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Political Thinking POL 161 Erik Rankin Fight Club 1-29.

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1 Political Thinking POL 161 Erik Rankin Fight Club 1-29

2 Fight Club- Intro Chuck Palahniuk- The author The Characters –The narrator –Tyler Durden –Marla Singer –Bob Setting –Modern day (too modern if you ask Tyler)

3 Fight Club- pg 1-29 Chapter I –Introduction to characters Tyler, narrator, and Marla –Opens with a gun in the narrators mouth that apparently belongs to Tyler –“We wont really die.” –“I know this because Tyler knows this.” –Space Monkeys –Short destructive snippets throughout the entire book i.e.. How to make napalm, soap, blasting gelatin, etc… –Plot is revealed, they are going to blow up numerous financial buildings, & historical relics –This is our world, now, our world,” Tyler says, “and those ancient people are dead.”

4 Fight Club- pg.1-29 –“I want Tyler. Tyler wants Marla. Marla wants me.” Chapter II –Introduced to Bob –What does Bob represent? –Introduced to the various help groups that the narrator attends –Why is the narrator at these help groups? –How long has he done this? –Vague upbeat names (lies or propaganda?) –Discussion of pills (candy)

5 Fight Club- pg.1-29 “On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone will drop to zero.” Why does the author insert this type of statement? Discussion of insomnia Narrators version of freedom (p.12) Introduction of Marla –Why does the narrator hate Marla? –Why is this a vacation for the narrator?

6 Fight Club- pg.1-29 So the narrator has a wicked case of insomnia…how does he want to correct it? Doctor actually suggested where to see real pain.. Which was? Minor character Chloe is introduced Description of Bob’s condition These groups allow the narrator to relax, he can sleep again Not just any sleep, “Babies don’t sleep this well.” Freedom is to lose all hope, according to the narrator Then Marla shows up…”Her lie reflects my lie”

7 Fight Club- pg.1-29 Chapter III –Introduction of Tyler –Who is he and where does he work…according to this point in time? –Some people are night people…. –You wake up at Dulles, O'Hare….. –The narrators obsession with the plane crashing, why? –I know this because Tyler knows this –His description of the airline seat card –Tiny life or the movie version of single servings –Lose and hour, gain and hour

8 Fight Club- pg.1-29 The narrators job Who does he work for? What does he do? –Apply the formula? A times B times C equals X –Its time for a vacation –Movie departure: A nude beach? –If I could wake up in a different place, at a different time, could I wake up as a different person? –Perfect moment (fascist timeline analogy)

9 Fight Club- pg.1-29 Chapter 4 –Discussion of positive medical state –Death of Chloe –Power animal –Is the narrator convincing you that he hates Marla? –Marla doesn’t have testicular cancer –What did Marla do for a living? –Why did no one catch the narrator?

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