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Texas Common Integrated Justice System May 3, 2006.

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1 Texas Common Integrated Justice System May 3, 2006

2 Discussion Topics  Texas Common Integrated Justice System (TCIJS) Update  Juvenile Systems Update  TJI3 Update  Next Steps? 2

3 State T-DExFederal N-DEx Crime Analysis (Fusion Centers) Cross Jurisdiction Data Sharing (GJXML) Law Enforcement and Jail Corrections and Community Supervision Courts & Prosecution Juvenile Information System (JIS) / TJPC Caseworker Juvenile Case Management System (JCMS) TCIJS Update TCIJS Update

4  Court Administration Solution – Tyler Odyssey  Cross-Jurisdiction Data Sharing Solution Visiphor (Harris) Sonic (Tarrant) Websphere (Travis)  Optional Tyler Modules for Adult Law Enforcement/Jail and Community Supervision – Not Adopted for CIJS TCIJS Update TCIJS Update 4

5  Implemented in Dallas, Kaufman and Wise Counties  Collin County Underway  Denton, Fort Bend, Galveston, Gregg, Tarrant and Williamson in Contract Process  Thirty-seven (37) Counties Eligible 5 Court System

6  Office of Court Administration Compliance  Judicial Committee on Information Technology (JCIT) Requests Expansion for All Counties  Judicial System Expo on May 25 th 6 Court System

7 7 Cross Jurisdiction Data Sharing  Tarrant County selected Sonic  Harris County obtained Visiphor through Tiburon  Travis County selected WebSphere  County Collaborative Contract  Discussion Underway with Vendors  Defining the Value Proposition

8 8 Other Modules  Optional Modules from Tyler Technologies Law Enforcement Jail Check Processing Adult Probation  Seventeen (17) Urban Counties are Tyler Legacy Customers

9 9 Juvenile Systems  Data Sharing in North Central Texas Counties Collin, Dallas, Denton, Kaufman, Rockwall, Tarrant  El Paso JIS Implementation 90% Complete  JCMS Project Underway Bexar, Dallas, Tarrant and TJPC Travis? Denton? Fort Bend?

10 Manage Drug Court Manage Petition Manage Hearings Manage Financials Seal Records Manage Victim Srv Manage EM Manage Alt Ed Manage STOP State TJPC/DPS/TDH/TEA Interfaces ISD Financial Systems TYC Court Systems Live Scan Jail Systems ECFS Contract Agencies Photograph Juvenile Case Management System Components Manage Drug Court Manage Casework Manage Petition Manage Hearings Manage Financials Seal Records Manage Victim Srv Manage EM Manage Institution Manage Placement Generate Reports Manage Law Enforce Manage Programs Statistical data/codes School records/ attendance Restitution Pmt Case file data Legal file data Fingerprint Referral/Petition Status/assess- ment/enrollment Technical Capabilities/Platform DB Indepen- dent Single DB.NET Single Entry Certificate Security (Role- Based) XML Compliant Corporate Look & Feel Web- Based Manage Referral Cross-Functional Capabilities WorkflowForms/Letters Imaging Doc Mgt. Manage EDI

11  RFP; Responses from Seven (7) Vendors  Contract Goal: October 1 st  Four Year Contract Design and Development/Configuration Deployment Programming and Support JIS Maintenance and Support 11 JCMS

12 12 TJI3 Proposal  Update TJI3 Plan Gap Analysis Reference Model Plan Update  Collaborative Effort through TechShare

13 13 TJI3 Proposal  Gap Analysis Review Progress on Current Plan Review Data Sharing Initiatives Identify Data Sharing Gaps Document Data Sharing Gaps

14 14 TJI3 Proposal  Reference Model Analyze needs of producers and consumers of Criminal Justice data Consider Governance groups; Stakeholder groups and Interest groups Document Data Flows and Communication Channels Produce Data Sharing Reference Model

15 15 TJI3 Proposal  TJI3 Plan Catalog Stakeholder Requirements Refine Vision and Mission Prioritize Goals, Strategies and Action Items Consider Need for Legislation Produce Three Year Plan

16 16 TJI3 Proposal  Governance? Oversight Board – Participating Entities  Subject Matter Experts? Technical Committee – Participating Entities  Supplier? Vendor or University

17 17 TJI3 Proposal  Recommendation? Accept Proposal from University of Texas Arlington, Department of Criminology for Gap Analysis Contract with UTA for Gap Analysis to Evaluate Performance Solicit $25K from Six or more Entities to Complete the Project

18  Endorse TJI3 Proposal and Approach  Find the $$$ - Who will make a pledge today?  Review Proposal from UTA  Organize Oversight Board and Technical Committee 18 TJI3 Next Steps

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