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DRAFT Honeywell Readiness Plan for Corporate Union Campaigns Stevie Coleman Jeff Johnson Ellie Murray Tyler Nielsen.

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1 DRAFT Honeywell Readiness Plan for Corporate Union Campaigns Stevie Coleman Jeff Johnson Ellie Murray Tyler Nielsen

2 2HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Video example

3 3HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Toolkit Vision and Objective Vision The Honeywell Readiness Plan for Corporate Union Campaigns has been developed to proactively, quickly and efficiently respond to a corporate union campaign on Honeywell International. Objective To develop a framework that can be used by Honeywell with the resources required to prevent or react to a nationwide corporate union campaign and dissipate any problems as quickly as possible.

4 4HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number What is a Corporate Campaign? Definition An organized effort by one or more unions to increase national awareness of local business issues, and to increase support in its pursuit of gaining concessions from corporations, either in organizing or collective bargaining.

5 5HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Local HSE and Human Rights campaigns escalate quickly Decline in US membership; 6.9% of HON sites are unionized Union retaliation to HON work action Problem Description and Overview Honeywell is at significant risk of becoming the target of a national union corporate campaign and has no readiness plan in place to deal with this possibility. Highly visible company with large political contributions

6 6HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Benchmarked Companies Break down barriers, localize issues!

7 7HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Union Strategies Customers & Suppliers Social Media & Community Outreach Other Unions Regulators & Legislators Board of Directors Institutional Shareholders Employees Bankers & Creditors Corporation

8 8HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Project Map Toolkit External Internal Corporate Campaign Overview Global Security LegalLER Govt. Relations Communications

9 9HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Labor and Employee Relations LER CommunicationsLegal Global Security Govt. Relations

10 10HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number 2010 NLRB Union Recognition Elections 20% or more 15% to 19.9% 10% to 14.9% 5% to 9.9% 4.9% or less U.S. rate = 11.8% Alaska Hawaii ACS Aero PMT TS LER assists SBG’s to identify high risk sites - PER Survey Corporate Campaign Risk Assessment Survey - Common Triggers Presence - Local Comp & Ben Data - Political Climate - Community Relationship - Supplier & Customer Dependency - International ties Further toolkit usage based on risk level LER – Corporate Campaign Risk System

11 11HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number LER – Online Monitoring

12 12HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number LER – Knowledge Management Develop tool that allows LER to track union activity on a nationwide basis - Serves as a supplement to site-level procedures already in place – will capture plant data and store for future use  Gives LER ability to analyze trends and preserve information - Creates a master index in a central location that aggregates data and offers easy access  Organizes information and allows for electronic storage

13 13HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Communications LER Communications Legal Global Security Govt. Relations

14 14HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Communications – Online Presence Develop public webpage that is ready to be published in the event of a corporate campaign Topics to include: HON’s stance on unions, escalation triggers, position papers addressing union attack trends, educational facts, Hometown Solutions, public image improvement, etc. Options to include: a previously developed page, to be published as needed, on both Honeywell’s corporate site and individual plants sites (if applicable) to localize the campaign impact

15 15HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Social Media Easy proactive tool - User Friendly - Instant Information One-way media relations done through social media Continued ability to discretely monitor Social media links positioned on Honeywell website I Am Honeywell

16 16HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number I am Honeywell

17 17HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Government Relations LER CommunicationsLegal Global Security Govt. Relations

18 18HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Government Relations Continue to grow positive relationships - With elected officials - With Federal agencies, focusing on local branches - Hometown Ambassador Program HON influence in political sphere - Company interest in legislation and regulation - Manage politician involvement - Ensure legal compliance at all stages of campaign and negotiations - Union spending HON has great relationships with Federal officials, focus is needed at the State and local levels

19 19HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number General awareness of international issues - EMEA, APAC, Americas - Increased collaboration of national unions at the international level  Honeywell US Unions meet with European Union Leader Possible Vulnerabilities - Government Relations / Legal  International Treaties  Foreign Treaties enforced on multi-national organization - Common Triggers  Human Rights  Outsourcing International

20 20HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Legal LER Communications Legal Global Security Govt. Relations

21 21HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Legal Partner with other functions to ensure compliance HRGs must give training to site leaders on how to communicate with employee populations during campaign by reinforcing the training LER does - Legal Considerations and Guidelines During Union Organizing Campaigns Library of already approved legal communications ready to be launched should they be needed nationally Unfair Labor Practices (ULP) Prevention Approve all communications

22 22HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Global Security LER CommunicationsLegal Global Security Govt. Relations

23 23HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Global Security Partner with LER to prepare action plans for: - Retaining and protecting assets - Employees, executives and board members safety - Business continuity Training local security personnel - Warning signs of union activity - Escalation process – Post orders - Know your legal boundaries Protecting HON personnel and property

24 24HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Toolkit Framework Corporate Campaign Risk Assessment System and Survey Campaign Knowledge Management Tool Focused Online Monitoring Positive Social Media Engagement Online Site covering Honeywell’s Labor Policies Deployable Webpage Specific to Each Site Global Security Legal LERGovt. Relations Communications Corporate Campaign Toolkit

25 25HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Questions?

