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9 CP E NGLISH - M ISS Z ANSITIS S PRING 2011 Unit 1: Independent Novel Reading Assignment.

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1 9 CP E NGLISH - M ISS Z ANSITIS S PRING 2011 Unit 1: Independent Novel Reading Assignment

2 I NDEPENDENT R EADING A SSIGNMENT Embedded Assessment: After reading the novel that you have chosen from the approved list, your assignment will be to work with a group to create an advertising campaign to try to persuade your peers to read your book. You will use a dramatized commercial, an interview, or print advertisements to entice your reader.

3 A SSIGNMENT : Choose from one of the following books to read independently (on your own as an on-going homework assignment during this unit). The Secret Life of Bees Monster Stargirl Sleeping Freshman Never Lie Twisted Loser Dead Girls Don’t Write Letters

4 B OOK C HOICES All of the books that we have chosen relate to the “coming of age” theme. You must choose a novel from the approved list. Please be aware of the Lexile Level listed for each book. Last week, you received your individual Lexile (reading) Level. Please choose a novel that is appropriate for your Lexile Level. Please go to the following website in order to learn more about the Lexile Level: overview/ overview/ Here is a little something about each novel…

5 T HE S ECRET L IFE OF B EES S UE M ONK K IDD Lexile Level: 840 When the Civil Rights Act is signed in 1964, it rocks the Deep South of America and sets in motion a series of catastrophic events. In South Carolina, a black housekeeper named Rosaleen Daily sees it as freedom of expression and recognition of equality for black Americans. For Lily Melissa Owens, a white fourteen-year-old American, it means watching those she loves be persecuted and allowing injustice to punish the only person she cares about, Rosaleen, her housekeeper. This novel is about Lily’s “coming of age” experiences and the journey she embarks on in order to find her identity.

6 M ONSTER W ALTER D EAN M YERS Lexile Level: 670 Summary: While on trial as an accomplice to a murder, sixteen- year-old Steve Harmon records his experiences in prison and in the courtroom in the form of a film script as he tries to come to terms with the course his life has taken.


8 S TARGIRL J ERRY S PINELLI Lexile Level: 590 Summary: An eccentric student named Stargirl changes Mica High School, in this story of first love and the perils of popularity.

9 S LEEPING F RESHMEN N EVER L IE D AVID L UBAR Lexile Level: 560 Summary: It is a story about the high school experiences of a fourteen- year-old boy named Scott Hudson. The narration is peppered with lists, journal entries and Scott's creative writing attempts. While generally light- hearted in tone, the novel explores heavier subjects such as bullying, peer pressure and teenage suicide.

10 T WISTED L AURIE H ALSE A NDERSON Lexile Level: 680 Summary: Tyler goes from a nobody to some-what popular after he gets arrested for a foul deed. Tyler ends up with a popular girl at school named Bethany. After attending a wild high school party, Tyler Miller finds himself as the prime suspect in a scandal involving one of the most popular girls in school. This results in everyone hating Tyler. Facing a serious charge, Tyler sets out not only to fix his reputation, but his entire life.

11 L OSER J ERRY S PINELLI Lexile Level: 650 Summary: A coming of age young adult novel first published in 2002. Donald Zinkoff is Below Average, a condition that most adults would like to pretend doesn't exist, and that far too many children think applies most especially to themselves. He's not disabled, in danger, or orphaned; just clumsy, sloppy, not overly bright, and cheerfully clueless. He is, in the callous summation of his classmates, a Loser.

12 D EAD G IRLS D ON ’ T W RITE L ETTERS Lexile Level: 550 Summary: Things had been getting a little better until I got a letter from my dead sister. That more or less ruined my day.

13 B ACK TO THE A SSIGNMENT … You will be put into an independent reading group. Your group will meet at least two times before you complete the final project. During these meetings, you will review what you have read in the novel and also complete assignments that pertain to your novel. You will be completing “Literature Circle” activities in your groups. All group members are expected to participate in the activities. Each group member will be responsible for completing a different role in the literature circles each time the group meets.

14 D OUBLE E NTRY J OURNAL While you read, you will need to complete the double entry journals that are contained in this packet. A sample/model will be shown to you. This will help you to be an active reader and also will help you when you meet with your group. This is to be completed on your own as you read. Textual Evidence (The book says…) p. # Analysis/ Question/ Opinion ( I say…)

15 C REATING A P LAYLIST FOR YOUR NOVEL Along with completing a project at the end of the novel, you will also be completing a paragraph using the “Playlist” activity included in this packet. The assignment and rubric is included. Your group will look back at your double-entry journals and character interview for the novel that you are reading. Create a playlist for the main character. Keep in mind that music is a sensory image that often inspires the same kinds of emotions that the words on a page can inspire. Songs might be included based on the music, lyrics or both. Write this paragraph in the form of a body paragraph including a topic sentence, supports for each song, and transitions. Remember to put song titles in quotation marks when writing! You will also compose a body paragraph including a topic sentence (with the name of your main character and novel- make sure to italicize the name of the novel). Include the three songs you chose and the reasons/support for each. Remember, if you are using song lyrics, make sure to correctly insert them using quotation marks! Also, try to use transitions. Please make sure paragraph is typed in MLA format!

16 H APPY R EADING !!! Your first group meeting will be on Friday! You should have read at least the first 50 pages of your novel. You also need to have the “First Meeting” Assignment page completed from the packet. Don’t forget to have your Double-entry Journal with you as well (at least 5-10 entries!). Have fun with this! Make sure that you keep up with your reading…the due dates will sneak up on you faster than you think!


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