

10 Only one lifeboat returned to the wreckage to look for survivors. NOT ENOUGH LIFEBOATS!! The Titanic only contained 16 lifeboats and 4 collapsible boats. There was only enough room for half the 2,200 people on board. Carolin

11 Captain of the Titanic, Edward J. Smith made the mistake of trying to set a record of getting across the North Atlantic Ocean and was going as fast as 22 knots! It was dark outside and his crew wasn’t paying good attention. Once they saw that the iceberg was coming straight at them, the crew immediately ordered the titanic to move off course. How the Titanic Sank Tyler

12 But they were to late and the Titanic hit the iceberg and it began to sink. The bow went under water first, and eventually that half of the ship broke off and sank 250 miles under water. The stern was floating on the water for a little while until it sank under water like the stern bow. Page 2, On How the Titanic Sank Tyler

13 Third-class cabins, Morse lamp, Swimming pool, First- class staterooms, Gymnasium, First-class lounge, First-class dining saloon, Second-class cabins, Second-class dining saloon, and the poop deck. Did you know there were 2228 people on the Titanic? Did you know there was 192 Rooms in the Titanic? Tessa

14 The Captain of the Titanic name was Captain Edward John Smith. He was born in 1850, in England. He had one daughter. Smith lived in England, in a large red brick house with his family. Tessa

15 Movies Some Titanic movies are S.O.S Titanic, A Night to Remember, Saved from the Titanic, History is Made at Night, and lots of other exciting movies about the Titanic’s wild adventure. Tyler

16 Kirsten

17 Bibliography We used books such as… You Wouldn’t Want to Sail on the Titanic by David Stewart Exploring The Titanic by Robert D. Ballard On Board the Titanic by Shelly Tanka Some Websites that we used are…,, Thanks For Watching!

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