26 26HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Appendix

27 27HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Campaign Overview

28 28HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Common Campaign Warning Signs Warning Signs New employee groups or cliques begin to form and/or new leaders emerge Smear campaign launched against company’s reputation Increased media interest in corporation Rumors of union activity begin to surface Former employees and/or strangers begin ‘hanging around’ company property at beginning or end of shifts Unions begin to solicit information to employees Employee complaints increase Employees become more curious about benefits and compensation policies Disputes and/or arguments between employees and managers begin to crop up Employee Survey

29 29HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number High Level View of Current Escalation Process Grumblings of Union HR notified HR communicates with their manager and eventually reaches HRD Labor Relations lead gets call LER puts plan in place on the ground and immediately visits site LER team contacts the Burke group. Group sends 1 to 2 reps to the site Boardroom set up on site to implement daily operations Employees paid to sit and listen to anti- union campaigns First responders team on the ground

30 30HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Union Activities Unions contact employees or if employees are dissatisfied, they contact a third party on their own - Leadership failure at site Signing of Union Authorization Cards - 30% sign goes to vote - 50% sign no vote needed for recognition Secret Ballot Vote after 45 days

31 31HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Possible Increased Risk Micro-unions Recognition Quickie elections - Most likely to be 21 days from filing, shortened from average of 45 days 30-40% cost increase off the bottom line if a union comes.

32 32HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Functions

33 33HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Great dependence on very few C&S. Relationships are often turbulent. Somewhat dependent on a small assortment of C&S and currently have less than positive relationships. Score = Comments = A fair amount of diversity among C&S and relatively good relationships. C&S base is diverse with no large dependence on any singular business. Positive relationships with most C&S. Major HSE issues exist with pending investigations and large amounts of media coverage. Some HSE issues exist and compensation and benefits practices trail the local market. Score = Comments = Few or no HSE issues exist and compensation and benefits practices are close to local market average. Few or no HSE issues exist and compensation and benefits practices far exceed local market averages. Scoring = 10Scoring = 7Scoring = 3Scoring = 1 Local politicians are pro- labor and often campaign for union causes. Limited to no relationship with HON. Local politicians are partial to labor causes, but have a working relationship with HON. Score = Comments = Local politicians are partial to the private sector and may have a good relationship with HON. Local politicians are pro- business and draw little support from unions. Positive relationship with HON. Example Survey * Total Score = * Total Score is identified by adding the score from each category and writing it in the Total Score area. Corporate Campaign Risk Assessment Government Relations Seek to proactively maintain positive relationships with local politicians, forging strong alliances to promote business objectives. Customer & Supplier Relations Create productive and positive relationships with customers and suppliers. As much as possible, seek to have a diverse array of both customers and suppliers. Corporate Campaign Triggers Prevent against the occurrence of common campaign triggers. Seek to mitigate risk when these possible triggers are present. LER – Risk Assessment Survey

34 34HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Communications – Google Results Only way to optimize placement on search is through relevancy and page quality Must make the keywords you are searching a headline or made part of a page on HON careers website Current state: - Search ‘Honeywell Jobs’ and a ad comes up, meaning they’re buying our ads - Search “Working at Honeywell” and no ads pop up, meaning we can still purchase these keywords - Search ‘Honeywell Unions’ & Metropolis’ anti-union site is the third search result Looking ahead: - Bid on keywords to change results page and purchase placed ads from Google - Optimize pages so that results are enhanced and link to internal, not external, sites

35 35HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Government Relations GR strives for positive relationships between HON and politicians, especially State and local - Way to serve HON interest within the political sphere (i.e., influence of regulation and legislation) - These connections would be developed regardless of union activity, but become part of a management strategy within a campaign Keeps elected officials informed, but not involved if union activity occurs - Ensuring legal compliance - POC during campaigns Local efforts - Break up union cohesion - Grow relationships with Federal agencies at State and local level  Local examples: Chamber of Commerce, community outreach, etc. - Easier campaign management

36 36HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Government Relations – Union Spending

37 37HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Government Relations – Union Spending

