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Musical Theatre: A New Form of Music Education Mr. Marc Monroe Nelson County High School.

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1 Musical Theatre: A New Form of Music Education Mr. Marc Monroe Nelson County High School


3 Bell Ringer Thursday September 28 Imagine you have been asked to put together a 30 minute musical revue for your school for National Music Week. The only requirement your principal has given you is that all the music must be by American composers. Compose a possible song-list for this event.

4 Thursday – September 28 Bell Ringer Announcements Meet with Peer Tutors Compare/Contrast Exercise

5 Homework… Read Chapter 12 and discuss some attributes of a “good” director

6 Producing a Musical… Where do I start!?! With collaboration… »Drama Teachers – Artistic Director »Choir Directors – Musical Director/Vocal Coach »Band Directors – Conductor/Orchestra »Art Teachers – Set Design »Family Consumer Science – Costumes »Vocational/Ag teachers – Sets & Props »Parents– Costumes, Electrical »Community/Professional Theatres



9 Artistic Staff… Executive Producer – Cindy Ethington Musical Director – Marc Monroe Choreographer – Sherry Barnard, Amber Steff and Joshua Rogers Production Stage Manager – Darrell Parks and Laci DeRossett Hair/Make-Up – Jenni Blair Accompanist – Susan Tyler Costume Design – Bettina Todd Technical Director – Dave Coffing Sound Design – Alex Poe Lighting Design – John Cecil Publicity – Joan Altman Set Construction – Jeanie Kays

10 Student Staff… Student Director – Cheyenne Holbert Student Stage Manager – Adam Riley Dance Captain – Katie Hazelwood Props Master – Olivia Hart Hair & Make-Up – Hannah Dones Costumes –Terra Bockting Sound Operator – John Cecil Light Board Operator – Maddie Hahn House Manager – Ryan Mattingly Box Office Manager – Adam Riley

11 How do I pick a show? Think about casting… Sign-ups or meeting for interested students Interest Cards Parent meeting First-time – Workshop or Auditions Males vs. Females Strong choir? Strong orchestra or band? Strong dance program?

12 Limited Dance The Fantasticks – MTI Godspell - MTI Five Guys Named Moe – MTI Big River – R&H Kiss Me Kate – Tams-Witmark High Society – Tams-Witmark Man of La Mancha – Tams-Witmark Paint Your Wagon – Tams-Witmark The Wizard of Oz – Tams Witmark

13 Limited Chorus You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown – Tams-Witmark Snoopy! – Tams- Witmark The Fantasticks – MTI Godspell - MTI Into the Woods – MTI Dear Edwina – MTI Little Shop of Horrors – MTI Schoolhouse Rock! - MTI

14 Limited Boys Nunsense – Samuel French The Boyfriend – MTI Little Women - MTI Annie Get Your Gun – R&H The King and I – R&H The Sound of Music – R&H

15 Limited Orchestra Music Theatre International Rodgers and Hammerstein

16 Orchestra Track

17 Middle School Productions MTI – Broadway Jr. –Kids Version Rodgers and Hammerstein – –Getting to Know You Series

18 Drama Interest Card…

19 Recruitment… Myth: “Only Weird kids are in Drama!” Football Players – Tech Crew Basketball Players Baseball Players Softball Players Volleyball Players Soccer Players Swim Team Wrestling Team Arts & Humanities Classes »Fractured Fairy Tales »Theatre Games



22 Where do I find the rights to a show? Musical Theater International Tams-Witmark Rodger’s & Hammerstein Theatrical Rights Worldwide Dramatic Publishing Samuel French

23 Auditions… Audition Workshops – 2 the week before auditions Audition Packet Teach Music Teach Dance Teach dialogue/dialect Auditions Sign-ups in pairs Group movement audition Casting Key to EVERY show

24 First Meeting… Read-thru – Artistic Director Assign small parts Discuss “vision” for the show –S–Set, costumes, etc. Sing-thru – Musical Director Discuss vocal technique Assign chorus parts Assign small solos


26 Rehearsal Schedule… February: 2nd: Music Rehearsal (Entire Show): Full Cast 4th: Senior Retreat with Artistic Staff at Mr. Monroe’s - 6:00 p.m. 6th: Solo Rehearsal – Higgins – Why Can’t the English, Eliza – Rain in Spain, Show Me, Pickering – Rain in Spain, Alfie – With a Little Bit of Luck, Freddy- On the Street Where You Live, Show Me 7th: Music Rehearsal – Eliza with Cockney Quartet Wouldn’t it Be Loverly and Alfie with Cockney Quartet for With a Little Bit of Luck Higgins – Why Can’t the English 9th: Act I: Scene I: Why Can’t the English, Wouldn’t it be Loverly: Full Cast 13th: Act I; Scenes 2, 4, and 6: Bartender, Alfie Doolittle, Quartet, Eliza, Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Higgins, Pickering. 16th: With a Little Bit of Luck: Full Cast 21st: Act I: Scenes 3, and 5: Pickering, Higgins, Eliza, Mrs. Pearce, Butler, Alfie, Music: Servant Chorus 23rd: Review and Ascot Gavotte: Full Cast 25th: Work Day – 10 am – 4 pm 28th: Act I: Review Scene 5, Act I: Scenes 8 and 9: Freddy, Policeman, Flower Girl, Mrs. Pearce, Pickering, Higgins, Eliza

