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Westar Energy Emergency Preparedness and Restoration TFR Meeting June 26, 2012 Jim Tyler Director, Distribution Services.

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1 Westar Energy Emergency Preparedness and Restoration TFR Meeting June 26, 2012 Jim Tyler Director, Distribution Services

2 Presentation Topics Storm Restoration Manual Crisis Center Storm Agreements Mutual Assistance Other preparedness plans


4 Westar’s Storm Restoration Manual

5 Roles & Responsibilities

6 Crew Comfort

7 External Resources

8 Division Information

9 Safety/Emergency Information

10 Storm Restoration Crews


12 Duty Roster Database

13 Crisis Center – Topeka General Office, 5 th Floor

14 CRISIS MANAGER Direct overall restoration effort Activate Crisis Center and team Develop and initiate restoration plan Promote restoration in a safe manner Provide support for timely restoration of service Utilize Zone/Area concept and staging areas if needed Obtain adequate manpower and equipment Call in appropriate support group assistance Stay informed of all major outages, transmission and distribution circuits Monitor weather conditions Communicate with System Operating Authority Generate status/progress reports  Customer Action Center as appropriate  Senior management team  Inform Corporate Communications and media Develop plan for manpower and equipment reductions Insure the proper storm accounting guidelines are followed

15 RESTORATION PRIORITIZATION Transmission System One transmission source must be established and restored into each substation - generally one that will take the shortest amount of time to restore and still be able to handle the load of the substation. If it becomes necessary to restore a transmission line that will not handle the total load of a substation, use rotating blackout techniques. Distribution System Distribution repair should be handled in the following order: 1.Remove or eliminate all public hazards 2.Restore service to essential and life support customers 3.Restore all main feeder circuits 4.Restore laterals 5.Refuse transformers and repair secondary conductors 6.Repair services 7. Repair street light circuits

16 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Coordination of all Westar communication to support the Crisis Center, Field Operations and support for efficient customer restoration including: 1.Phone 2.Lan/WiFi 3.Fiber 4.In-truck terminals 5.Cell service 6.Computers 7.Printers 8.Plotters

17 C&I ACCOUNT MANAGERS Coordination of all communication with Westar’s top 1000 customers Transfer 800 numbers to Crisis Center for up to date status/response Information conduit for County/City officials as needed Communication with wholesale customers impacted by event Provide other Crisis Center support as needed

18 SUPPORT 1 Administrative and clerical support for Crisis Manager Coordinate any needs of Crisis Center Provide support to Crew Coordinator for crew/contractor management Coordinate requests for changes in procurement limits as needed Provide other Crisis Center support as needed

19 CREW COORDINATOR Obtain adequate manpower and equipment for efficient and safe restoration Coordinate current contractors on Westar property Secure additional contractor resources as needed per storm agreement  Verify insurance information on file  Request crew complement and makeup with associated equipment  Request specialized equipment if needed  Determine estimated time of arrival  Coordinate logistics with Field Operations for show up location Secure additional resources from neighboring utilities unaffected by storm through Midwest Mutual Assistance Monitor assistance needs throughout storm and adjust manpower and equipment levels appropriately Coordinate with Crew Comfort staff to ensure adequate lodging and meal arrangements Coordinate entry of resources and equipment in Storm Restoration database Coordinate distribution of Storm Restoration manuals and safety briefing to all off property assistance Coordinate relocation and release of contractor and mutual assistance crews

20 DAMAGE ASSESSMENT Determine initial and ongoing assessment of damage to Westar assets Compile an initial "broad brush" damage assessment from all affected areas Establish communications with the Field Operations personnel for coordination of assessment Create high level material summary depending upon extent of damage Gather field information for priorities based on assessment and coordinate with Restoration Prioritization personnel

21 SUPPORT 2 Additional administrative and clerical support for Crisis Center if needed Coordinate and support any needs of Crisis Center teams

22 MATERIAL COORDINATION Direct and secure all materials needed for timely restoration of Westar assets Work with vendors as needed for shipments of materials Provide adequate material handlers to distribute materials to needed areas Coordinate with Crisis Center teams for changing conditions and type of damage found

23 TRANSMISSION Coordinate restoration of all transmission lines on Westar property Request additional contractor resources as needed to support restoration Communicate with System Operating Authority on system availability and coordination of clearances Communication hub with construction supervisors providing oversight over contractor crews restoring transmission facilities

24 STATE EOC Communication hub from Crisis Center to State/County agencies on restoration Provide current information on any state level support or needs Coordinate timing of restoration for possible temporary power requirements with generators

25 MEDIA RELATIONS Coordinate all communications to the media Work with any Kansas agencies as needed on status or restoration Provide employees with interim updates on restoration efforts

26 CREW COMFORT Coordinate all needs of Westar, contractor and mutual assistance crews during the event Work with local Field Operations teams to provide adequate crew comfort for crews working in the field Coordinate and secure hotel rooms as needed for crews Coordinate restaurant availability or catering for morning & evening meals Setup and manage invoice coding for contractor & mutual assistance crews Establish correct time ticket coding for Westar crews Establish laundry service for crews if needed – long duration event

27 VEGETATION MANAGEMENT Coordinate and secure all vegetation crews in support of restoration Work with Crisis Center coordinators on location and priority work Work with Field Operations personnel on priorities for tree clearing/disposal

28 Crisis Center Communication/Update

29 Outage Management Data

30 Crisis Monitor

31 Priorities for Restoration of Customers Remove or eliminate all public hazards Restore service to essential and life support customers Restore all main feeder circuits Restore laterals Refuse transformers and repair secondary conductors Repair/reconnect services Repair street light circuits Coordination with KDEM on critical customers

32 Storm Agreements with Contractors 27 contractors in 21 states 21 companies are union 6 companies are non-union Storm agreement covers the following: Labor rates Equipments rates Insurance forms/information

33 Mutual Assistance Edison Electric Institute member companies have established and implemented an effective system whereby member companies may receive and provide assistance in the form of personnel and equipment to aid in restoring and/or maintaining electric utility service when such service has been disrupted by acts of the elements, equipment malfunctions, accidents, sabotage, or any other occurrence for which emergency assistance is deemed necessary or advisable.

34 Mutual Assistance – Storm Restoration Manual

35 Participating Utility Companies

36 Emergency Storm Restoration Manual For contractors or mutual assistance utilities working on Westar property Safety video and review of manual are covered prior to crews beginning work

37 Emergency Storm Restoration Manual

38 Other Preparedness Plans Load Shed Plan Written plan for an orderly implementation of manual load reduction or by use of related under frequency equipment Adverse conditions or disturbances on the Westar electric system or any other system directly or indirectly related with the Westar electric system Provides for operator initiated interruption of the delivery of electricity in order to avoid damage to the system and prevent a complete outage to the system and customers Black Start Plan Process of restoring generation and network without relying on any external electric power transmission network Pandemic

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