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Affordable Learning $olutions: Webinar Series for Sharing Campus CSU Chico Custom Publishing Options Welcome! Please introduce yourself to.

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1 Affordable Learning $olutions: Webinar Series for Sharing Campus Initiative @ CSU Chico Custom Publishing Options Welcome! Please introduce yourself to others by entering your name, title, and campus in the chat window. If you have any technical issues, send a chat to Brett Christie

2 AL$ Webinar #5 Agenda  Welcome and AL$ Overview (Christie, 10 minutes)  Customizing & Authoring Content (Christie, 20 minutes)  AL$ Efforts and Outcomes @ Chico (Sederberg & Tyler, 20 minutes)  Summary, Discussion, and Looking Ahead (All, 10 minutes)

3 3 Making It Easier To Find  Alternative Content  Tools  Technologies  Policies  Marketing & deployment strategies

4 4 CSU Provides System Access to Free or Low-Cost Textbook Alternatives  Open Educational Resources: Over 38,000 FREE online teaching materials including over 2,200 FREE online textbooks are available @ AL$ website  CSU Library eBooks: CSU systemwide electronic library collections provide students FREE access to eBooks  Faculty-Authored Materials: Published and distributed in a variety of ways  Lower Cost Publisher eTextbooks: CSU Rent Digital

5 About Digital Textbooks in the CSU  Digital textbooks cost 45%-55% less than new print textbook prices  33% of CSU students prefer digital textbooks  1% of all titles sold in CSU bookstores are digital textbooks 5 There is an unmet demand in the CSU marketplace

6 CSU Rent Digital: Here’s the Deal  Choice: Faculty have a wide choice of publishers and students can choose a digital rental or not  Price: 60% off new print textbook prices and publishers choose the titles they will offer  Marketing: CSU and vendors will collaborate on raising awareness, comfort, and competencies in using digital textbooks  Accessibility: Vendors will provide the CSU a roadmap for improving the accessibility of their eReaders Agreement on 4 key areas:

7 Fall 2012: Student-focused activities  Campus Outreach: Student awareness of choice through your campus bookstore  Cal State Student Association communication program  CSU Public Affairs program

8 8 If 1/3 of CSU students choose 1 digital rental per semester instead of a new $100 print textbook…..  CSU students will save about $17 Million in 2012-13 Digital Rentals: Student Savings

9 9 CSU ALS Activities: What’s the Schedule?  Join the AL$ Online Community for info and support solutions-community  Monthly webinars by CO, CSU campuses & vendors  Support for Campus AL$ Initiatives  More Hands-On Workshops 2012-2013: Faculty/Staff-focused activities


11 Quick Poll A.Have never heard of Flat World Knowledge B.Have heard of FWK but only surface knowledge C.I know about FWK and understand its model D.I know about FWK, their text model, and MIYO E.I use one or more FWK titles

12 115+ Titles

13 “Utilizing Flat World Knowledge’s Make It Your Own platform, I created a mash-up of two Flat World titles for my Introductory Management and Organizational Behavior course. This textbook change has saved my students in aggregate almost $100,000 per semester, and my MIYO book is better than my previous title.” Deone Zell, Professor of Management Director of Academic Technology


15  World’s largest online accessible library of copyrighted content for people with print disabilities.  Raising the floor on accessibility issues so individuals with print disabilities have the same ease of access to print materials as people without disabilities.  In 2007 & 2012, Bookshare received five-year awards from the U.S. DoE, Office of Special Education Programs, to provide free access for all U.S. students with a qualified print disability.  The Bookshare library now has over 150,000 books and serves more than 200,000


17 “I have used the Tanner Principles of Marketing book now for two years. I find it better than previous books I used, not only for the content but also because my students love the options that are provided. I think all professors should use Flat World Knowledge materials. They are missing the boat and forcing their students into making choices that these days they shouldn’t be forced into making.” Maria Ballesteros-Sola, Lecturer Martin V. Smith School of Business & Economics

18 Questions?



21 Comments or Questions

22 CALS & TAP Chico Strategies Laura Sederberg & James Tyler Meriam Library & Academic Technologies October 26, 2012 | CSU Webinar

23 ALS History at CSU, Chico  June 3, 2011 – Published “Affordable Learning/OER” LibGuide,  October 5, 2011 – CELT presentation on OER with Brett Christie. Brett introduced audience to the CSU ALS project.  March 9, 2012 – “Alternatives to Expensive Textbooks” presentation to CSU, Chico campus by Laura Sederberg, Linda Riggins, and Marc Langston in Studio A. Video posted online.