27 Promotions… Newspaper, Television, Radio Promo T-Shirts Faculty Buy-one-get-one-free Promo Performances Nursing Homes School Events Community Events »Relay for Life »Optimist Club »Kiwanis Club »Chamber of Commerce »Festivals

28 Student Ownership… Tech kids Students who don’t want to perform Tech positions assigned Costume Work Days Fashion Design Class Work Days Work on set, props, costumes, lights, sound School holidays, Saturdays, extended breaks


30 Tech Week… Last week of rehearsals Run through the show every night 4:00-7:00 PM Costume fittings and quick-changes one rehearsal Add lights & sound first night Add orchestra second night


32 Musical Theatre Class Definition of Musical Theatre Collaboration of ALL the art forms »Drama »Music »Dance »Visual Art »Musical Theatre Class Musical Theatre Class »Core-Content - Music & Drama - Supplement with Dance

33 Steps to Creating Musical Theatre Class Proposal to Curriculum Committee & SBDM This course is designed to enhance the knowledge of the American Musical Theatre. Aspects of Musical Theatre that will be discussed include a basic History, the evolution of the Musical Theatre ranging from Al Jolson in the early 20th century and continuing through the Rodger’s and Hammerstein, Lerner and Lowe Era’s and concluding with contemporary composers and writers such as Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Some practical areas that will be discussed are things like personnel of a Musical Theatre Company. This includes possible career opportunities on and off the musical theatre stage. Each student will obtain a basic understanding of every available career in a Production Company, from Stage Manager, Musical Director, Technical Director, Public Relations and many more. Items from the Core Content that will be discussed are the Elements of Drama, discussing the aspects of a story or script; the Elements of Production, discussing the technical aspects of a production; and the Elements of Performance.

34 Requirements for Musical Theatre Class Show Project Listening Quizzes 2 Voice/Acting Lessons Performances An Evening with Rodgers & Hammerstein »With Choir classes Musical Theatre Showcase

35 Show Project Broadway Show Project Notebook Table of Contents Section 1 – Producing the Musical Cover Page with Logo Production Company Synopsis Biographical Page – Writer and Composer List of Scenes List of Musical Numbers Character List with descriptions Instrumentation Auditions Poster Fundraisers – Two with descriptions Section 2 – Directing the Show Rehearsal Schedule – Based on 3 months Blocking chart for 1 scene Curtain Calls Production Staff List Section 3 – Musical Direction and Choreography Song List by Characters Reference Recording Choreography Chart - One Selection Section 4 – Technical Aspects Microphone Chart Lighting Scheme One Scene Set and Scenery Sketch Costume Chart One Costume for each principal character Props List Section 5 – Show Time! Publicity Ideas – minimum of 2 Ticket Design T-Shirt Design * Due – December 2, 2005

36 Listening List

37 Textbook Stage Directions Guide to Musical Theater Stephen Peihman & Neil Offen List Price: $15.95 Your Price: $12.76


39 Student of the Week…

40 Benefits of Musical Theatre Class Enhances the knowledge of Musical Theatre Rehearsals Stage Management Production Plans Good for kids involved in after-school activities Good for the “bookworm” reading scripts Tech Students Lights Sound Make-up Costumes Video Respect for both genres – Drama & Musical Theatre

41 Class Offerings… Drama I * Basic acting skills and theatre terminology. * Performance opportunities through showcases. Drama II * Building acting skills through performance. * Performance opportunities in Children’s Theatre. Advanced Drama * Advanced skills in acting and technical work. * Performance opportunities through Shakespeare & Comedic plays. Theatrical Management * Opportunities to help in artistic directing, technical theatre and production. Musical Theatre I * Basic skills in acting, singing, dancing. * Basic operation in producing a musical. * Performance opportunities through showcases. Musical Theatre II * Building skills in acting, singing and dancing through performance. * Advanced skills in directing a musical. * Performance opportunities through showcases. Advanced Musical Theatre * Using skills in acting, singing and dancing in performance. * Advanced skills in producing a musical. * Performance opportunities through a production. Cardinal Singers * An auditioned group that performs at many local events. * Rehearses on a regular basis throughout the year. Literature of the Theatre * The study of American and British pedagogy. * Basic skills in script analysis.


43 Extra-Curricular Activities… Senior Play * A non-musical production for the senior class. * Opportunities for others in technical positions. * Performances - September Holiday Revue * Open Auditions for all students and faculty. * Performances – December Faculty Showcase * Non-musical production for NCHS Faculty. * Opportunities for students in technical positions. Performances - February Spring Musical * Open auditions for all students. Performances - May

44 Contact Information Marc Monroe –

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