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Socorro Independent School District

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1 Socorro Independent School District
Tyler Parent Portal

2 Tyler Parent Portal Overview
The Tyler Parent Portal will allow parents to view information about their child such as: Demographics and contact information Class schedule Assignments (grades) Attendance

3 How to Access the Parent Portal
The Parent Portal can be accessed from the District’s web site ( or by each individual campus’ web site

4 How to Access the Parent Portal
Parents who have an existing log in and password from EHAC will be directed to the log in screen

5 Student Information Access Page
Parents will be able to access student information simply by clicking on the picture and then selecting a link to the area of interest

6 Access to Parent Portal – Existing Users
Existing users for the parent portal should be verified before information is given out: Parent Management Search Parent Enter parent name – Actions Search

7 Access to Parent Portal – Existing Users (con’t)
Click the edit pencil to select parent Information will be given that shows parent and names of students who are linked to the parent as well as previous assigned user name and password This page can be printed out and given to the parent once verified

8 Access to Parent Portal – New Users
If a parent is not located in the Parent Management Portal, the campus registrar must verify parent information and make changes to the Student Contact Information Screen: Search Student Click the edit pencil Student Contact Information Screen Parents who are trying to access the parent portal for the first time who do not have a user name and password must fill out a Security Authorization Form The campus registrar will then verify the contact information in Tyler SIS and change the Parent Portal Access from “No” to “Yes” on the Contact Information Screen The system will auto generate the User Name and Password Fields

9 Discrepancies to Look For
When verifying parent information be on the look out for the following discrepancies: Wrong contact information Wrong students linked to parent Wrong address Refer discrepancies to the campus registrar to correct information prior to releasing log in and password to parent.

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