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August 30, 2006       . August 30, 2006       

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Presentation on theme: "August 30, 2006       . August 30, 2006       "— Presentation transcript:

1 August 30, 2006       

2 August 30, 2006       

3 DELTA ZETA  Any potential new member must have a minimum GPA of 2.5

4 DELTA ZETA History On October 24,1902 six women, with the help of the University president Dr. Guy Potter Benton, created the first sorority on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. This sorority was Delta Zeta. These six women established the organization known today based on the standards of friendship, scholarship, and trust. Delta Zeta's Founders: Julia Bishop, Anne Simmons, Mary Collins, Mabelle Minton, Anna Keen, and Alfa Lloyd

5 DETA ZETA Symbols The Colors: Rose and Green The Jewel: Diamond The Motto: "Behold the turtle; she only makes progress when she sticks her neck out." The Flower: Pink Killarny Rose The Mascot: Turtle The Badge Emblem Roman Lamp The Emblem: Roman Lamp

6 PHILANTHROPY  Delta Zeta Chapters across the U.S. participate in fundraising for the National Philanthropic cause, the speech and hearing impaired.  Our Chapter does a 24 hour See-Saw-A-Thon to raise money for this cause. Delta Zeta believes that in supporting this organization we add the gift of financial support and generating awareness to the speech and hearing impaired.  Delta Zeta also participates in many other philanthropy's such as Derby Days which is organized by Sigma Chi to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network.  The Delta Zeta Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization which exists to make possible gifts and support for scholarships, leadership, philanthropy, and educaton. It exists through the generous support of Delta Zeta members and friends.

7 DELTA ZETA Sisterhood 

8 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA  Any potential new member must have a minimum GPA of 2.5

9 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA HISTORY Tri Sigma's eight Founding sisters: Margaret Batten, Louise Davis, Martha Featherston, Isabella Merrick, Sallie Michie, Lelia Scott, Elizabeth Watkins, and Lucy Wright. These women formed a special friendship at the Normal School. Lucy Wright and Lelia Scott led the first meetings of the S.S.S. Club in 1897. They announced the founding of Sigma Sigma Sigma on April 20, 1898.

10 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Symbols SYMBOL Sailboat FLOWER The Purple Violet Our open motto is: "Faithful Unto Death". COLORS Purple and White THE BADGE The Crest Jewel Pearl

11 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Philanthropy The Robbie Page Memorial (RPM) was established in 1951 following the death of Robbie Page, Tri Sigma's fourth National President, Mary Hastings Holloway Page. Tri Sigma wanted to help their National President by launching the RPM fund. And in 1954, Tri Sigma adopted RPM as their National philanthropy and began Sigma's long range programming in support of recreational therapy for hospitalized children.

12 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Philanthropy LOCAL SERVICE Sigma Adopts Charlie Co. Marine Corps company in the Middle East We gladly took on this wonderful opportunity and began writing and sending care packages to "our marines" in Kuwait and various places they went during the time of war.  Our chapter locally is involved in many other acts of kindness. Each year we throw a Halloween party as well as a Valentine's day party for a local day care center.  We also attend all Men's home basketball games where we paint faces of children. We give much to the Children's Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, and University of North Carolina Hospitals, Chapel Hill.


14 ALPHA SIGMA TAU  Any potential new member must have a minimum GPA of 2.3

15 ALPHA SIGMA TAU History On November 4, 1899, eight college women from Michigan State Normal College (now Eastern Michigan University) formed the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority in Ypsilanti, Michigan Helen M. Rice, Adriance Rice Eva O'Keefe, Harriet Marx, May Gephart Mayene Tracy, Mable Chase Ruth Dutcher The Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau was installed at Radford University on January 17, 1953.

