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Navy Marketing and Advertising Branding Update and Outreach Primer

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1 Navy Marketing and Advertising Branding Update and Outreach Primer
CAPT Dave Bouve, CNRC N9 National Director of Navy Marketing and Advertising

2 Topics Navy Brand update
NRC Events vs Diversity Outreach vs CHINFO Outreach NRC Diversity Outreach SeaPerch STEM

3 NRC Branding Status Navy’s Brand Positioning Statement:
America’s Navy Is The First and Only Military Force That Protects America and Supports Freedom Through the Power of Presence Navy Brand remains: America’s Navy Navy Themeline up until July 2014 was: “A Global Force for Good” Effective at recruiting Millenials and Gen Z; but not liked by many active duty and veterans Now divesting, and replacing promotionals by attrition Replacement Themeline? Quantitative, qualitative, and focus group research by LCE narrowed new options to 4, but none resonated with senior Navy leadership Expect progress to resume mid 2015

4 NRC Events Diversity Outreach “Big Navy” Outreach Recruiting Events
Nexus between CHINFO and NRC Events STEM Displays/Local Recruiter support at Airshows, Fleet Weeks, Navy Weeks Leap Frogs get majority of travel and operating funds from NRC Nexus between NRC Events and NRC Diversity STEM and SeaPerch exhibitions at underserved schools National Level vs Local Level Diversity events “Big Navy” Outreach (CHINFO) Diversity Outreach (NRC Diversity) Recruiting Events (NRC N92) STEM Fleet Weeks Leap Frogs STEM SeaPerch Super 7 Career Fairs

5 NRC Diversity Outreach
CDR David Arnold Director of Diversity, 00C LCDR Michael Fourte New York LCDR Nikki Peoples Atlanta LCDR Jaye Jones Houston LCDR Eric Hahn Los Angeles CDR Mike Kerley Chicago LT Andrea Fallas PM NCC Riley NCCS Johnson NCC Fernandez NCCS Enos NCC McCabe ENS Green Memphis Navy City Outreach Officers Navy City Outreach CPOs Mission: Deliver single & consistent message: generate interest in science/math, and promote Navy awareness – NOT Recruiting due to youth of target audience Funding and support from Navy (NRC and N134) & ONR Through this strategic outreach program NCO teams have established relationships with schools in New York, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and Los Angeles that were previously inaccessible to Navy NCO teams are engaging students and schools in undeserved areas places like Harlem, Bronx, Watts, Compton, East LA, and South Central LA, Chicago Southside, Decatur, DeKalb, Bankhead, Southwest Atlanta, etc. All very diverse areas that are underserved and underrepresented. Penetrating/developing new territories for recruitment of future sailors, enabling future access. To-date (just over 3 years) the team has engaged well over 400 teachers and 4,200 students.

6 SeaPerch 1Q15 SeaPerch Regional Competition Dates
February 21st – New York (Manhattan) February 28th – Miami March 7th – Houston March 12th – Dallas March 14th – Chicago March 21st – Los Angeles March 28th – Atlanta Train Teachers (50+) Train Students (1,000+) Day Long Regional Competition Teachers Parents Students Community Winners compete in National Competition

7 STEM Robotics Laproscopic Demo Occulus Rift STEM Quiz

8 STEM for the Classroom

9 Questions?

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