24 ALS History at CSU, Chico  June 2012 – OER co-presentation with Laura to Academy e-Learning Cohort 4 on Chico’s ALS program, newly named CALS; and Creative Commons.  Late September, 2012 – Draft proposal for Textbook Alternatives Program (TAP) grant project. Developed a website, announcement, application, MOU, logos for CALS and TAP, and a flyer.  October 17, 2012 – Chico’s TAP project announced at CELT Conference, and 200 flyers for TAP handed out at CELT luncheon to faculty and administrators.

25 CALS LibGuide: CALS LibGuide:

26 CALS Website: CALS Website:

27 TAP website: TAP website:


29 Application Please write a short essay to address the following.  Current textbook used for this course and its cost to students.  Describe your plan to replace your current textbook with a lower-cost alternative for Fall 2013.  The total savings estimated per student.  How the use of alternate learning resources will meet the guidelines for fair use of copyright protected materials and accessibility.

30 Memorandum of Understanding Agreements Attend group meetings to review alternatives to textbook choices and meet others in this project for forming a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) (Spring 2013). Become familiar with the CSU ALS website, and Chico’s CALS website. Consult with an Instructional Technology Consultant about integration with Bb Learn in Spring 2013. Consult with a Librarian about Open Educational Resources and Library materials. Use an “Affordable Learning Solution” that meets the criteria in the Application to meet eligibility requirements.

31 Memorandum of Understanding Agreements Agree to find a solution that uses free or lower cost alternative learning resources. Agree to meet periodically in the spring semester with the FLC to share success/challenges. Agree to write up a report evaluating the project. Agree to present your experience and findings at a CELT Presentation or the annual CELT Conference. Agree to meet copyright and fair use policy guidelines. Choose a grant award of an iPad or a $600 stipend.

32 ARTS 122 from AeL Cohort 3  Launching the Imagination, Fourth Edition, author Mary Sewart goes for $105 on Amazon, plus shipping and tax, etc.  Our students access the chapters, one or two at a time on the ARTS 122 joint website.  Free as long as you only post a chapter or two at a time, plus, the text gives instructors LOTS of electronic support materials, PowerPoint slides, and interactive activities. Students may purchase the paper text or the electronic text if they like. You can rent the eBook for about $25 for the duration of the course. - Professor Teresa Cotner

33 RELS 332 from AeL Cohort 3  "World Religions and Global Issues" saved about $35 per student going from $60 to $25 in book costs.  RELS 110 "Asian Religions” saved $45 going from two books each down to one book. All the religious source material was found online, so the "reader in religions" was not needed. - Daniel Veidlinger, Ph.D.

34 CMSD 156 from AeL Cohort 3  The American Sign Language Dictionary is no longer being used since students are accessing free online materials. The list price of this book is $24.95. - Suzanne Miller, Dept. Chair

35 GEOG 103 from AeL Cohort 3  Shellito, Introduction to Geospatial Technologies: The eBook was $35.00. A paper copy from MacMillan is $113.95. With CourseSmart – entire book is $48.99.  I intend to do a Midterm Formative Evaluation in a week or so and will ask about their experience with the online book. Some have already said they have a hard time with it or that they are disappointed that they only have a license for 6 months and won’t have access any longer or that they wish they had the entire book as the chapters we have done refer to other exercises in chapters we are not going to do. - Professor LaDona Knigge

36 Thank you from CSU, Chico Laura Sederberg, Manager, Technology and Learning Program James Tyler, Online Learning Librarian

37 Comments or Questions

38 Next CSU AL$ webinar  December 5 from 12-1p  Campus featured: Northridge –Vendor/Solution: TBA –More updates regarding CSU AL$ support & events –Further dialog regarding your needs toward making a CSU education more affordable JOIN THE CSU AL$ ONLINE COMMUNITY AT solutions-community

39 THANK YOU! JOIN THE CSU AL$ ONLINE COMMUNITY AT learning-solutions-community

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