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As the Golden sun rose upon the prairie the little Sioux warrior crept out of his tipi to meet the morning sun. The buffalo grazed on the grasses of the.

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2 As the Golden sun rose upon the prairie the little Sioux warrior crept out of his tipi to meet the morning sun. The buffalo grazed on the grasses of the flat and vast prairie. As the elder men got ready for the hunt by painting their faces and the horses’ faces too, the little Sioux warrior helped by gathering the men’s tools and all their weapons. Even though many Indian tribes influenced Colorado history, the Sioux Indians adapted to their life on the prairie by traveling to follow the grazing herds of buffalo. The Sioux Indians cared for the earth and it’s resources because they valued the earth as a very great spirit that helped them find food and water on the prairie. The Sioux Indians stored all of their belongings in their family tipis. The Plains Indians also hunted deer for their warm fur.

3 The great Sioux Indians lived in a shelter called a tipi. This home was made out of as many as18 buffalo hides. It was big enough to fit a whole Indian family including children and adults. The Sioux hung some carved wooden ornaments to show the symbol of their tribe. There was also a bigger tipi that was made out of as many as 40 buffalo hides and that could fit 40 people in it. The large tipi was used for the large celebrations after the hunt. They would use it for meetings for the hunters to know when the next hunt is. They also used the large tipi for big feasts when they found a new person that wants to join the Sioux Indians tribe. tribe/fullsize/sioux-indian-tribe-3.jpg The Sioux Indians lived in a little shelter called a tipi. Oglala_girl_in_front_of_a_tipi.jpg/220px- Oglala_girl_in_front_of_a_tipi.jpg The Sioux Indians put a little hole in the front of the tipi. Walker #16

4 nativeamerican/Sioux%20Indians%20on%20hor seback,%20by%20Heyn,%201899-500.jpg The Sioux Indians had a lot of very useful gadgets that they made and traded with trappers and traders. They used various gadgets for their survival. The most important weapon for the Sioux was the shield. It was used for protection and a weapon. While riding their horse they would hit the buffalo on the head with the shield. After they stunned the buffalo they would kill them with the other weapons like spears bow and arrows. They would trade with other trappers and traders to obtain supplies for their tribe. They would also trade for buffalo hide and other animal hides. The Indians were very smart about what they wanted to trade and what the price would be of the item that they wanted to trade. The Sioux Indians leaders are trying to find the buffalo to hunt. The two Sioux leaders went ahead to find the buffalo. Walker #16

5 The Sioux clothes were very important to them because it provided warmth and protection. The Sioux wore necklaces with string and wooden carved balls. The Sioux main clothes were dresses, shirts, pants and shorts made from buffalo hide. Bones were used to make necklaces because they were easy to get. Their special clothing were decorated with deer skins, bear claws, feathers and fur for the winter. The girls would wear a headband that would have a feather and sometimes with buffalo on it. 0x120/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/r/o/robes_decfh1356_2use.jpg The Indians wore buffalo skins for warmth in the winter. This vest is made out of beads by the Indians. Tyler D. #4

6 The Sioux Indians had many rituals and traditions they performed as a tribe. The Sioux shaman or medicine man could foresee what the tribes tradition was going to be based on what they did that day. A ritual was a popular tradition and it is were a shaman tells what a boys dream is going to be in manhood. The Sioux built a round lodge that is called a sweat lodge where they put a hunter over a fire to toughen him up. /native_americans/pl_ culture.sundance.jpg The Sioux Indians had medicine men or shaman as their healer. The Sioux performed rituals and prayed at rituals. The Indians performed strange dances such as this one which is called the buffalo dance. Tyler D. #4

7 The Sioux had many legends in their history and some we continue to learn about. They believed in the great spirit or Wankan Tanka who had power over all trees, animals, stones and clouds. Wankan Tanka had the choice of when people died. He could throw them back down to earth or send them up to heaven. He was their faithful and spiritual counselor leader at their tribe meetings. The Sioux believed in the Great Spirit or Wankan Tanka. 61/pbear_spirit/Reiki%20Blessings% 20Images/buffalospirit.jpg The Sioux worshiped buffalo and gave offering and prayed to the buffalo that they killed. Tyler D. #4 The Sioux indians never wasted any part of the buffalo. AAKU/op9QwN5eI30/s400/NativeAmericanWoman1.jpg

8 The Sioux Indians were very impressive hunters, not to mention they were also very good at farming. Sometimes when the Sioux hunted they came upon a small group of buffalo. When this happened the Sioux hunters, on foot, shot the outside buffalo so when they died they blocked the path so other buffalo couldn’t escape. Before having horses the Sioux hunted on foot which made it harder to hunt. Many people believed that the Sioux were much better off without horses because sometimes if the hunters got too close to the buffalo, the horses would get scared and run off. y/album/SIOUX-BRULE/thumbs/Sioux%20chiefs.jpg The Sioux Indians are very skilled hunters and in one day a group of hunters can take down over 100 buffalo. The Sioux Indians always hunted in groups and no one was allowed to hunt alone, and if someone did hunt alone they would be punished. Will #9

9 Back when the Sioux Indians lived there was not a single person who did not like to play, dance, and sing. The games that the boys played mainly helped them train to be great hunters and become very honorable and strong men in the future. The game that everybody played, even the girls was ball, similar to many of the sports that we have today. In the winter the woman built toboggans made out of buffalo ribs for the kids to ride down on the newly covered slopes. Also they loved to spin homemade tops on the slippery ice. ze=67&uid=aa261a30-1a94-48b2-8038-c9d767fb4e4a All of the Sioux Indians loved to play games but their favorite game is ball which is now known as lacrosse. In the winter the Sioux woman would make sleds out of buffalo ribs so the kids could slid down the slippery slopes. Will #9

10 The Sioux Indians were not treated well by the white man. The white man took over the Sioux Indians land and they used the Indians as slaves to plow their farms and clean their houses. If the Sioux Indians did not do what the white man say they would be sent of to death camps and be killed. If the Sioux Indians listened they would be given food and everything that they needed to survive in their hard lives. IJr93hpUDDCx8BvPOiFTLkxx5Asf- eKL9IoXcAm5kFYOmEztf6Q The Sioux Indians traded with the other trappers and traders around the would.This event would only happen 1 time a year. A herd of buffalo is the Sioux Indians main source of food. They would follow the buffalo everywhere they go. Walker #16

11 In the end, the Sioux Indians survived by using the earth’s resources to hunt and provide food, water and shelter for the tribe. What happened after the white man came over from England and took over the Indians land and started making farms? Did the white man help the Indians? Did the Indians like the white men? After a while did the white men and the Indians get along? This raises a lot of question about the Sioux Indians and others that lived in the area. The Indians hunted in snowshoes to kill buffalo.

12 Bibliography Ann, McGovern. If you lived with the Sioux Indians. New York, NY: Scholastic Inc., 1974. Print Brooks, Barbara. The Sioux. Vero Beach, FL: Rourke Publications Inc., 1989. Print. Freedman, Russell. Buffalo Hunt. New York, NY: Scholastic Inc., 1988. Print. Santella, Andrew. The Lakota Sioux: a True Book. New York: Children's, 2001. Print. Webliography

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