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Ethanol & Innovation Investment Overview

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1 Ethanol & Innovation Investment Overview
Tyler J. Krutzfeldt, CFA Managing Director Mont Vista Capital June 25, 2012 EPAC Meeting Billings, MT

2 What we will discuss Energy Market Overview Biorefinery 2.0, 3.0
Our Focus Conclusion

3 Who we are A specialized merchant banking team focusing on clean energy, water, and infrastructure opportunities with a sustainable investment strategy. T. Krutzfeldt founding Board member of Algae Biomass Org, speaker at FEW, Platts Biofuel Financing, and published Billings Gazette, Ethanol Producer.


5 Chindia

6 China’s appetite


8 Fuel Switch

9 Fuel Switch

10 Fuel Switch

11 Crude to Nat Gas

12 Fuel Switch

13 Power Cost – full carbon

14 Power costs – low carbon

15 Gas – bearish, mid-term 2011, the US accounted for half of natural gas supply increase, globally Because of new supply, natural gas prices have dropped 85% since 2008 Fracking and coal economics Peak oil doesn’t mean we’re running out of oil. It means we have to spend more to get the remaining oil …bearish for gas


17 A Biorefinery Fuel molecule is lower % gross revenue than non-fuel co-products Revenue diversification via food, chemical, and premium* drop-in fuels Premium* = D5 RINS Capital markets keen on biochemicals & biomaterials displacing under current specs Biochemical supply constrained

18 Biorefinery Pathways Ethanol + biogas fuel switch

19 Biorefinery Pathways Ethanol + algae Addressable Markets Co2 Nutrients
Pharma Fertilizer Chemicals/Fuels

20 Other Pathways Cellulosic Fractionation to Clean Sugars (Biorefinery)
Supply chain/capex/cap markets uncertainty Fractionation to Clean Sugars (Biorefinery) $ $0.15 per pound $6/bushel sorghum Compelling for downstream product pathways CCS/EOR Significant uncertainty

21 Our Focus 6-8 key clean energy/clean water businesses, not technologies alone Problem solvers, not seekers Substitutes in existing supply chains Lifecycle GHG targets assist in defining strategy over investment horizon. Projects not ideas Series of little bets

22 Conclusion opening gates…

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