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Initiatives on Bridging the Digital Divide The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Story

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1 Initiatives on Bridging the Digital Divide The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Story

2 2 MALAYSIA BASIC INDICATORS Source : DOSM, MCMC Explanatory notes: a. Population projections as at end of period, based on Census 2010 b. Number of households derived by dividing populations by average household size c. Base year is 2005 d. Base year is 2010 The CPI reported against a period, refers to the average index for the period spanning 1st January to the end of that period Persons with Disabilities : 359, 203 (Source: Department of Statistics, Malaysia 2012)

3 3 Current circumstances of ICT accessibility and/or disability issues in the country Current policy and regulatory framework for the Digital Inclusion and especially for Persons with Disabilities Issues and challenges Suggestions or proposals SCOPE

4 4

5 5 POLICY Person with Disabilities Act 2008 Communications and Multimedia (Universal Service Provision) Regulation (Amendment 2003)

6 6 People with Disabilities Children under Protection Women under Rehabilitation People living in low- cost housing area Underserved Groups Underserved Area Broadband Access Public Cellular PSTN  “Underserved Area” is defined from the perspectives of network and application services i.e. PSTN, Broadband Access & Public Cellular  “Underserved Groups” being groups of people in served areas that do not have collective and/or individual access to basic communications services [USP Regulations 2002 & (Amendment) 2008] UNIVERSAL SERVICE PROVISION to provide communication access to target underserved areas, localities, and groups within a community OBJECTIVE

7 Fi 7 1 Malaysia Internet Centre 2007 550 Planned 433 Completed Community Broadband Library 2007 99 Planned 99 Completed Wireless Village 2011 5,000 Planned 4,709 Completed Telephony 2002 89 Districts Public Cellular 2010 1,000 Planned 890 Completed 1Malaysia Netbook 2010 1.68m Allocated 1.16m Distributed USP INITIATIVES & ACHIEVEMENTS Figure as at 31 May 2014 Mini Community Broadband Centre 2010 120 Planned 120 Completed

8 8 CHALLENGES Computerized learning aids Language barrier Specific devices No expertise Lack of self esteem Lack of awareness Lack of specialized training DIGITAL INCLUSION FOR PWD

9 9 RECOMMENDATION Awareness Appropriate training Appropriate resources Parents involvement Government fund Research & Development DIGITAL INCLUSION FOR PWD (cont.)

10 10

11 Mini Community Broadband Centre (located inside Information Dept. Office) Community Broadband Library (located inside Rural Library) 1 Malaysia Internet Centre 11 THE CBC ECOSYSTEM CBC Model USP FUND MANAGE CONTRIBUTE LICENCEES

12 12 CBC: A Malaysian Case Study Netbook CBC Wireless Village USP team to plan, set up framework, implement and monitor Regional Office to monitor centres Identify suitable location Promote local products through CBC Manage CBC Train supervisors Operation & Maintenance Promotion & Awareness

13 13 CBC FRAMEWORK Objectives Operation Locations Specifications Social Economic Impact Human Capital Development Capacity Building Broadband Connectivity 2 Supervisors (contract) ICT Related Activities Awareness & Promotion Website – Local Content Lifetime membership fee RM5, 50 sen/hour to use Easily Accessible by Public > 5 km (no other Internet Centre) Size 900 – 1,200 sq. ft. Premise available for 5 years Total bandwidth 20 Mbps (Hub & Spoke Concept) PC, Printer, Projector, Screen Furniture, web based CCTV Network Monitoring System NEW

14 14 DISABLED SPECIFIC Software and applications Including software to be installed at 2 PCs for disable (OKU) e.g. physical disabilities, visual impairment and hearing impairment used such as screen reader and magnification programs Desktop Computer (PC) for Users/Client Desktop computers with latest specifications as follows but not limited to: - 23” display All-in-One PC - Intel Processor - DVD/RW Optical Drive - Ethernet and Wireless WLAN enabled - Webcam enabled - Standard I/O ports - Keyboard and mouse - Microphone, headphone and speakers - Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 - Antivirus with 3 years subscription - 3 years warranty Accessibility for the Disabled The needs for the disabled (OKU) is determined by the extent and nature of the disability. However, MCMC is looking forward to provide a universal design for disabled, including the elderly to use the facilities and services at the PI1M. The universal service providers should take into account accessibility specifications from the local authority on the following, but not limited to: - Main door (entrance) - Ramps - Computer table - Washroom 1. Creating environment for disabled 2. Equipped with latest PC specifications 3. Assisted software for disabled


16 Space for Disabled User 16 CBC Building with 1Malaysia Concept



19 19 River Ranger SUCCESS STORY

20 THANK YOU For more information, please go to

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