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St Joseph’s Middle School Year 6 School Trip

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1 St Joseph’s Middle School Year 6 School Trip
Finca La Alcaidesa Monday 23rd - Friday 27th March 2015

2 Outgoing Travel Arrangements
Departure Monday 23rd March 2015, 8.15am at the Queensway Coach Park. 4 Coaches to take us to Finca La Alcaidesa.

3 Things to Remember E111 to teacher in charge of your child by Monday 16th March. Medicines clearly labelled with dosage and instructions to be given to teacher in charge of his/her group by Friday 20th March. Passport. Children will be wearing the school tracksuit on the day of departure. No mobile phones The School will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of electronic equipment.

4 Activities Multisport Paintballing Trail walking 4 x 4 Experience
Climbing Archery Ropes Horse riding Prehistoric Trail Workshops. Canoeing

5 Incoming Travel Arrangements
Friday 27th March 2015 at Approximately 1300hrs Collection from the Queensway Coach Park (please be patient).

6 Ms Prior Group 1 Oliver Gowans Ishika Nagrani Christian Correa
Sophie Hernandez Ian Peralta Natasha Mena Kayleigh Tellez Leigh Dobinson Ben Donohue Benjamin Mailey Mathilda Charvetto Ellis Wilson Ellysia Moorby Megan Schafer Lauren Wilson Sinead Desoiza

7 Ms Botawala Group 2 Brett Weigold Maia Peralta Erin Appleton
Sarah Montovio Eva Cosquieri Wendy Kassam Julian Lopez Adrian Huibregtse Aiyana Villa Sadie Rogers Kate Desoiza Shaun Jeffries Sebastian Cassaglia Stefan Lima Joey Sacarello Alexandra Martinez Amanda Ferrary Thomas Pitaluga Julian Byrne Tiffany Ellul Ms Botawala Group 2

8 Ms Imossi Group 3 Tyler Smith Siandayle Alman Nicholas Martinez
Christian Perez Aimee Ignacio Grech Elizabeth Barnes Moreno Jayden Joyce Daisy Hammerton Jack Muir Julian Laguea Chloe Mctoldridge Johan Mahtani James Rosado Hannah Cavilla Guiliana Ochello Sophie Stanley April Moreno Julia Desoiza Ms Imossi Group 3

9 Ms Soiza Group 4 William Foster Neve Clinton Jayce Serra Kerry Edmunds
Jesse Figueras Hannah Sheriff Janelle Porro Sarah Llambias Chloe Gee Daniel Todoran Sean Perera Dino Charvetto Alexandra Nunez Christian Massa Lorien Balban Ms Soiza Group 4

10 Any Questions? Thanks for coming

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