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Cooperative Alliances Cooperative Alliances   Purpose   Policy issues   Complete College America   Data.

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3 Cooperative Alliances Cooperative Alliances   Purpose   Policy issues   Complete College America   Data

4 Cooperative Alliances Cooperative Alliances Cooperative Alliances are voluntary partnerships between AAS degree- granting institutions and technology centers to allow qualified high school students and adults to earn college credit for certain technical courses reviewed by the higher education partner and taught by the technology center.

5 Community College Technology Center Goals 1. More high school students to college 2. More adults to begin and/or continue 3. Expand access 4. Efficiently use public dollars Cooperative Alliance Model

6 Community College Technology Center Driving principle: Student-centered, not institution-centered Cooperative Alliance Model

7 Community College Technology Center Policy Issues  Accreditation  Financial aid  Others? Cooperative Alliance Model

8 COMPLETE COLLEGE AMERICA Oklahoma is one of 29 states accepted to participate in the Complete College America project to help more Americans achieve their dream of a college education. Complete College America (CCA) is complemented by the work of the National Governors Association and its Complete to Compete (CtC) initiative. By virtue of Oklahoma’s participation in the Complete College America Alliance, Oklahoma is considered to be actively involved in both projects. Oklahoma was accepted because the State has made a commitment to significantly increase the number of students successfully completing college and closing educational attainment gaps for traditionally underserved populations. Five national foundations are providing multi-year support to CCA: the Carnegie Corporation; the Gates Foundation; the Ford Foundation; the Kellogg Foundation; and Lumina Foundation for Education. 8

9 Complete College America A Plan for Increasing Postsecondary Credentials to Fuel a Strong Economy 1 FOCUS ON READINESS Higher education and K-12 will work together to develop and implement a strategy that seeks to identify students not on target to be college- ready by graduation and targets activities in the 11 th and 12 th grades to reduce remediation demands in the transition from high school to college. 2 TRANSFORM REMEDIATION Every Oklahoma institution will implement transformational models of remedial placement and support through a statewide phased implementation and refinement process. 3 BUILD BRIDGES TO CERTIFICATES & DEGREES Develop and implement a "Program Equivalent Project" that bridges Career Tech credit hour completion to certificate and A.A.S. degree completion in the community colleges. 4 REACH HIGHER FOR ADULT COMPLETION Further expand and develop Reach Higher as a degree and certificate completion effort that involves the entire system of postsecondary education. 5 TRACK & REWARD PROGRESS & COMPLETION Reform Oklahoma’s successful Brain Gain Performance Funding Program to provide metrics and accountability for measuring state and campus progress toward completion goals. 9

10 Cooperative Alliance Enrollments Fall 2005 * Spring 2006 * Fall 2006 Spring 2007 Fall 2007 Spring 2008 Fall 2008 Spring 2009 Fall 2009 Spring 2010 Fall 2010 Spring 2011 Fall 2011 Spring 2012 # HS Students ,9191,8782,1272,3292,3612,3762,1531,5832,2031,9072,2662,016 Credit Hours- HS Students 1,7821,72812,85415,71714,07017,38515,76316,67214,23510,71014,73915,26514,11713,851 # HS Fee Waiver Students n/a ,0651,0551,2801,1931,15101,124890n/a Credit Hours- Fee Waivers n/a 5,1876,5117,1968,2988,9768,8568,06407,7687,031n/a # Adult Students ,3152,2532,4382,3082,4262,2192,6452,3212,6072,1992,5942,276 Credit Hours- Adult Students 5,2753,97923,07122,36123,48523,65223,35022,07225,02423,43324,71222,98525,00023,402 # Technology Centers # Colleges/ Universities Total # Students ,2344,1314,5654,6374,7874,5954,7983,9044,8104,1064,8604,292 Total Credit Hours 7,0575,70735,92538,07837,55541,03739,11338,74439,25934,14339,45138,25039,11737,253 Fee Waiver Reimbursement Total n/a $41,496$52,088$57,568$66,384$71,808$70,848$64,512$0$62,147$56,248n/a

11 A.A.S. Degrees Associate in Applied Science Degrees Conferred Alliance Institutions CASC CSC CU EOSC MSC NEOAMC NOC OCCC OPSU OSU-OKC OSUIT RCC ROSE RSU SSC SWOSU TCC WOSC Total, Alliance Inst 2,9642,9812,8643,0303,0803,008


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