16 ALPHA SIGMA TAU Symbols CREST Badge New Member Pin Official Jewel Pearl Symbol: Anchor Official Colors: Emerald, Green, Gold Local Color: Purple Local Mascot: Turtle FLOWER: Yellow Rose

17 ALPHA SIGMA TAU Philanthropy Our National Philanthropy is the Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County, Kentucky. In the Fall of 2004 & 2005 some representatives from our chapter made the journey to Kentucky to visit the campus on Pine Mountain. Each time we brought school supplies for their summer reading camp, and painted some rooms for them on the grounds.

18 Alpha Sigma Tau Philanthropy Swing-a-Thon Every semester we hold a swing-a- thon to help raise money for Pine Mountain. We sit outside of the 7-11 on Tyler Ave. for 24 hours, and the sisters must keep the swing going the entire time. Locally We also participate in local philanthropies, the Women's Resource Center in Radford, VA, and also St. Jude's Children Research Hospital Service Our National Service project that all Alpha Sigma Tau chapters have adpoted nationwide is Habitat for Humanity. We contribute to the national organization, and assist the Radford chapter in their endeavors.

19 ALPHA SIGMA TAU Sisterhood  

20 PHI SIGMA SIGMA  Any potential new member must have a minimum GPA of 2.3

21 PHI SIGMA SIGMA History Phi Sigma Sigma was founded on November 26th, 1913 at Hunter College in New York. It was the first nonsectarian sorority; the only one that was open to diverse membership from inception and the only one with a ritual that was not based in scripture. The Founders: There are 10


23 PHI SIGMA SIGMA Symbols Flower: The American Beauty Rose The Open Motto : Diokete Hupsala - Aim High King Blue and Gold Sapphire “ Colors : King Blue and Gold The Stone : The Sapphire Twin Ideal: The brotherhood of man and the alleviation of the world's pain. Symbol: Sphinx The Local Symbol : Kite and Cherries

24 PHI SIGMA SIGMA Philanthropy Community Service We do various community service activities such as clothes drives, adopt-a-highway roadside clean up, help with Bingo @ Wheatlandhills, go to the women's resource center Fundraisers Some fundraisers we will do are @ the Roanoke Civic Center during Roanoke Express Hockey games, Concerts, Circuses, etc... We also have Carwashes, working @ college games, and many other fun activities that sisters want to do. Rock-A-Thon In the fall semester, we raise money by "rocking" on Tyler St. and collect donations from students, faculty, and others.

25 PHI SIGMA SIGMA Philanthropy We raise money to donate to the National Kidney Foundation and to our local chapter philanthropy, Colon Cancer Awareness through several activities such as the Annual Rock-A-Thon and All-Greek-Male-Review!

26 PHI SIGMA SIGMA Sisterhood 

27 SIGMA KAPPA Any potential new member must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 

28 SIGMA KAPPA History Sigma Kappa Sorority was founded at Colby College in Waterville, Maine on November 9, 1874. Colby College was the first college in New England to admit women on an equal basis with male students The first female student was admitted in 1871, and for two years Mary Caffrey Low was the only woman at Colby College. In 1873, four more young women from Maine, Elizabeth Gorham Hoag, Ida Fuller, Frances Mann and Louise Helen Coburn were admitted to Colby College.

29 SIGMA KAPPA Symbols FOUNDED: Colby College, November 9, 1874 CHAPTER NAME: Delta Psi SYMBOL: Dove and Pearl FLOWER: Violet COLORS: Lavender and Maroon OPEN MOTTO: One Heart, One Way MAGAZINE: Sigma Kappa Triangle Member Badge

30 SIGMA KAPPA Philanthropy Maine Sea Coast Mission: In honor of our five Founders from the state of Maine, the Maine Sea Coast Mission was chosen as our first national philanthropy. Each November, Sigma Kappa chapters donate food, clothing, toys, and reading materials to small isolated islands off the rocky, infertile coast of Maine. Alzheimer's Disease : Alzheimer’s Disease was adopted as a national philanthropy in 1984. The Sigma Kappa Foundation raises money to contribute to research for Alzheimer's disease and gerontology issues. Since 1988, the Foundation has awarded nearly $500,000 in research grants to colleges and universities. Every fall, our chapter sells lollipops on campus to raise money to donate to this charity