38 38HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number International – Key Findings Americas - Mexico  Failed pressure by US Unions  Government Relations - Canada  Many US unions have a presence in Canada  Corporate decisions on sub- contractors APAC - Risk  Human Rights Violations  Large gathering of manufacturers (Aero) - Government Regulated Unions  China and Singapore - Strong, US-like Unions  Korea and Australia EMEA - Metropolis, Illinois  Euro Works Council  Seelze Plant - Conde, France  Solidarity Day to slow down work at Honeywell sites throughout Europe failed - IndustriALL  International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers’ Unions (ICEM), the International Textile, Garment, Leather Workers’ Federation (ITGLWF), and the International Metalworkers’ Federation (IMF) US Outreach - Honeywell US Union Council  Metropolis, Hopewell, Claymont, Jacksonville, Buffalo, and Hamburg, Germany

39 39HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Legal – Communicating w/ represented employees & media DO Include acknowledgement that we recognize the union as the employees’ exclusive bargaining representative Communicate ONLY factually accurate information Make clear if information is opinion rather than fact All information must have been communicated to the union first Provide a copy of the communication to the union BEFORE communicating to employee Ensure consistency with all employee, internal, external and union communications DON’T No threatening language Do not undermine or disparage union No promises Do not propose anything that has not been proposed to and negotiated with the union first Do not convey company is the employees’ protector Do not “spin” or exagerate Bargain through the media Direct deal with employees through the media

40 40HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Research

41 41HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Internal Research Anniston, AL Kansas City, MO Torrance, CA Shreveport, LA Metropolis, IL Muncie, IN Spokane, WA White Oak, MD Prince Edward Island, ON, Canada Union activity has occurred at each of these sites

42 42HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Metropolis June 28, 2010 – August 2, 2011 228 Employees United Steelworkers Local 7-669 Uranium conversion facility Social Media - - - - YouTube

43 43HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Additional Best Practices “Sensing” Meetings - LER team members meet with their counterparts at their suppliers, customers, and even talk regularly with their competitors to gauge union activity, risk, avoidance strategies, and defense tactics Customer-Supplier Support - Proactive and reactive support across the various functions 24-hour hotline Straw-polls in regular meetings Consultants to do risk assessment Internal Communication Monitoring Politician and Media Tours Comp & Ben dictated by risk level Security Cameras Corporate Campaign Responder Team

44 44HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number BMW UFCW Financial Pressure Minnesota – 1986 Trying to copy the success of the ACTWU against JP Stevens, the UFCW attempted to create financial pressure against Hormel by attacking their main bank, First Bank. The campaign saw very limited success and solidarity between unions and ultimately failed.

45 45HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Boeing IAM Governmental Pressure South Carolina/Washington – 2009 IAM retaliated against SC plant for kicking out the union by filing complaints against Boeing to the NLRB for moving production of the 787 to SC. NLRB admitted that it wouldn't have happened if SC plant was still unionized. Boeing had to pledge new contract to Seattle plant to build new 737 MAX line at the unionized plants. NLRB much scrutinized by business and republicans for going after a groundless complaint that truly sought to control business decisions. employees-nlrb-charge-alleges/ le employees-nlrb-charge-alleges/ le

46 46HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Cintas Teamsters Multi-site attack 2003-2011 Threat of work sent offshore. Handbills, flyers, OSHA visits increase, contacting religious groups to put fliers in church bulletins, developed negative websites about Cintas, whitepaper sent to investors, some financial analysts filed lawsuits, held rallies, attended Labor Day functions to draw up media interest across the country

47 47HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Coca-Cola No specific union Media Campaign Global Coca-Cola has experienced a multitude of local, national, and global campaigns over the years. As these instances have unfolded, they have noticed a trend develop – use of the Internet. These campaigns have allowed unions and labor activists to organize via the web and disseminate information to possible new recruits, and offer Coca-Cola little protection.

48 48HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number General Mills BCTGM Multi – Site Mid-West The BCTGM showed up one morning distributing handbills and union information. The union held picnics and bbq’s and invited current union workers from other plants to befriend and influence union prospects. General Mills responded with Corporate LER offering training and education for employees, flyers to employees homes, and held regular Q&A sessions for employees. Union was unsuccessful in its organizing.

49 49HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Denso Corporation UAW Multi-site Midwest/South – 2006 The UAW conducted a multi-site campaign when one morning they showed up hand-billing and hosting meetings/parties at five Denso Corporation sites in Michigan, Tennessee, and Arkansas. The attempt was unsuccessful as Denso quickly reacted with defense and education campaigns at their various sites, coordinated by their head labor leaders. Toyota owns 23% of Denso and it’s cheaper, unorganized labor costs is a big factor in Toyota’s success in the US. Thus, it is seen as a stepping stone for possibly organizing Toyota and other foreign manufacturers.

