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InSPIRE Child Care Webinar October 14, 2014 Department of Public Instruction Department of Children and Families.

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1 InSPIRE Child Care Webinar October 14, 2014 Department of Public Instruction Department of Children and Families

2 Today’s Agenda Introductions and Roll Call Wisconsin Shares- Child Care Subsidy Program Teen Parent Access to Wisconsin Shares Teen Parent Access to W-2 Child Care Quality and Resources Questions and Answers

3 General Housekeeping Chat box accessible via Q&A Please mute your phone when not talking to reduce background noise (press *6 to mute and un-mute) Do not use the ‘hold’ function on your phone while connected to the conference call Participate in discussions and provide feedback-we want to hear from you!

4 The Living Arrangement Data InSPIRE served 705 students in 2013-14 Almost 40% of InSPIRE students do not live with their parents The majority of InSPIRE students are 17 or 18 8% report being homeless, in foster care, or living with an unrelated adult A large percentage of InSPIRE students need child care to participate in school

5 Wisconsin Shares and W-2 Explained Goal of Today’s Webinar: Learn more about child care resources that may be available to InSPIRE Students

6 Wisconsin Shares A child care subsidy program that helps families pay for child care Subsidy levels and guidance encourage families to choose quality, licensed child care Requires all adults and teen parents to be in approved activities such as school, job training and work Co-payments depend on a family's income, family's size, number of children in subsidized care, and the type of child care service chosen.

7 Teen Parents and Child Care Income eligibility includes the whole family Need for child care must be established Documentation of meeting the eligibility requirements (income and activity) must be provided by the teen or teen’s family Child care must participate in the Wisconsin Young Star quality rating program

8 Necessity Teen Mom Grandparent Grandparent or Step Grandparent Teen Dad Grandparent Grandparent or Step Grandparent Only considered if teen parent is under 18 Necessity: All family members that would be compelled to provide child care are either working or in an approved activity or excused by a dr.’s note during the teen’s work/school hours.

9 Teen Parents and W-2 W-2 stands for “Wisconsin Works” It is an employment program for families below 115% of the Federal Poverty Level Includes Minor Parents Services that focus on case management, resources and referrals (all minor parents are eligible regardless of income)

10 Child Care and Parenting Resources

11 Young Star Child Care Quality Great links and info for parents on child development and choosing child care

12 Questions??? Specific Case Study Examples or Questions

13 A Case Study Toby is 16 and lives with her 3 month old daughter Silvie, her mother Moira, a 10 year old brother, and mother’s current boyfriend. Toby has recently re-enrolled in school after dropping out in the 9 th grade. Moira works at the Piggly Wiggly in the afternoons part time (noon-4pm) and Moira’s boyfriend works at the sausage factory from 4:00am-12:00pm. Toby identifies child care as a barrier to attending school. Can Toby get child care?

14 Case Study-Toby Toby’s family is considered low income after reviewing the salary of all of the household members that are working Toby’s school hours are 7:30 am-2:00 pm Moira’s boyfriend is NOT expected to provide child care for Silvie Toby only needs child care from 12:00- 2:00pm while Moira is at work; but could be eligible for longer depending on travel time between home, child care, the Piggly Wiggly, and school.

15 A Case Study-Layla Layla is 17 and lives with Tyler, her 19 year old boyfriend and father of baby Ty (9 months). Layla is in the HSED program and Tyler works full time at his father’s garage as a mechanic. Layla is also planning to get her cosmetology license and is attending a program in the late afternoons. Because Tyler works full time and Layla is in school from 10:00am-5:00pm, she is hoping to get child care and talks to her InSPIRE case manager about it. Can Layla get child care?

16 Case Study-Layla Layla and Tyler’s combined income is less than $24,000.00 per year but Tyler is often paid out of the till at his father’s garage Tyler is on Ty’s birth certificate but has not taken a paternity test Layla’s family kicked her out of the house when they found out she was pregnant so she currently has no relationship with her mother and step-father

17 Improving Access for Teen Parents Local and State Next Steps

18 For More Info Contact RegionNamePhoneE-mail NortheastBarb Honsa(920) 448 – NorthernKara Vander Bloomen (715) 365 – SoutheastDeb Van Swol(262) 521 – SouthernNancy McVary(608) WesternCarla Sumner(715) 836 – General Questions: or 608-264-1657 Bureau of Regional Operations- Childcare Contacts

19 Additional Resources Where to apply for W-2: ocator.htm ocator.htm Youngstar: hares.htm Reporting childcare fraud: ity/report_fraud.htm

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