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By: Tyler Spiders My feature spider is the Jumping Spider.

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1 By: Tyler Spiders My feature spider is the Jumping Spider.

2 Jumping Spider I chose the jumping spider because I saw a spider after school in Action Site. My teacher, Mr. Travis, told me that it was a Mexican Jumping spider. Jumping spiders all have different colors but this one I picked has a white and black body. It has big eyes. There are four huge eyes and four small eyes on the top of their head. They have rows of eyes. Most spiders have eight eyes but I learned that the brown recluse has six. The jumping spider has a design on their head but I did not know why they had a design on their head so I went to my teacher Mrs. McLarty and she said that they have designs to camouflage them and to find a mate.

3 This is the jumping spider that we found at our playground.

4 This is where you find my spider. The jumping spider is found in the meadows, woods, on foliage, tree bark, fence posts, tall grass, and even your own house. That is scary to me. I need to watch out even in my own house. You are not really supposed to be scared of them. They are more scared of you than you are of them. Jumping spiders are found pretty much all over the world. You would find this spider in dark spaces or in spaces where they think that you will not be able to find them.

5 The Hunter The Jumping spider is a hunter. It is not a web builder. I guess it isn't a web builder because it jumps on its prey to eat it. The Jumping spider that I picked is camouflaged. Other Jumping spider may not. It just depends if the spider has stripes or dots on them. The Jumping spiders trick to get its prey is to sneak up on them and eat it up. The jumping spider mostly eats crickets mostly. The cool thing about it is that the female will eat the male if she does not want to mate with him and he wants to mate with her. Birds and other animals eat the jumping spider.

6 Jump into its Life Cycle Hi, back again,want to learn about their life cycle? Well you would find their eggs in a egg sac. The sac is on leaves or some thing like a leaf. The coolest thing about my spider is they would sneak up on their prey and pounce on their prey and eat it up.

7 What is a Spider? Everyone thinks they know what a spider is, well lets see? The Jumping spider can jump very long. It is also a very good hunter. I guess that is why it has very big eyes. Spiders are part of the arthropod family. Some spiders have big eyes and others have small eyes. Some spiders have six eyes, most have eight. They all have special weapons. There weapon is their web. That is it. I hope you read again.

8 Parts of a spider 2 body parts 8 eyes cephalothorax abdomen pedipalps one of 8 legs spinnerets

9 good things about spiders bad things about spiders They kill the irritating insects. They bring new arthropod babies to life. There are some that eat our pollinators. They are also very dangerous if you corner them.

10 Spiders make webs to catch there prey so they don’t go starving. They have to eat, so they don’t die. But…I also learned that spiders use their silk to make their egg sac. They make their egg sac to keep their eggs sac warm and keep them safe from getting hurt.

11 These are three facts I learned about spiders: 1.Some can be bad like the crab spider. They eat our pollinators. 2.There enemy is wasps. 3.The hunting spiders have big eyes.

12 Spiders are awesome.

13 Glossary Camouflage means blind in. Life cycle means their life. Pounce means to jump on something.

14 references Jumping spider Jumping spiders Jumping spider Jumping spiders Jumping spider pictures More pictures Pictures: InsectsInsects, insects and more insectsinsects SpidersSpiders, spiders and more spidersspiders

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