50 50HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Honda UAW Supplier & Customer Pressure Midwest/South – Current The UAW has been outspoken in their desire to organize foreign auto-manufacturers who have an extremely large body of unorganized labor. Many attempts to organize Honda directly have failed, so the UAW attempted to organize their suppliers and put pressure on their customers to squeeze Honda from both sides. Attempts to organize Yusa and Denso, two large auto-suppliers, were carried out unsuccessfully. The UAW is also picketing foreign dealerships in hopes of organizing them all.

51 51HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Hormel UFCW Financial Pressure Minnesota – 1986 Trying to copy the success of the ACTWU against JP Stevens, the UFCW attempted to create financial pressure against Hormel by attacking their main bank, First Bank. The campaign saw very limited success and solidarity between unions and ultimately failed.

52 52HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number JP Stevens ACTWU Financial Pressure Carolina’s /Alabama – 1976-1980 With the local campaign made famous by the film “Norma Rae”, JP Stevens received tremendous pressure from unions, but none more so than the financial campaign launched against them. ACTWU coordinated with other unions to apply pressure to the banks and insurance companies that supported JP Stevens. The boycotts and pressure became so severe that JP Stevens was forced to acquiesce.

53 53HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Marriott UNITE HERE Shareholder Pressure Nationwide – 1998 The Marriott family at the time owned 20% of the voting stocks in the company with another 30% owned by private investors. They were attempting to reorganize their stocks where a super-voting class would be created, essentially ensuring the family would maintain a strong voice in the company. UNITE HERE sent letters to all shareholders to vote against this reorganization.

54 54HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Sodexo SEIU Smear Campaign Nation Wide – 2009-2011 The SEUI and United Here had a cooperative relationship until the end of 2008, when they split. The SEIU approached Sodexo about an exclusive contract; when denied due to the company’s neutrality stance, the SEIU launched the smear campaign ‘Clean Up Sodexo.’ Union tactics included marches, protests, sit-ins, and demonstrations that were designed to paint Sodexo in a bad light.

55 55HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Somers Building Maintenance (SBM) SEIU campaign Department of Labor California – 1999 A former SEIU official was appointed to the DOL and ordered investigation of SBM and their pay practices to pressure them into union organizing. This included calling their customer, HP, and threatening to seize goods to pay the forthcoming fines against SBM. SBM filed charges with the US Inspector General claiming collusion between SEIU and DOL. Unions officials told SBM they had the power to eliminate NLRB claims, the DOL investigations and harassment charges if their demands were met. SBM settled allowed unions at a couple plants. labor

56 56HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Sutter Health Unite Here Mass-mailing California – 2011 Unite Here sent out thousands of postcards indicating that Sutter Health didn’t properly clean their sheets and that babies being born on site were wrapped in linens with blood and other bodily fluids. Sutter sued for Unite Here for defamation. It won the case and was awarded $17.2 million. Unite Here appealed and went to mediation to avoid retrial. Sutter Health settled for $6 million from Unite Here and an apology from its President.

57 57HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Verizon CWA Board Members Nationwide - 2012 The CWA targeted two board members at Verizon and sent out press releases claiming that they were overcompensated. They then conducted rallies and protests at over 300 restaurants owned by those board members.

58 58HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Wal-Mart UFCW Community rallies and Political Pressure New York – Ongoing Due to byzantine laws, City Council must approve large land purchases. Political relationships are being leveraged by the UFCW to keep Wal-Mart from putting unionized grocery stores out of business.

59 59HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Wal-Mart WWU Supplier pressure California – Ongoing The SEIU, UFCW, and teamsters have created a joint venture, the Warehouse Workers Union, to attack Wal- Mart by applying pressure on their suppliers Rogers Premier and Schneider Logistics with litigation, OSHA claims, and other charges to force unionization.

60 60HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Resources General Information -  US Chamber of Commerce Trends on Union Corporate Campaigns -  Honeywell and US labor and union statistics in 2010 -  US Department of Labor Union Member’s Summary 2011 Pro-Union Organizations -  Corporate Campaign Inc. (Union Consultant) - - - - - - Pro-Management Organizations - - - - -

61 61HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Resources (cont’d) International -  Honeywell Union Council in US attended by European WC leader -  Global Federation, IndustriALL, formed that unites metical, chemical, and textile groups Anti-Honeywell -  Metropolis Page on Facebook -  Metropolis Page on Twitter -  USW Local Chapter in Metropolis -  KC FMT Campaign Site Campaign Avoidance Tips - 09HHN_Online_Dowling&domain=HHNMAG 09HHN_Online_Dowling&domain=HHNMAG -*2_*1_*1_*1_*1 _*1.gmp_164062.gde_164062_member_103143062*2_*1_*1_*1_*1 _*1.gmp_164062.gde_164062_member_103143062 - Union Avoidance Resource Cites - - -

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