31 SIGMA KAPPA Philanthropy In 1954, Sigma Kappa became the first national sorority to recognize the need for work on the study of aging and the needs of elderly. To support gerontology, Delta Psi make cards and paint flower pots throughout the semester to give to local retirement centers in addition to visiting them. Gerontology:

32 SIGMA KAPPA Sisterhood 

33 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Any potential new member must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 

34 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA HISTORY On November 15th 1901 Alpha Sigma Alpha was founded by five women who were very good friends at Longwood College in Farmville, Virgina. Their names are Virginia Boyd Noell, Juliette Hundley Gilliam, Calva Watson Wootton, Louise Cox Carper, and Mary Williamson Hundley.

35 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA SYMBOLS Ladybug and Rageddy Ann Colors: Crimson & Pearl White (Secondary colors Palm Green & Gold) Mascot: Crest:

36 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA SYMBOLS Pearl (for newest members) & Ruby (for initiated members) Aster (fall) & Narcissus (spring) Palm Tree, Star, Crown, and Phoenix Jewels: Flowers: Symbols:

37 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Philanthropy Special Olympics is an international organization dedicated to empowering individuals with mental retardation to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition. Special Olympics offers children and adults with mental retardation year- round training and competition in 26 Olympic type summer and winter sports. Every year, Alpha Sigma Alpha help the Special Olympics out at their sporting events and raise money to donate to them. Special Olympics

38 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Sisterhood 

39 ZETA TAU ALPHA Any potential new member must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 ZTA

40 ZETA TAU ALPHA HISTORY  Zeta Tau Alpha was founded October 15, 1898, by nine women at the State Female Normal School in Farmville, Virginia, which is now known as Longwood University. Founders Maud Jones Horner, Died 1920 Della Lewis Hundley, Died July 12, 1951 Alice Bland Coleman, Died June 11, 1956 Mary Jones Batte, Died December 3, 1957 Alice Grey Welsh, Died June 21, 1960 Ethel Coleman Van Name, Died January 24, 1964 Helen M. Crafford, Died September 17, 1964 Frances Yancey Smith, Died April 23, 1977 Ruby Leigh Orgain, Died October 22, 1984

41 ZETA TAU ALPHA SYMBOLS  Zeta Tau Alpha's Coat of Arms  The banner of the Zeta Tau Alpha is rectangular and made of turquoise and gray satin. It bears the letter "A," the word "Themis" in Greek, and a burning torch. The meaning of the banner is secret, but it may be hung in a place that is visible to anyone entering a chapter house, suite, etc  The five-pointed crown holds very special significance in Zeta Tau Alpha. The White Violet is the Flower of Zeta Tau Alpha The Colors of Zeta Tau Alpha are Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray. A gold link inscribed "Alpha" begins Zeta Tau Alpha's chain of chapter’s.Silver links etched with the names of ZTA's 235 chartered chapters follow.

42 ZETA TAU ALPHA Philanthropy In 1992, ZTA adopted Breast Cancer Research and Awareness as the fraternity's national philanthropy. We are proud to raise money and participate in events that benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. ZTA's main fundraiser is the Walk for Breast Cancer, which is held annually during Parent's Weekend. 2003 was Zeta's second year sponsoring the event, and our organization raised about $4,000. In addition, we also pass out breast self-exam shower cards, pink ribbons and calendar stickers on campus in October and April.

43 ZETA TAU ALPHA Philanthropy  Volunteering at a local humane society  Working at local children's events, trick- or-treating for UNICEF or distributing homemade crafts to local cancer patients.  You can also see us participating in philanthropic events for other Greek organizations, such as Sigma Chi's Derby Days benefiting the Children's Miracle Network. Zetas also complete service projects throughout the community.

44 ZETA TAU ALPHA Sisterhood ZTA

45 Thank you for coming and we can’t wait to see you at Recruitment!

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