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Cockrell School of Engineering & UT School of Social Work.

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1 Cockrell School of Engineering & UT School of Social Work

2 Projects for Underserved Communities (PUC) is an innovative project-based learning curriculum designed to partner students with international communities in development projects. Project teams are multidisciplinary, including engineering and social work students. The hope is to include more disciplines in the future (business, nursing, education, etc…) to more comprehensively address community issues.

3 2009-2010 Patriensa, Ghana Installed electric well at elementary school Health education in school Santa Cruz, Peru Installed water-conserving toilets and faucets Water conservation education in school 2010-2011 Patriensa, Ghana Launch of Patriensa Pure Enterprise Angola/Peru – Project design only




7 Fall Semester (2hr) – Register for SW Conference Course with Dr. Dorie Gilbert and attend PUC class on Monday/Wednesday 4:00-6:00pm. This semester will be focused on project selection and planning. Spring Semester (3hr) – Register for a Social Work course with curriculum related to community development. Weekly team meetings may still occur as the project planning continues. Summer Implementation (1hr)– Travel to partner community to implement project.

8 Airline Travel Costs ($1500 - $3000) Passport and Visa Fees ($150 - $300) Medication and Immunization Costs (varies) Travel Deposit in Spring ($300) Course Registration Costs (UT tuition rates) Student Spending Money Scholarships for International Travel Fundraising activities (i.e. T-shirts) Donation of Frequent Flier Miles Family and Friend Support Self-funded travel

9 International Community Development Project Management Community Organizing, Education, and Research Cross-Cultural Immersion Cross-Disciplinary Perspective in Community Assessment Leadership Development

10 Dr. Dorie Gilbert, Associate Professor, UT SSW Laurie Young, International Office

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