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Grants Program Guidelines for Grant Applications.

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1 Grants Program Guidelines for Grant Applications

2 The College Station Independent School District Education Foundation provides resources to inspire learning, enrich teaching and enhance opportunities for District students through the support of exemplary programs. The CSISD Education Foundation Grant Program is designed to provide grants within the school district which meet the purpose of the Foundation.

3 Individuals employed by CSISD who are involved in the instruction of students or related support services benefiting students are eligible.

4 Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded to individual teacher-initiated programs or projects. Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded to campus teams, departments and district- initiated programs or projects. The number of awards will depend upon funds available from the CSISD Education Foundation.

5 o Use the award for the purpose intended o Complete ordering materials by Nov. 15, 2013 o Document activities (i.e. digital photos, video) for future use by the Education Foundation o Agree to share successful procedures in staff development, Walk Our Walk or Board Mtgs. o Write a thank you note to the Foundation Board of Directors

6 o Proposals will be evaluated objectively. No identifiable information about the applicants will be given to the readers. o The selection process will be based on how clearly and logically each proposal is presented, including specificity of how success will be defined, instructional procedures, budget and timeline plans. o Creativity and innovation will be valued in the critiquing system but not a determining factor

7 1. Applications may be downloaded from our website: 2. Please have your principal approve your grant before submitting. They do not have to sign it. An automatic email will be sent to them when you submit it. 3. Must have Technology approve your items if technology is part of your grant. Please contact Kelly Derrick at 764-5569 or for more help.

8 4. Submit applications by 4:30 pm on Weds., Sept. 18th. 5. Applications are reviewed by the Grant Application Review Committee made up of Board Members and staff 4. Applications will either be disapproved, approved with conditions or approved. 4. Applicants will be notified of decisions on October 10 th during Grant Patrol.

9 The deadline for submissions is 4:30 pm, Weds., September 18 th. Online Only!

10 1.Does it benefit the students you serve? 2.Can it be done in the time frame allowed? 3.Is it practical? 4.Is the language clear, concise and easy for someone outside of education to understand?

11 o No smaller than 10 point font o No smaller than ½ inch margins o The only place your campus name should appear is on the Cover Page. Please do not use your campus name or your name in the title of your grant, the description, purpose, objective, evaluation, or budget.

12 o Clever Grant Title o Campus Name o Applicant Names – List all on the grant and designate one as the grant contact/leader if applying as a group o Double-check spelling of names o Description Paragraph – think of it as the summary for the project. If awarded, this will be used in press releases, etc.

13 Okay: “Visualizing the Electric Field” will allow students access to a simulation that shows the interactions of charged particles. Learning through visualization techniques is a proven method of learning that increases long term understanding. This project allows student access to computer simulation that will replicate the electric field. Better: Students hitch a ride on a dusty wagon train heading westward to begin a unique learning experience that transports them back to pre-industrial America to explore the life of pioneers through hands-on experiences and journaling.

14 Students will attend a weekly after school science program under the supervision of classroom teachers and college students. During the course of the science program, the students will have fourth through fifth grade TEKS* based hands on lab experiments in (1) physical science by learning about electromagnets, assembling circuits, building motors and a mouse trap car, (2) earth science by learning about volcanoes, volcanic rock and landforms, and (3) microscopes by investigation and observing microorganisms, plants, animals, chemical reactions, crystal growth and more! Students will create a visual and written journal to record data and observations. A culmination activity will be a field trip to The Discovery Science Place where students can continue their own science investigations. * TEKS= Texas Essential of Knowledge and Skills, our state mandated curriculum guidelines.

15 o The “why” of the project, problem, or issue addressed (why is this project important?) o Relate this to your campus objectives without revealing the name of your campus o How does the project relate to the Foundation’s Mission to inspire learning, enrich teaching and enhance opportunities for students of CSISD? o How does this project benefit the students it will serve?

16 1. Student behavior and performance will be boosted in class based on their connection to growing organisms that are solely relying on the students for care. 2. Student participation in laboratory-based lessons will be increased by reducing student frustration brought on by incorrect and/or misread data, and a reduction in the amount of lab supplies required. 3. Teachers will be able to closely monitor student learning and activity through integrating and/or being presented with gathered data easily imported into a graph or spreadsheet. 4. Student performance will be self-evident in the health of their organisms and the aquaculture system as a whole. 5. Because students will practice key concepts from the classroom in this aquaculture project, they will be more prepared for teacher-designed tests, state-mandated tests, and the multiple choice sections of AP tests, resulting in higher pass rates and scores on all tests.

17 o Be specific o Give a step-by-step process of how the grant will be implemented o A timeline could be included here if appropriate

18 o Indicate how you will show the project was successful o Set criteria (Does not have to be test scores, can be testimonials, feedback from students, parents etc.) o Be specific o It is imperative that you take digital photos of your project while in progress and send to the Foundation. These are used to create the Foundation’s Grant Summary which is presented to donors and board members.

19  Test grades, quiz grades, and passing rates from this year will be compared to grades from previous years.  EOC science passing rate in 2014 will be compared to 2013  AP test scores in 2014 will be compared to 2013  Fundraising goals will be set and met by student leaders within the classroom

20 o Develop a clear, realistic budget o Provide detail: Let us know the categories of the expenses o MUST USE APPROVED VENDORS o Present budget in a way that someone unfamiliar with your organization would understand o If your budget is over the $1,000 for individual grants or the $5,000 for team grants, from whom do you plan to get additional funding? o Keep in mind the student to budget ratio. If you are requesting $5,000, how many students will be served?

21 o Projects with valid school and community partnerships may receive bonus points if needed by the Grants Committee

22 A valid partnership is pivotal to the success of the project ◦ PTO’s supplementing money and/or volunteer time to help implement grant. ◦ Community leaders coming into our schools to serve as speakers and/or facilitators.

23 o Use clear, concise language o The most important aspect of this project is how it will impact students of CSISD! o Keep your audience in mind when writing o Use test readers to review your application o Avoid using unexplained acronyms o Applications must be received online through our website by 4:30 p.m., Weds, September 18 th. o If you have any further questions, please email Teresa Benden at

24 Grant Writing Workshop

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